Author's Note: I am back again! I really love writing Harry/Severus locked inside of a house together, but this one will have a huge twist, so look forward to it later on in the story. Please read the changes following as they will affect the storyline greatly.

In this storyline: Sirius Black was never put into the veil and escaped the ministry once more because of Albus Dumbledore. Severus Snape indeed was an Ex-Death Eater, but not made spy by Dumbledore. Instead, Severus was made his acting right hand to the Order of the Phoenix. Lucius Malfoy was made spy to Dumbledore after Voldemort forced Draco to become a Death Eater and has been relaying the information to both Dumbledore and Snape.

Coming Home to You by Brianna West

Chapter One

Harry Potter had turned sixteen in the quiet of his small cupboard. His only opportunity to congratulate his coming of age birthday was after a fairly intense beating from his overweight uncle. The beating had broken his arm in two places and caused a sordid amount of bruising throughout his slight frame. His wand had been stripped from him, locked away into a box that Vernon often kept beneath his bed, in order to keep him from healing any wounds or fighting back. Of course, Harry had potions he kept hidden for healing and had developed slight wandless magic that he did the simplest of spells with.

Throughout the years, Harry's abuse had slowly become worse despite his many attempts to appease his relatives. He kept his mouth, for the most part, shut and did what was demanded of him. His cousin, Dudley, was often the reason for said beatings in his accusations against Harry.

Today, Dudley had accused Harry of stealing his money he had none-too-conspicuously hidden in a jar on top of his drawers. Harry had, like all the other accusations, not been the one to commit the crime. He assumed that one of Dudley's many delinquent friends stole the cash when he wasn't looking, but like everything, Harry was held accountable for the crime. Vernon had struck him for each pound missing from the jar. Thankfully, Dudley had only kept a petty amount of about five pounds, so the beating was considerably less then what he had often dealt with before.

Wishing himself a happy birthday, he blew the dust away in which he had drawn a cake with sixteen lines symbolizing candles. In three weeks time, he would be returning to Hogwarts, free of his relatives' relentless unkindness. It was a day in which he spent most of the nights there dreaming of, save a few nights in which images of Voldemort's workings plagued him.

A loud pounding came from beyond the cupboard at the front door. He was shaken from the noise. He heard the mumbling curses coming from his obese uncle as dust puffed with each one of the man's heavy footsteps down the staircase. The door creaked as Vernon's infuriated voice came from within.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" he barked.

"Ah, good evening," the voice of Albus Dumbledore came. Harry visibly smiled with a sigh of relief. Maybe the man had come to collect him early in order to discuss a matter. He felt the small hope curl through him. He cursed slightly when he realized what state he was in. He hadn't had enough potions left to heal his wounds, so he still sported the ugly large bruises now forming and broken arm.

"I wondered if I might speak with Harry for a moment."

"What do you want with him?" Vernon said as his voice growing angrier.

"That, unfortunately, is between Harry and I. Where might I find him?" Dumbledore's footsteps, lighter in sound, echoed as he pushed beyond Vernon and inside the house. "I do apologize for the intrusion, but the matter is quite urgent."

"Who do you think you are? You can't just come barging in here," Vernon said sounding slightly scared even with the conviction of his words.

Harry breathed as he heard footsteps stop beyond the cupboard door. Then the lock clinked and the door flew open. His headmaster's eyes were grave and saddened at the sight before him. Harry stumbled out from beneath the small space holding tightly to his right arm and scrambled to his feet.

"Headmaster," Harry said with a feigned smile. Vernon stood just behind the man, his eyes wide with fear as Dumbledore turned on him.

"I will be taking Harry into my care," he said evenly though his voice low. Harry knew better than to make his ever smiling headmaster angry. The man, often insanely too happy, was not angry often but he feared the man when his temper was about.

Vernon had said nothing, only nodded, his tail tucked tightly between his legs. As Harry followed Dumbledore, he saw that Petunia and Dudley held each other at the middle portion of the stairs. They looked from him and then to Vernon in their frantic terror. It was slightly satisfying to Harry to see them shaken around a man who had never been anything but kind to him.

"Where are we going, sir?"

"Hogwarts, my boy," Dumbledore said turning his smile to him. "We will have you seen by Madam Pomfrey before we have a chat."

