I am finally back to writing.
I came up with this idea a few days ago, and I just couldn't help myself. I haven't been this inspired in a long time. So I just had to write it.
This is short because it is just a prologue, the next chapters will be much longer.

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Kol Mikaelson was fed up with this pathetic little excuse for a town. If it wasn't for the fact that he was already dead he would surely have died from boredom staying in this place. Was that really what he wanted after spending over a century locked away in a coffin? Of course not. Perhaps it was time to get out. Explore the world. See how everything had changed over the years. That sounded like a plan. However, if he wished to leave the country he would need some... provision.


She had just finished having her daily coffee. Alone. Great, now she felt like she was being neglected. Her best friend had blown her off, like she always did when she had company of the opposite sex. And she was never able to persuade her sister into joining her. The response was always something along the lines, "coffee with you? I think I'd rather poke my eyes out." So that was a definite no go. She would have asked her boyfriend, but then again; she didn't have one. Which left her stuck having coffee alone. She got up slowly, preparing herself to leave. There was no reason to hang around here when she could be at home watching tragic movies. Sure, watching someone who had an even more uneventful life then her always helped. It also gave her some time to practice her witty comebacks.


He went for the only place he imagined there would be a crowd. The Grill, or whatever it was these humans called it. Surely there had to be at least one there appealing enough to bring with him. Of course he would only bring a human along to satisfy his needs. Quite convenient actually. Portable food and pleasure in one. He obviously wouldn't go for just anyone. He had his standards after all. He had considered taking that doppelganger, as it would surely have pissed off his brother and those incredibly irritating Salvatore brothers. But just the thought of either of them stalking him all the way to Europe just to get the girl back made him quickly turn away from that idea. No, he needed someone else.

At first glance no one stood out as a clear candidate. What a shame. Perhaps he would just have to pick someone up at the airport. He was just about to go for that airport plan when he spotted her walking towards him – or more precisely towards the door behind him. She was perfect. Or at least as close as he would get in this severely under-populated place. He watched her closely as she made her way out, without even giving him a single glance. She was quite beautiful – probably what people today would classify as hot – with long wavy light brown hair softly hugging her face. The rest of her was well covered up with a long black coat, but from what he could see it didn't look all bad. He had found his provision.


She wrapped her jacket tighter around her as the chilly air hit her. She was too preoccupied with planning who she would nag today to join her for a night out to notice that she was being followed. She didn't even notice when he was practically breathing down her neck, she had instead started frantically turning her purse upside down in search for her phone – she could have sworn she took it with her when she left. Her searching came to an abrupt end when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Before she had could turn around and snap an annoyed "what?" she felt a sudden surge of pain coming from the back of her head. As her legs gave away she realized that somebody had hit her - and pretty hard too - judging from the speed everything was going black.


He picked up her unconscious body with ease, before proceeding to stuff her into the backseat of his newly acquired car. Next stop: the airport.

I am not planning on making this story too long, maybe around 10 chapters, give /take.
One-two chapter(s) for each country they visit :D (You will of course learn more about this girl in the next chapters.)
So, let me know if you think this is worth continuing. I know I am really excited about writing it.
I have even started doing some country research, and I have a long list of things that I want them to do while on the "trip".
Oh, and; they will be going to Italy first. That is all I'll say for now.

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