This is a short challenge fic from the very lovely Lollipop-Mania. It's to take 10 word prompts & write 200 words about them. But seeing as I suck at word limits (I ramble) I decided to take Author rights & make them unlimited yay! I also switched up the order of the words to make for an easier time line.

They were originally as follows:

10. Proposal

9. Shogi

8. Sweat

7. Smiles

6. Heart

5. Cunnilingus (hehehe)

4. Walking

3. Breath (or I did breathing)

2. Argument

1. Valentines Day

I also am doing these as different chapters. Why? Because I think it looks nicer & it's easier for me to figure out what the hell order was I thinking :P So enjoy the very late V~day present!

Disclaimer I don't own anything as always

10. Shogi

It was over a random game of shogi that it happened. Well he couldn't quiet say it because he didn't even know what it was or when it exactly happened.

He had played Shogi with the blonde Sand princess before & it was never any different then anyone else, she wasn't any different then anyone else like Choji or Ino or his dad.

But then why couldn't he concentrate at all? Why was he more interested in the way she bit her lip when she concentrated then what his next move would be? Most of all where was this coming from? She was just an annoying admittedly slightly (only slightly) attractive overly bossy female.

Then how did she just make the winning move?

Looking up at him with that arrogant smirk she taunted him as he looked dumb struck at the board. "Losing your touch already Nara?" She said with a laugh as she got up to go. He didn't bother to reply just glare at her as she walked away.

He sat there on the porch still trying to figure out what just happened. He was so distracted he hadn't even heard his father walk out. "I told you Shogi is a game that makes you think." Shikaku said with an almost knowing smirk.

But Shikamaru was still too busy thinking over everything. But mostly trying to figure out why did his stomach knot up when she went away?