Intolerable, selfish ingrate, Severus thought to himself as he stormed down the corridor, his signature robes billowing about behind him in his haste. The very audacity of that old man dumbfounded him beyond understanding almost every time he was made a request of. To think, Harry Bloody Potter was now expected to be within his care as a way of bonding the two of them. It was absolutely ludicrous, and he would not be part of such a scheme. The old man was out of his bloody mind!


"It has come to my attention that the family in which Harry Potter stays is a danger to him and thus, it will no longer be an acceptable residence for him away from Hogwarts," Dumbledore had said over his half-moon spectacles.

"It evades me as to why I should care to hear it," Severus drawled. He had rushed over after he had been called into the Headmaster's quarters earlier that evening. He had only just gotten the chance to work on a potion he was creating when the request came.

"That is to which I called you here, Severus," the ever twinkling of the man's insufferable eyes coupled his now smiling expression. That twinkling was never followed by anything Severus wished to be employed into doing. Only ever had Dumbledore requested him to do things in which he took no pleasure in.

"I wish you to take Mister Potter into your residence and under your protection," Dumbledore said through smiling eyes. "I feel it would benefit you to spend some time with the boy."

"Absolutely out of the question," Severus answered coolly despite is inner urge to shout at the man. His private residence, in which he returned to during the holiday and school breaks, was not a foster house for insufferable brats. Especially not for a certain Potter child that was a heavy reminder of just how horribly he had failed in his love life. The boy, the image and daresay personality of his late father, would never be someone in which he willingly share a classroom with let alone his own personal abode.

"Severus, I should say that this is not really a request."

"I will not babysit your little Golden Boy, Albus! If he was taken from his current residence due to it being considered dangerous, then it would be contradictory to have Potter stay in my personal residence under my care." Severus found it hard to control his temper as he argued his position. "There must be someone else, Albus."

"Alas, there is no one in which I trust more to protect Mister Potter." The man was once more smiling in his complete disregard of what Severus argued. Severus was absolutely seething. He would not be made a mockery of by the man merely to satisfy a notion that Potter and he could share a sort of comradeship.

"Potter cannot stay with me," Severus said in resolution. His hands drew across his chest, heaving beneath them in his rage.

"I have already sent his belongings to your residence," Dumbledore went on to say. "And you may collect him at my office in an hour's time."

When Severus made to argue once more, the man had looked onto him with an expression that demanded obedience. He had held his tongue and stormed from the man's quarters.

In which brought him to his current state of disarray as he gathered his personal belongings from his desk. He had prepared to stay the evening concocting the potion he had created, but now his plans deterred to playing host to the intolerable Gryffindor. He could not fathom why Dumbledore sought to make him miserable on more than a frequent basis. Yet still he was unable to deny any requests the man asked of him. Damn his loyalty the old coot.

"Ah, Harry," the headmaster said as Harry entered the room. He had been seen by Poppy immediately after they arrived. She had smiled sadly at him as she healed him. He hated the pity that he received from every individual he came across. He would much prefer they act like nothing had changed, but now he knew that he would forever see the change in their eyes. His arm had proven much more painful in the curing process. It was still slightly sore due to the broken bone having to mend. However, he had dealt with worse, so it was nothing he couldn't handle.

"You are looking well."

"Thanks, sir." Harry sat down in the opposing chair, taking a quick glance about the office. Dumbledore's phoenix perched itself nearby, screeching at Harry's arrival. He was very fond of the bird, having been saved by it when they battled the basilisk. The radiant reds, oranges, and yellows that colored its feather glimmered beneath the light as it shook its wings out and settled once more into sleep.

"You are probably curious as to why I called you here," Dumbledore twirled his fingers idly through his beard as he settled back against his chair. The man was aged greatly, having been over a century old and well-respected within the wizarding community. His voice held a high place when spoken within the ministry. Despite his frequent urgings for Harry to do his bidding, he knew the man deeply cared for him.

"There are skills in which you lack because of your education being limited to a curriculum," Dumbledore began. "On another note, I believe your relatives incapable of taking care of you. I have asked Professor Snape to keep you under his care and he has agreed. I would also like for you and Professor Snape to become better acquainted as he will also be in charge of your further education until your return to Hogwarts."

