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Katie wasn't one to feel insecure, but when she looked in the bathroom mirror, she couldn't help but see her flaws.

Twelve. She counted. Her numerous freckles, her long, skinny nose, her brown, stringy hair, her eyes that were too far apart for her tastes, her wide shoulders, her dirty, messed up fingernails, her stout legs, her stomach, her thin, cracked lips, her enormous hands, her bigfoot feet, and her ears.

Katie stared at the mirror. She was nothing compared to the girls she saw him with. Those flawless Aphrodite girls who had long, blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, perfect manicures, and amazing bodies. Compared to them, she was nothing. Just a little washed up Demeter girl.

She sighed. She walked out of the bathroom and flopped onto her bed. Her siblings were in the fields, already working. Katie should be with them, but she just needed some alone time.

Twelve, she thought. She punched her pillow in frustration. Why so many? Why can't I be perfect? She thought to herself. She gave a shaky breath.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Katie?" she heard Travis call out. She groaned.

"What?" she asked.

"I missed you at lunch," he said.

"Well, I just didn't feel like eating," she said.

"I hope you aren't starving yourself, because you-"

"Shouldn't you be with your Aphrodite girlfriend?" she hissed at the door. She couldn't help it, it just slipped out.

"What? Katie, are you ok?" he asked.

"Just leave me alone, Travis," she begged.

Travis sighed. He slid down the Demeter cabin's door and laid his head against the doorframe.

Katie saw twelve flaws. Travis couldn't even see one.

So that was just a little drabble. I hope you liked it!

~ xhiddendreamx