Mughal Warrior: Muslim conqueror of India who made the empire last almost 400 years…


Ottoman Janissary: Battle-hardened slave soldier of the Ottoman Empire who slaughtered millions…


"This is the best match-up infantry; both had fine steel-plated mail, the Ottomans had finer mail, the Mughals had thicker and finer steel plates." DAM said.

"You know me by now; I want to see how they stack up physically." Scarecrow said.

Mughal Warrior:

Circa: 1600

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Weapons and Armor:


Mughal Mace


Plate and Mail Top

Mughal Plate and Mail

Dhal Shield

Ottoman Janissary:

Circa: 1400

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Weapons and Armor:


Ottoman Axe

Tartar Recurve Bow

Chichak Helmet

Zirh Gomlek

Kalkan Shield

Close Range:

Talwar vs. Yataghan

"The talwar was a sword huge in the Muslim world even dating back to the Crusades; it had some of the finest steel India had to offer in the blade. The one I made is around 34 inches long and 2 pounds in weight." Dave explained.

To show the overall killing ability, the expert is given 15 seconds to strike and unarmored torso and then is given a chop at the helmet and shield and a stab at the armor of the next. Zivon gives the countdown and the expert swings at the neck, cutting down to and through the spine. He loads his next shot and slashes him across the stomach at the curve of the blade. He brings it up and hacks down at the collarbone, slicing to the top of the lung. He brings it up again and slices into the top of his skull as Zivon yells, "Time!". He moves to the next target and has his sword ready to hack, bringing it down on the helmet, only scratching it. He brings it up again and hacks down to the shield, cutting down almost to the boss. He brings his sword back under his shoulder and stabs up into his stomach, only an inch of blade actually got into the body. "On your first target, you basically have a functional decapitation with that sword, which shows just how sharp it is because that is a thin blade. Then, you slit his belly down to the intestines and then hacked through his collarbone to the lung and hit the aortic knob on that, and finally sliced his brain in half vertically, all are either instant kills or kills. But on the helmet and armor, we didn't get enough force to kill or enough penetration, but you nearly chopped his shield in half." Scarecrow said.

"I think this shows perfectly how effective solid-link chainmail is, it can be tougher than steel plate to penetrate at times, but you also show that a sword without a yelmen or weight at the tip can do a lot of damage." DAM said.

"The Ottoman yataghan is like a very fine kopis or falcata, your armor has no chance." the Ottoman expert said.

"The yataghan is a sword with history to back up its design like the kukri, kopis, or falcata, it has a shallow forward curve, giving it good chopping and superb stabbing abilities with the fine tempered steel blade it had. It was 29 inches long and just over a pound in weight." Dave explained.

The test is set up once again and the expert is given the same rules. Zivon gives the countdown and the expert thrusts his sword into the abdomen of the torso, quickly pulling it out and stabbing into the chest. He then slams the sword into the torso's neck, getting a forth of the way through. He stabs once again, this time into the throat as Zivon yells, "Time!". He runs to the next and quickly thrusts right beneath a steel plate, going straight through the chainmail. He hacks at the mail top and a crack hits the air. He loads his final hack and slams down on the rim of the shield, bouncing the sword of the shield with force. "Looking at the first two shots, you stabbed him right in the small intestines and the heart on the second. Then you cut his windpipe and all major arteries and veins on the left side of his neck. Then you stabbed him in the throat and into his C3 and C4. Every single shot, again, is a kill or instant kill. Then to the armor, right through this riveted chainmail, into the large intestine, another kill. To the helmet," he lifts the top off, "wow, I can visibly see the depression in the skull, depressed skull fracture, another kill. Then you just bounced off his shield and not enough force was generated to break bone." Scarecrow said.

"One big thing with the Mughal top is it's not a helmet, it's basically an extended mail veil that covers your whole head, it's only useful against maybe arrows." DAM said.

So which close range weapon gets the edge? "I'm with the talwar, it has the reach and it has both a guard and knuckle guard, the yataghan does not." Zivon said.

"I'm all yataghan, it can pierce armor and is a lot better at thrusting with a got slash to it as well, and it's a lot faster." Scarecrow said.

"I'm with the yataghan on this, the Ottoman's armor was impenetrable against most weapons it came across, the Mughal's wasn't, edge yataghan." DAM said.