Harry was speechless. Staying with Snape was the last thing he had expected Dumbledore to say and the fact that the potion's master, incapable of anything other than insults and malice, had agreed to let Harry stay at his personal residence was baffling. Disregard the fact that Snape was a miserable old git, the man hated Harry from the core of his being. Harry could not gather how Dumbledore thought that staying with Snape would fare any better than his staying with the Dursleys. The man would kill him by the week's end. Arguments erupted anytime he and Snape were near each other.

"Sir, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I don't think it's a good idea to stay with Professor Snape," Harry said carefully choosing his words. He was not yet angry by the notion; however, he believed that if Dumbledore insisted he stay with Snape, it would be hard to maintain his composure. He barely rested since he was rescued from the Dursleys. He was exhausted and wished nothing more than to curl into the comfort of a bed.

"I believe this will be a rather good experience for you both," Dumbledore said with a smile. He interlaced his fingers and then leaned forward. "I believe you two share more in common that you think as well as could become a rather powerful partnership."

Harry thought it through for a moment. While he knew that he shared nothing in common with his pessimistic professor, he also knew that Dumbledore trusted Snape and respected him a great deal. It could only benefit him to try to be civil with the other. If all came to worse, Snape would throw him out and Dumbledore would find another place for him to reside.

"Okay," Harry said finally giving into his headmaster. Dumbledore clapped his hands together with a grin as he stood from his chair. "It's settled then."

Harry was about to ask when he could expect to begin to stay with Snape when the man himself knocked and entered the room. Snape fashioned his signature sneer as he walked the small trek to where they sat. His pale skin was shadowed by his defined features: long nose that curved slightly at the tip, his high, pronounced cheek bones, and his powerful, large jaw in which was currently clenched probably due to anger.

'Agreed to,' Harry thought to himself. 'Bloody bollocks.'

"Ah Professor Snape, your timing is impeccable. Mister Potter and I had just finished discussing the living arrangements," Dumbledore as he stood from the chair, motioning for Harry to do the same. Harry hesitated slightly when Snape's enraged glare rested on him in that moment. He finally stood, withdrawing his eyes and clasping his fingers tightly. Incredibly, Snape scared him more than his oaf of an uncle, Vernon, did. Harry knew that the man carried a sordid past of servicing Voldemort. Why he had been able to turn away from it, he wasn't quite sure. However, the man still carried his intimidation tactics wherever he was. Even his Gryffindor courage could not go up against the man's overwhelming presence.

"Would you be so kind to escort Mister Potter to his new residence? He requires rest for his recovery." Severus eyed him curiously after the last part had been said. Harry kept his eyes away from the man refusing to be subjected to the intimidation they most certainly sought. For now, he was just hoping to finally get an opportunity to get some rest. However, he saw the man bow and then make his way out of the office.

"Oh Harry," Dumbledore called out. Harry paused on his way to follow the potion's professor. "Happy birthday."

Harry smiled over his shoulder to the man, "Thanks sir."

When they apparated outside of the long stretch of land, cobblestone met them in the cold chill of evening. A low fog billowed about Harry's feet as step after step he followed Snape without speaking. He knew Snape was not fond of questions and since he would be unable to run from the argument, he chose to stay away from one. Harry could only make out the outline of the large residence as it appeared out of the darkness. An iron fence ran the circumference of the two story mansion. The cobblestone led and dead-ended into it. It without question was the only home within miles of there as large mountains towered beyond it. It certainly fell into the man's overall façade.

They made their way inside and were greeted with darkness upon arriving in the large expanse of the entry hall. It was too dark for Harry to make out much, but from what he could, the house did not seem in the least inviting. They continued their brisk walk for what seemed like hours, but Harry knew only to be minutes as they finally reached a towering door.

"This will serve as a room to you," Severus said exasperated. "I will expect you at dawn no later than eight."

Snape left him standing alone in the hallway. Their simultaneous existence seemed it would be curt much like Snape's words had been. Harry sighed, drawing the large door open and walking inside. His belongings sat just alongside a bed. A very large paneled window sat nearby the bed, exposing the scenic night in all its majesty. The moon was almost full, brightly peering through heavy clouds in the sky. Trees broke from the ground in many places behind the house, inside of the iron fence. It was quiet, and Harry found solace in that fact. While earlier he thought that it would be comparable to living with his relatives, he had to admit that the room served to be much greater of a comfort than that small cupboard beneath the stairs.

