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Yay this is the last part! I probably should have been done with this within 2hrs but I blame pregnancy & lack of wanting to do anything.

Anyways last chapter enjoy! I gotta admit I love messing with poor Shikamaru :P

1. Breath

Breathing was something that should just come to one naturally. That's why he found it so odd having to remind the blonde as she huffed, grunted, & yelled at him. "Breath." He said ignoring the pain as his hand was in a death grip. "Ok I can see the head now! Only a couple more pushes. Do you want to see daddy?" Sakura asked from the end of the bed he just shrugged & moved down. His eyes got big at the site before him he'd never seen anything like that nor wanted to again. "Shikamaru you ok?….Shikamaru you need to breath!" That was the last thing he heard before he hit the floor.

This was a test to see if I could get myself back into writing & work on finishing my BIG project. I will defiantly write more now I am back in the swing of things. This project I have coming out has been my baby now for almost a year or more I think? It's my first long, serious, rated M story. I am super close to having it done. I'm on page 40 right now just have to write out the end & then edit it (which is probably gonna double most parts) soooo don't hold your breath. BUT keep on a look out!