EDGE: Yataghan

Coming up, a high power Turkish bow goes against a variety of throwing disks. Later, a heavy duty battle axe battles a solid iron bludgeoner.

Long Range:

Tartar Recurve Bow vs. Chakrams (of varying sizes)

"The Tartar recurve bow was similar to the Mongol bow but was lighter and had less power to it; it was 4 feet long and around 3 pounds in weight." Dave explained.

The team sets up an armored gel torso 25 yards down range and the expert is given three arrows. Zivon gives the countdown and the expert quickly knocks and fires his first arrow, flying through the air and bouncing off a steel plate. He fires his text and it goes right through the top and punctures the face. He knocks his last arrow and lets it fly, hitting a chainmail patch of the armor on the left pectoral. "The shot to the face went through the bridge of the nose and into brain, instant kill. The next hit a rib but stopped there, you did get a fracture in it, but no kill." Scarecrow said.

"But look at the big weakness in this armor, it has to be laced up in the middle, if an arrow or sword goes through that, done deal, no protection." DAM said.

So which long range weapon gets the edge? "I'm all chakram on this, it can get into that small opening of the helmet and again, it can ricochet." Scarecrow said.

"I'm with the bow; it has range, accuracy, and the ability to penetrate armor." Zivon said.

"Same here, the tartar recurve bow is what made the Janissaries so famous, edge bow." DAM said.

EDGE: Tartar Recurve Bow

Mid Range:

Mughal Mace vs. Ottoman Axe

"The Mughal mace was a hefty weapon; so long the warrior needed a wide-legged stance to use it. It was 5 feet long and weight 5 pounds." Dave explained.

A gel torso is equipped with Ottoman armor, shield, and helmet with shock patches on each to see how much damage the mace can do in 15 seconds. Zivon gives the countdown and the expert swings horizontally to the helmet, leaving a huge dent in the left temple area. He brings it back and loads the next swing, hitting a steel plate on the chest. He loads another and lets it hit and crack the corner of the shield, just as Zivon yells, "Time!". "On the first strike, we got over 91 psi, enough to cause a skull fracture, that's a kill. Then we got over 150 psi on the chest shot, that's breaking ribs and contusing the heart, another kill. Finally, on the shield shot, you took out a chunk of the shield, and we got over 115 psi on that shot, so a broken arm." Scarecrow said.

"But it took a long time to reload those shots, and my axe is much faster and easier to us." the Ottoman expert said.

"The Ottoman axe was made of the finest tempered steel that the swords enjoyed; it had a small spike at the top and a crescent-shaped axe. It was 5 feet long and 3 pounds in weight." Dave explained.

The test is set up again and Zivon gives the countdown, then the expert hacks down onto the top, making a sickening squish. He loads up again and thrusts up into the chest, going into the lacing up area of the armor. He brings the axe to his side and swings horizontally to the shield. "On the first shot we got over 450 psi, easy skull fracture and severe neck and spine trauma, instant kill. The next, you thrust into that vital weak point of the armor stabbed him in the bottom of the heart, another instant kill. Finally, on the shield, we only got around 70 psi, not enough to break the bones behind it." Scarecrow said.

So which mid range weapon gets the edge? "I'm with the axe on it, I'll choose slicing over bludgeoning any day, and the spike on the top gives it a little more versatility." Scarecrow said.

"I'm with the axe too, simply, you just have more options." Zivon said.

"The mace seems too complicated to use, the axe is just simple and that's what gives it my edge." DAM said.

EDGE: Ottoman Axe


Plate and Mail Top, Mughal Plate and Mail, Dhal Shield vs. Chichak Helmet, Zirh Gomlek, Kalkan Shield

"I can't decide, the steel plates on the Mughal and shield give it more protection, but the chainmail and helmet of the Ottoman is more effective." DAM said.

"I'm even too, just the finest quality in chainmail armor we have here." Zivon said.

"They both have their own advantages, but neither have a superior edge to out due the other." Scarecrow said.

EDGE: Even


"For training, both were superb in their ways, but the Mughal adopted the fighting techniques of those they conquered, the Ottomans only changed their arsenal, so we gave the Mughal a 96 and the Janissary a 94. For ferocity, the Mughal's did it again, they forced people to convert to Islam or die, the Janissary's didn't really carry out religious crusades, so the Mughal got a 94 to the Janissary 90. For endurance, the Janissary is a hardened slave-soldier who can't marry or see his family once he leaves; the Mughal gets a 90 to the Janissary 92. For physicality, the armor of the Mughal is lighter and he trains constantly, so he gets a 91 to the Janissary 88. For killer instinct, the Janissary being a slave just makes him a hardier and more instinctive killing machine, so he gets a 94 to the Mughal 92." Rob explained.

