Persian Immortal: Killer commando of the Middle East who built one of Asia's largest empires…


Aztec Jaguar: The elite soldiers of Mexico who fought and killed for the gods.


"These are two of the most elite warriors from the best empires in history." Mack said.

"Let's take a look at what makes them up." Dorian said.

Persian Immortal:

Circa: 500 BC

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Weapons and Armor:




Bronze Scale and Leather

Wicker Shield

Aztec Jaguar:

Circa: 1500

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Weapons and Armor:



Tepoztopilli and Atlatl

Wooden Helmet

Ichcahuipilli (Quilted Armor)

Chimalli Shield

Jaguar Skin

Mid Range:

Spear vs. Maquahuitl

"The Persian spear was similar to the Greek spear in the iron head and wood shaft, but instead of a butt spike, at the end of the shaft was a solid iron ball used to smash heads. All in all, it was 6½ feet long and 5 pounds in weight." Dave explained.

Since the quilted armor of the Jaguar was only effective against arrows, the Persian expert is given 15 seconds to do as much damage as possible against a gel torso with a wooden helmet and shield. Geoff gives the countdown and the expert stabs the spear into the shield with both hands, almost all of the blade goes through it. He rips it out and swings the ball end at the shield and makes a crack. He swings it around again and stabs into the chest of the target with both hands, then rips it out and spins it around, the iron ball cracking the helmet in the process. He spins it around again and stabs into the stomach and the throat as Geoff yells, "Time."

"On the first strikes you went through the shield, that's hitting his arm maybe even his chest if it is right next to it, and the shot from that ball to the shield definitely broke at least one bone. Then with the stab to the chest you nicked the left lung and tore up the heart, instant kill. The helmet did fail; I can see bone going down into the brain so you caused a depressed skull fracture, another kill. The stab to the stomach hit the large and small intestines and would cause a tremendous amount of bleeding, and the throat shot always kills so four hits, four kills." Dorian said.

"But, you only have two ends to attack with, with the maquahuitl it has multiple killing edges." the Jaguar expert said.

"The maquahuitl was a weapon of high status in the Aztec army, it had a wooden oar-like club and pieces of obsidian on both edges, making it sharper than steel but also harder to maintain for a sword similar to its size. It was around 2 or 3 pounds in weight and 4 feet long." Dave explained.

To test the lethality of the maquahuitl, a pig carcass is dressed in the armor of the Immortal and a wicker shield is next to it and the expert has 15 seconds after the swing at the shield to do as much damage. Geoff gives the countdown and the expert swings straight through the shield like butter, cutting it in half. He turns his attention to the pig and swings at the bronze scale of the armor, cutting out an entire row but only scathing the leather underneath. He swings at the side of the pig and cuts through the leather and into the flesh of the pig. He pulls it out along the body, sawing deeper into the body and the armor. He comes up high and swings at the pigs head, cutting it straight off and plopping to the ground as Geoff yells, "Time!"

"The shield obviously is useless and if he's hiding behind it, he's losing his face and dying. The armor shot didn't get through but I'm feeling broken ribs so that can kill or incapacitate. Then you tore into the armor and dug in deeper, you're causing major lacerations and bits of that get into the body, that's a kill. Then you took its head off, a clean kill." Dorian said.

"But it is slower and less reliable than the spear." the Immortal expert said.

"Less reliable, did you see what I did?" the Jaguar expert yells.

So which mid range weapon gets the edge? "We've seen tons of spears, but nothing like the maquahuitl, so it gets my edge." Geoff said.

"The maquahuitl is known to decapitate horses in one swoop, with that in mind I have to give the edge to the Jaguars." Mack said.

"Pieces of it get stuck in the body, if small enough pieces get into the blood stream, it's very dire, edge maquahuitl." Dorian said.

EDGE: Maquahuitl

Coming up, these elite infantry stab, hack, and slash eachother at close range. Then, a weapon used to block out the sun goes against a long range, steel armor piercing spear.

Close Range:

Sagaris vs. Tecpatl

"The sagaris was a shafted weapon of the ancient world with both a blunt axe-like head and a spike opposite of it, making it a very lethal iron weapon; it was 30 inches long and 2 pounds in weight, giving it a pendulum effect when you swung it." Dave explained.

To test the lethality of the sagaris, a gel torso is fitted with a new Jaguar helmet, armor, and a shield to one side, and he must do as much damage in 15 seconds. Geoff gives the countdown and the expert swings with the axe head, but the axe only barely gets through the armor. He flips it around and digs the pick into the side of the torso. He rips it out and brings it up high, burying it into the helmet and skull, but he must use his other hand to free it. He switches it around again and hits the helmet with the axe head, leaving a big crack. He flips it around again and digs the pick end into the shield, three inches of stick out the other side, but he has difficulty removing it as he did with the shield, then frees it as Geoff yells, "Time!"

