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I stand there and take in the apartment I've shared with my two best friends.

We've spent five years of our lives in this apartment.

Drunken nights.

Horrid hangovers.

Study sessions.


Girl nights.

New jobs.

The three of us have been through everything together and this isn't easy.

Of course I'm going to miss them, they're my best friends.

But it's not like I'll never see them again.

I'm just moving out.

It was going to happen to one of us eventually and they're just going to have to accept that it's happening to me first.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in Alice!" Rose exclaims, pulling me out of me thoughts.

I look up to find both of them standing there with their arms across their chests, giving me that look.

You know the one, the one that instantly makes you feel like shit about your choices even though you know you shouldn't.

Yeah, that one.

I sigh and smile slightly at them, not sure what to even say.

It's not goodbye, right?

Alice saves me from my inner turmoil and barrels into me, hugging me tightly as she begins to ramble.

"You can't leave us Bella. I don't know what mind games that guy is playing with you but you can't just move in with him after knowing him for what, a month? I swear he's no good for you Bella. You've never acted like this before. You have to understand we're just looking out for you, if anything happened..."

I hold up my hands and step away from her before she can go any further.

"Alice, please stop. You don't know him, so please don't even begin to judge him. He gets me, just like I get him. I can't explain it Alice, but I love him."

They both gasp as the words leave my mouth.

I can feel the tears in my eyes already, knowing what they're thinking.

"You love him, already?" Rose asks gently, walking over to sit on the couch.

Alice and I follow suit and sit down as well.

"Yeah, I do. I love him so much already you guys, it's overwhelming and terrifying, but I do. So much."

I try and look at them through blurry eyes.

Damn emotions.

I told myself I wouldn't cry.

"Have you told him about Jake and everything that happened afterwards?" Alice asks softly, placing her hand on mine.

I nod my head gently, "I haven't told him everything, but he knows about Jake's passing."

"You need to tell him everything, Bella."

"I know Rose; it's not that easy though, okay? I don't want him to think I'm some pathetic person, ya know?" I look down at my hands, wishing I had another xanax to calm my racing heart and sweaty palms.

"Who's outside?" Alice asks as she squints her eyes to see through the blinds of the front window.

I giggle lightly and wipe the tears from my face, knowing Alice is in for one hell of a surprise.

"Edward and a couple of his friends, they came to help me move my stuff," I explain.

"So, you're really doing this then, you're leaving us."

I roll my eyes at Rose and stand up, "I'm not leaving you guys, I'm just moving out."

"Same difference," Rose huffs and stands as well.

"Oh, and I have a surprise for you Alice," I smile mischievously.

Alice's eyebrows raise in question as I walk to the door.

I open it just a crack and can't help the beaming smile that appears on my face when I see E standing there, leaning up against the wall and waiting for me.

He winks at me when he notices the door open and walks towards me, "You ready baby?"

I nod quickly, the smile on my face infectious it seems as he smiles back.

I lean up quickly to kiss him, placing my hands on his chest as I tug gently on his lip ring with my teeth.

Edward growls quietly, his chest rumbling against my hands.

He leans down and whispers in my ear, "You're going to pay for that."

His warm breath washes over my neck, sending a shiver of need and lust over me.

Stepping back, I wink at him before opening the door further, allowing the guys to walk in.

"Alice, Rose. You've met Edward, and I'd like you to meet his friends Emmett and Jasper."

The squeak that leaves Alice is comical to say the least and I'm happy that for once, I'm not the one blushing as bright as a tomato.

"Well goddamn Bella, you didn't tell me your friends were hot," Emmett says loudly, clapping me on the shoulder as he steps towards Rose.

Rose's eyes widen as she takes in Emmett's hulking frame.

Did I mention Rose likes her men big?

I snicker behind my hand as Jasper walks towards Alice; the look on her face is priceless.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Alice."

I notice her eyes roll back into her head as she closes her eyes, hearing his southern twang.

Alice has a thing for southern men.

As I take in the scene before me, Edward puts his arms around my waist from behind, placing his chin on my shoulder.

I lean my cheek against his as he murmurs, "See, everything's gonna be alright."

Turning my head, I smile at him, thankful this is going to be easier than we had imagined and glad that it seems my two best friends have found their matches.

And for once in my life, it feels like everything actually will be okay.

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