"This is my favorite match-up of season two, I really want to see who wins." DAM said.

OOOOO Mughal

ooooo Janissary Ø ø

The battle begins as the Ottoman Empire begins to spread south into India. Five Janissaries explore the new land with weapons close in hand. They hear a group chanting to Allah in Arabic, something they understand. They inspect and walk through the bamboo and find a group of Mughal's praying towards Mecca. The Mughal's finish praying and look up to see the Janissaries staring at them. One grabs the handle of his sword, but a Janissary reacts quicker, knocking and arrow on his Tartar bow and sending it through the air, through the chainmail veil and into his throat (Ø). The Mughals quickly respond and simultaneously throw varying sizes of chakrams, the stick into two shields, one goes into the face of a Janissary, another bounces off the boss of a kalkan and into the back of the neck of the Janissary in front of him (ø, ø). The Janissaries draw their axes and swords and charge them. The Mughals draw their close in weapons and pick out their targets. One of the Janissaries is double teamed but he quickly evens the odds with an axe chop to the crown of the skull of the Mughal behind him (Ø). He turns just as the Mughal cracks him in the kidney with his mace, making the Janissary arch in pain but he manages to swing his axe, hitting his forearm and breaking it, forcing him to drop his mace, but he quickly draws his sword but is met with a chop to the neck, nearly decapitating him (Ø). He turns and runs to help a comrade trapped by a Mughal against the bamboo as he drops his axe. The trapped Janissary lunges forward with everything behind his yataghan, but the Mughal side steps it and brings the mace down onto the back of his skull, denting the helmet and sending him to the ground, convulsing heavily (ø). He tries to catch his breath but the tip of the Janissary's yataghan goes through his sternum and back into his chest as he collapses, the Janissary quickly rushing his last comrade (Ø). The Mughal and Janissary who've been engaging each other the whole battle are giving everything but the shield of the Mughal is holding, the kalkan of the Janissary already has seven huge chops in it. In desperation, he throws the shield at him and charges, but he throat is immediately cut in two as he brings his sword up by the Mughal's talwar (ø). The Mughal hears the Janissary shout behind him as he charges and gets his shield up as the Janissary hacks down onto the Mughal. The Mughal retaliates and digs his sword into the rim of the kalkan, going through the shield and nearly to the boss, but the sword is now stuck and the Janissary thrusts the yataghan into his stomach, the Mughal arches his head back in pain as the sword goes out through his back. But he rips the shield off his sword and from the stunned Janissary. He brings his sword up before the Janissary can rip the yataghan out of him and buries the sweet spot of the talwar into his face, cutting smoothly through the skull and into the front of the brain (ø). The Mughal pulls the yataghan from his stomach and throws it aside, holding his wounded area over his liver. He limps back to camp and rejoices with his comrades over a victory.

Mughal Janissary

Talwar-53% Yataghan-47%

Mughal Mace-45% Ottoman Axe-55%

Chakram-62% Tartar Recurve Bow-38%

Armor Fail Rate: Armor Fail Rate:

Helmet: 87% Helmet: 9%

Armor: 56% Armor: 10%

Shield: 3% Shield: 44%

2,507 Wins 2,493 Wins

Training: 96 Training: 94

Ferocity: 94 Ferocity: 90

Endurance: 90 Endurance: 92

Physicality: 91 Physicality: 88

Killer Instinct: 92 Killer Instinct: 94

"This is the closest battle we've had to date, the Janissary had the better armor and the Mughal's steel shield may be what have let them win, but the talwar outreached and had more protection than the yataghan, the axe crushed the skull and bones behind the armor, but the most surprising was long range, where the chakram had the ricochet ability and was faster and more usable at a close range." Rob explained.

Next Week: It's a battle centuries apart:

Comanche: The fierce Native American who killed and scalped any white man who entered his territory.


Ancient Egyptian Warrior: One of the earliest organized militaries in history, who built one of the greatest empires as well as one of the first.

Who will be…the deadliest warrior?