"The first shot got through the armor but not into the flesh, so it surprisingly even repelled this but not the pick, you dug that into the large intestine, that will kill. Then you stabbed him in the skull, you may not have hit brain but it also depresses nearby skull so that is a kill, and the helmet shot definitely caused a far greater depression, we got over 130 psi so a definite kill and the shield could be ripped away if you kept your spike in, and in that spot you're going to hit the arm." Dorian said.

"The only concern I have is that it can get stuck in the wooden armor the Jaguar has, you may be able to rip his shield or helmet away but it's still stuck." Mack said.

"Well, we have a knife, but this won't get stuck, it can cut through ribs." the Jaguar expert said.

"The tecpatl was a ceremonial weapon but it was often carried in battle to injury enemies and bring them back to be sacrificed, it had a bone handle with and obsidian blade, 10 inches long, half a pound, it could definitely reach your heart." Dave said.

The expert is given 15 seconds to do as much damage as possible against a gel torso in Immortal's armor. Geoff gives the countdown and the expert delivers rapid stabs in the chest and stomach area, going in all the way to the handle. He got in nearly thirty stabs until Geoff yelled, "Time!"

"What can I say, you stabbed him so many times that all these could cause death individually or all together." Dr. Dorian said.

Suddenly, the expert stabs into the target chest and rips down through the armor and chest, then plunges his hand into the wound and rips its heart out. "This is what it's designed for, and this is going through bronze and hardened leather." the Jaguar expert said.

So which close range weapon gets the edge? "The tecpatl is just a knife, the sagaris out reaches and can cause more trauma for me." Geoff said.

"Agreed, the tecpatl also cannot slash, if it does it can break, edge sagaris." Mack said.

"Agreed, the sagaris is an axe, axe beats knife, edge sagaris." Dr. Dorian said.

EDGE: Sagaris

Long Range:

Tepoztopilli & Atlatl vs. Bow & Arrow

"The tepoztopilli was a spear designed like the maquahuitl and was even recorded to have gone through Spanish steel armor, it was around 3 feet long and 2 pounds and it was often thrown with the atlatl, a small piece of wood with string to artificially lengthen the arm to increase the distance the tepoztopilli can be thrown." Dave explained.

To test the range and accuracy of the combo, a gel torso with the shield and armor of the Immortal is placed downrange 40 yards, and the expert can only throw two spears, one at the shield and one at the armor. Geoff gives the countdown and the expert hurls the first tepoztopilli, plunging into the chest of the armor and torso. He gets his next spear and flings it as well; this one goes almost all the way through the shield, only a few inches of the spear hang out the side of the shield it punctured. "On the first shot, you hit dead center of the heart, and," Dr. Dorian pulls out the tepoztopilli, "six inches of this is in the body, so instant kill. Then, the shield was useless, it went through it like butter, he's dead anyway he's behind it."

"But it is easy to spot and dodge, it's slow. The arrow is faster and has more range." the Immortal expert said.

"The Persian bow was a composite recurve bow made of wood and horn around 4 feet long that fired a 2 foot long arrow with an iron head. It was the early sniper of the ancient world, but the downside was you shot small, thin arrows so you got less penetration power." Dave said.

The test is set up again and the expert is given 6 arrows, two at the shield, one at the helmet, and three at the armor. Geoff gives the countdown and the expert fires an arrow at the armor, it sticks perpendicular in it, just past the tip. He knocks the next and fires, sinking it right next to the last arrow in the stomach. He fires the next but it bounces off the shield, scratching the jaguar skin on it. He fires at it again and gets the same results, an arrow bouncing off the shield. He fires high and an arrow bounces of the helmet. He fires his last arrow and it sinks into the armor. "Looking at these shots, they didn't get past the armor, they got in but not enough to cause any damage, not even a scratch, on the other side." Dorian said.

"I think it's that way because you have a bow that has the firing power but you have small arrows so you don't get the penetration you should have" Mack said.

So which long range weapon gets the edge? "The tepoztopilli is going through armor; it gets my edge for that." Geoff said.

"The tepoztopilli can outrange the arrow, and if the distance is closed, the tepoztopilli can still be used as a thrusting weapon." Mack said.

"A bow is more accurate but the Jaguar has a shield, edge Jaguar." Dorian said.

