2 months later...

I exhaled, starting the dance I had choreographed myself. Anna turned on the music. Katy Perry's "E.T" blared from the speakers. I had chosen the song because the adventure I had two months ago made me fall in love with a certain alien boy. At the end everyone clapped, even Lola.

The female judge leaned towards the microphone. "Thank you, Rebecca. We'll announce the results in a few hours" she said.

"It's Becky" I corrected her in a playful tone, immediately reminded of how Sara called me by that name, then I went off-stage to change out off my colourful jumpsuit into my purple shirt, blue jeans, red Converse, a blue jacket and of course, Seth's ring/tracker/communicator.

When I left, the school's computer geek Randy walked up to me. "Hi, Becky. Wanna go out with me?" he asked in his nasal voice. He's so annoying. He was stupid enough to think that, since I was friends with Anna, I might go out with him when I'm in love with Seth. We talk all the time on the communicator he gave me. Most long-distance relationships don't work but Seth and mine will. Our bond as soul-mates would keep us together.

"No, I like someone else" I told him truthfully and walked off to greet Alex and Jack, who came out from the boardroom after presenting their book, Race to Witch Mountain: A true story. Which they based on our adventure. The publicity protects us from criticism and prosecution. It also shut down Project Moon Dust for good, sending its employees to jail, including my father. Junkyard was walking beside us on a red lead, panting proudly. We have been looking after him for Sara.

One of the book's fans approached me. "Just out of curiosity, since the authors used your name in the book, did you REALLY kiss an alien?" she asked.

Yeah, both my foster parents were stupid enough to add the moments between me and Seth, INCLUDING the kiss. I tapped the side of my nose, smirking smugly. Alex laughed at my funny action.

We got into the vintage mustang Jack bought recently when both trackers started beeping. We looked at each other and smiled in excitement. Jack started driving. I activated mine into communicator mode. "Becky here" I said softly.

"Rebecca!" Sara's voice chirped.

"Becky" the voice of the boy I loved said.

"Seth! Sara! Whereabouts are you?" I asked.

"Where we last saw one another" Sara replied.

I nodded and told Jack to drive to the base of Witch Mountain. "How did your government react?" I asked.

"They abandoned all plans of invasion after we managed to restore our planet's conditions" Sara answered.

"That's great. Burke and his men are in jail and Project Moon Dust was shut down so it's all good to come back" I told them.

"That's good. How is your shoulder?" Seth asked.

I then remembered the wound my father gave me. "It's scarred over now" I replied.

"I'm sorry, I hadn't been able to protect you then" his voice faltered.

"Seth, we've been through this, I don't blame you so don't blame yourself. Can't wait to see you" I told him.

"Me either, I've missed you" Seth agreed. I blushed furiously, partly glad he wasn't able to see it since Seth was the one person who could make me blush like that. Jack arrived at the mountain base. Sure enough, Seth and Sara landed the spaceship in the exact same spot as last time. We got out and ran over to see them walk down the ramp. I immediately flung myself into Seth's arms. He hugged me when he caught my waist.

"Seth! Welcome back!" I cried, drawing back to look into his eyes. They were the same as they had been the day we met. His hand cupped my cheek, his thumb grazed my skin. He pulled me into a sweet kiss which I gladly accepted, his other hand gripped my waist. The sparks were still there.

Junkyard bounded over to Sara. "Junkyard! Have you been a good boy for Jack Bruno and Rebecca?" she squealed as she petted him, which he loved.

I unwilling broke the kiss to look at her. "It's Becky, Sara" I corrected her.

Seth chuckled, grasping my chin to make me look at him again. "She's never going to use your preferred name, Becky" he teased me then he captured my lips in his, resuming the kiss. My hands entangled themselves in his hair then my arms lowered to wrap around his neck. His free arm curled around my waist. His hand moved to my back. I pushed my tongue through his mouth, deepening the kiss. Seth then pushed his tongue into my mouth.

Sara's POV:

I smiled as Junkyard licked my face. Stroking him, I glanced at Seth and Rebecca; they were still kissing. I started giggling when Rebecca subconsciously let out an audible moan. They're so sweet together. I'm glad someone up there decided they were a perfect match.

Is it just my imagination or does this seem familiar to the last time they saw each other? I swear they kissed that time as well Dr Alex asked herself.

I then remembered something; Father and Mother had said they will be coming to Earth with Elder Ray in a few days to meet Rebecca. Our parents were happy to hear that Seth was in love, even happier when they found out she's his soul-mate. Elder Ray gave Seth his blessing, glad to know that we had met and helped his granddaughter like Seth promised.

"Seth, Rebecca. I forgot to mention this earlier but our parents and your grandfather will be coming to Earth in a few days" I said.

"Like old times" Jack Bruno chuckled. Dr Alex nodded.

I immediately noticed that Jack Bruno had his arms around her shoulders. Were they together? Looks like it. They were dressed nicely too.

Seth and Rebecca broke apart to look at me. "Are you sure?" Seth asked.

"Yes" I replied.

Rebecca's eyes widened. My grandpa's coming? But he might not know about what happened to Mom. After all, he hasn't been to Earth since mom was my age. How would he even know I'm his granddaughter? She thought.

"I have explained everything to him, he'll know you're his granddaughter because he says you have a lot of his daughter in you" I told her.

Rebecca shrugged. "Fair enough" she replied.

Seth's arm was around her shoulders. "Why in a few days?" he asked.

"To let us adjust to human life. With Rebecca, it won't be hard for you" I replied.

"I suppose not" Seth agreed, squeezing Rebecca's shoulders affectionately.

Seth's POV:

I made sure not to put much weight on Becky's shoulder, due to the scar on her shoulder. "I understand why Elder Ray wants to come, as it's the first time he's going to meet her, but why are our parents coming?" I asked Sara.

"They want to meet Rebecca too" she told me.

I glanced at Becky and smiled at her lovingly. She smiled back, looking at me with her beautiful hazel eyes. Other than that and the clothes she was wearing, she looked no different from the moment I first saw her. To be honest, I actually want Mother and Father to meet her, I've got a feeling that they'll like her. But not as much as I love her.

"Even though it sounds weird, I'm actually looking forward to meeting your parents" she admitted, as if she could tell what I was thinking. I smiled. My free hand caressed her soft cheek. I still don't understands where all this courage of hers comes from. But it's one of the many reasons I love her.

"You're amazing, you know that" I told her. When she smiled, I noticed that her nose wrinkled. I kissed her forehead. "That's my girl" I chuckled.

"Our parents will love you, Rebecca. They were thrilled to hear about you" Sara chirped.

"That's good to know" Becky replied. We headed towards Jack Bruno's car. The three of us sat in the back.

As Jack Bruno and Dr Alex got in, Becky quickly whispered something to him. He nodded. "Alright, kiddo" he complied to what Becky had asked.

"What was that about?" I asked her.

"I was in a dance contest this morning, in two hours they'll announce the winner" she explained.

"I hope you win, Rebecca" Sara told her.

I hope so too. Becky's the most talented human I've ever met. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her soul-mate.

"Thanks, Sara" she replied.