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"Come on, Katie," Travis whispered, knocking on the wooden door, "Open up."

"You're still out there?" Katie cried out, exasperated. She gave him the silent treatment for hours. Can he not take a hint?

"Talk to me," he repeated for the thousandth time, "… please?" Travis heard Katie sigh from inside the cabin, but she didn't make any move towards the door.

"Katie, why are you doing this?" Travis asked, knocking his forehead against the wood.

"Don't do that," Katie scolded, "You can't afford to lose any more brain cells." At that remark, Travis let out a breathy laugh. It was like nothing had happened between them. But something did happen. Katie broke up with him.

Travis pinched his eyes shut just thinking about it. Why did she do it? Travis asked himself. Katie may have given up on their relationship for some reason, but Travis wasn't ready to let her go.

"Katie, just tell me what I did wrong. I-I'm sorry." Travis' voice cracked and he was on the brink of tears. Hearing him speak was making Katie's heart break even more.

Slowly easing off of her bed, Katie slowly trudged over to the door. Placing a hand on the knob, she started to doubt herself. Should she? She knew that she wasn't ready to face Travis. She would just crawl right into his arms. Katie inhaled, hastily combing her hair with her fingers. She wanted to see him though. Without another thought, Katie twisted the knob and pulled the Demeter cabin door open, revealing Travis leaning against the doorframe, his eyes shut.

He obviously looked like he was in pain. Katie felt a pang of concern for him. Did he hurt himself banging on the door? What was wrong? Did Bria break up with him too? Just thinking of the blonde Aphrodite girl, Katie almost shut the door again. However, Travis' eyes flew open and realizing that Katie was standing by an open door, he reached out for her and pulled her in for a hug.

Katie, shocked at first, stood there, taking in Travis' scent with every breath. Slowly, her arms wrapped around his waist. Katie started thinking about how much she was going to miss him. I love you, Katie thought, And that is why this hurts so much.

After a few seconds, Katie started to pull away, but Travis held onto her tighter, like if he let her go, she would disappear. "I love you," he whispered in her ear. Katie's heart skipped a beat. Did he just- no. I'm just imagining it. However, after the third and fourth time he said it, Katie couldn't deny it anymore.

Katie leaned back and looked him in the eyes. "Why?"

Travis looked surprised. "You're my girlfriend. Why do I have to have a reason for loving you?"

"No," Katie said, looking down, "I mean, why me? What about Bria? I heard you confess that you love her." Travis' eyebrows scrunched.

"That was for you. I was only practicing on her," Travis said. Katie bit her lip to keep from smiling. Her heart leapt to her throat and her arms wrapped even tighter around him. "Was that- why you broke up with me?" Travis asked her, slowly letting go of his grip of her.

"Sorry," Katie apologized, "I was… being stupid. I should've confronted you- actually, I should've kicked your butt for cheating on me!" Travis smiled and rested his forehead against hers.

"I love you, Katie," he said. "You mean the world to me. I love your brown hair, and especially your green eyes."

Wow, her eyes, Travis thought, as he got lost in the green pools. Katie stood there watching him, wondering why he suddenly stopped talking. Wait… ah crap. I forgot the speech. Travis started move out of their embrace and walk away, but he saw the corners of Katie's lips curl up into a smile. That made him grin. Scratch that, Travis thought, I don't need some speech to tell Katie how I feel.

"You're so loving. Whenever I see you tending to the strawberries, you have this light around you. Your eyes light up and you seem to soak up the sunshine from the sky. I love turned out to be a better runner than me, and I love you for pulling me out of bed every morning to go on a jog with you. Every morning." Travis started thinking about all of the sleep he'd lost from Katie waking him up early. "I love how you can eat just as much food as I can. I love how you don't care about how you look."

Katie shifted her eyes away. She actually did care how she looked. Now I feel guilty, Katie thought, He's right. Why should I be so concerned about the way I look to others? Their opinions really don't matter to me.

"I think you're beautiful anyway. Even though you might not be the generic supermodel kind of beautiful, your kind of beautiful is only for you. And it can't be copied by using makeup and photoshop."

"I love you too," Katie interrupted. She didn't need for him to say anymore. She didn't need to hear him compliment her and make her feel better, because she was happy the way she is. Katie may not enjoy her flaws, but overall, she was happy. Travis made her see that. "I love you so much."

Katie then wrapped her arms around his neck and flung herself at him. Bringing her lips on his, they were both equally passionate in their embrace. Katie moved her fingers through Travis' hair, playing with his curly tangles. Their kiss morphed into one that wasn't so desperate and harsh, turning into a sweet and loving kiss. Travis felt Katie smile under his lips and he couldn't stop himself from smiling also. Slowly, Katie started giggling and the two erupted in laughs.

They were happy. So incredibly happy together. Katie probably won't ever like her 'flaws', but it was her 'flaws' that Travis fell in love with first.


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