EDGE: Tepoztopilli & Atlatl


"For training, we gave the Immortal an 88 and the Jaguar an 81 because the Immortal was the elite of his time, the Jaguar only had to catch a few people for sacrifices to get to that level, and they didn't always kill their enemies on the battlefield. For endurance, we gave the Immortal an 84 and the Jaguar a 90 because in a skirmish, they'll last longer than the Immortal whose made for close, formation battle. For physicality, we gave the Immortal an 89 and the Jaguar a 92 because the Jaguar had less energy to give with the tecpatl or maquahuitl, but it was close because if you give too much with the atlatl and tepoztopilli you could injure yourself very easily. For killer instinct, we gave the Immortal a 90 and the Jaguar an 80 because the Jaguar didn't always kill on the battlefield, he would take prisoners. And for ferocity, we gave the Immortal an 88 and the Jaguar a 90 because the Jaguar fought for his gods and the Spanish did over exaggerate their savagery, but they could be brutal on the battlefield." Dave said.

"It's time to see who the deadliest warrior is." Geoff said.

Persian Immortal OOOOO

Aztec Jaguar ooooo Ø ø

The battle begins as five Aztec Jaguars prepare for a battle. But on a hill, five Persian Immortals knock their arrows and aim. The Jaguars notice that birds have begun to scatter and spot the enemies as the arrows fly at them. Most are blocked by their armor, helmets, or shields, but one hits a Jaguar right in the throat (ø). The Jaguars retaliate and ready their tepoztopilli and hurl them with their atlatl. The Immortals instinctively lift their shields, but the spears go right through them, two fall just short of hitting the Immortal behind the shield, one is hit in the arm and shoulder, but the last his hit right in the eye through his shield (Ø). The Jaguars ready to volley their spears again but the Immortals fire another volley of arrows. Three hit a Jaguar in the forearm, neck, and through the eye (ø) and then another is hit in the stomach, but his armor stops it as he rips it out. They grab their knives and sword-clubs and chase at the Immortals as they descend the hill in textbook Persian fashion, slowly walking in unison with shield parallel to the ground. The Aztecs stop short of the Immortals and spread into a semicircle, two on the flanks and one in the center, then run wildly at them, swinging their maquahuitls like mad men. The Immortal on left flank has his shield cut in half before he is decapitated (Ø), the other flank has his arm severed below the elbow as well has his shield bisected, but before the final strike, the ball end of a spear crack the Jaguar's jaw in two, the is stabbed in the chest seconds later in his daze (ø). The last Jaguar collides with the last Immortal still holding his ground and knocks the maquahuitl out of his hands with his sagaris. The Jaguar pulls out his tecpatl but is stabbed in the neck with the spike of the sagaris. The Jaguar arches back in pain but succeeds in stabbing the Immortal in the gut twice before he collapses, as does the Immortal, and their blood intertwines as they bleed out (Ø, ø). The one-armed Immortal and his companion grab their sagaris and charge the last Jaguar, but the Jaguar swings and slices the throat of the one-armed Immortal, turning him inside-out and upside-down (Ø). Finally, the Jaguar and Immortal eye eachother then the Jaguar charges at him, swinging the maquahuitl at him and knocking the Immortal upside the head with the broadside of the maquahuitl, knocking his spear and senses out of him. The Jaguar brings the maquahuitl back and swings, but the Immortal ducks under and digs his sagaris into the Jaguar's thigh. The Jaguar winces then brings the maquahuitl overhead and chops down on the Immortal's back, but the armor holds and is only grazed, he only bruises the Immortals back. The Immortal grabs the Jaguar by the wrist and brings his sagaris up then digs the pick down on his helmet, burying it into his skull. The Jaguar wobbles back and drops his maquahuitl, then falls back, smacking his head on a rock (ø). The Immortal picks up his spear and shouts, "Parsa!"

Immortal Jaguar

Sagaris-61% Tecpatl-39%

Spear-48% Maquahuitl-52%

Bow-51% Tepoztopilli & Atlatl-49%

Armor Fail Rate: Armor Fail Rate:

No Helmet Helmet: 81%

Armor: 92% Armor: 86%

Shield: 99% Shield: 61%

2,571 Wins 2,429 Wins


Training: 88 Training: 81

Endurance: 84 Endurance: 90

Physicality: 89 Physicality: 92

Killer Instinct: 90 Killer Instinct: 80

Ferocity: 88 Ferocity: 90

"The reason the Immortal won was because he was trained to kill, take no prisoners, but it was close because the Jaguar had more efficient armor but the Immortals had more advanced weaponry." Mack said.

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