He turned back towards the bed, settling his truck on it. He pulled out a set of pajamas and then walked to the bathroom, which once the light was on, had him gasping in surprise. The large room looked more like a spa room that Hermione had once told him of. He certainly could get use to having a bath that was built and equipped like a Jacuzzi. He quickly readied himself for bed and walked back out into the room he had been given. It had been present enough to get away from the beatings Vernon inflicted, but now a room that he could, at least for the time being, call his own was another present he gladly took on this day.

He wasn't excited to be staying at the Snape Manor, but the man enjoyed his seclusion just as much, if not more, than Harry. He figured that the potion's professor would make himself scarce while Harry stayed save for the education that he was charged with. That was another thing that had Harry curious. What sort of education had Dumbledore meant? He had thought everything within the curriculum was in order to fight the dark arts. He would leave that for another day since sleep was beckoning him; his eyes were growing heavy and his body weak. It had been a very long day filled with many new situations.

'Happy birthday to me,' Harry thought sarcastically as he curled up beneath the surprisingly comfortable sheets.

Severus slammed his bedroom door behind him, hoping that the sound would run the distance to the Potter child. The insufferable brat had made no complaints in which he had hoped would withdraw Dumbledore's request to have the boy stay with him. Instead, it seemed that Potter was happy to stay with him. Probably to make him miserable and forever within headache, Severus thought melodramatically.

Pulling the stopper from the elegantly decorated crystal bottle on top of his desk, he poured himself a generous amount of Fire Whiskey. He would need it tonight. Unlike other nights when he paused to enjoy and nurse the burning liquid drink, he swallowed down the contents and poured another glass. Being forced to play house with Potter was not going to be a simple task. However, earlier when he had stared into those emerald green eyes, he was startled to find Potter's usual arrogant demeanor was absent. Instead, he found an exhausted, aged complexion in which he had often seen in himself growing up in this very house. It was entirely too close to the expression he had given following a lashing.

When Dumbledore had mentioned Potter's relatives being a danger to him, he had only assumed that the insufferable brat had gone whining to the Headmaster because they forced him to clean after himself or something of the like. However, the words that had continued to replay through his mind directly following his collection of the Golden Boy were that Potter required rest in order to recover. What did Potter need to recover from? He had noticed that Potter was frequently grasping his arm as if it had been injured, but he simply gathered that the boy was uncomfortable. Potter had been too quiet, too obedient in which perplexed Severus beyond understanding. Potter had always been a thorn in his side, always spouting nonsense whenever he was around.

Today, however, Potter had been withdrawn, reserved and completely unlike the Potter spawn he had always proven to be. It made him curious despite his many attempts at dismissing the behavior. Was tonight an unguarded moment for Potter or another ploy?

Severus sat at his desk, setting down the glass he had once more finished. He pulled out a quill and a small, leather bound journal. He jotted down his usual of the day's progression. However, today's journal also contained a small note of Potter's odd behavior.

Harry had awoken close to six, his usual time for waking. Most mornings, he was required to clean the kitchen and then ready breakfast for the Dursleys. When he had walked from the room, he had made his way down the hallway towards what he hoped to be the kitchen. He wasn't ungrateful, and despite the man's overly malicious demeanor, he had taken Harry into his home. Harry owed it to Professor Snape to at least be useful.

When he finally found his way into the kitchen, morning was making its way over the hills. The light shined through the windows of the beautifully designed kitchen, expanding over cherry wood furnishings and granite covered countertops. The marble floors shimmered specks of gold beneath the rays of lucid light causing Harry to turn his eyes away in order to regain his sight.

"Hello Master Potter," a small, hoarse voice came from below. The creature was aged with wrinkles adorning its face. Harry should have known that Snape would keep a house elf, but his mind was made up. He smiled at the small, obviously angry creature. He understood that he was intruding, and thus, he merely nodded his head.

"Hello, and who might you be?"

"Timper, Master Potter, is at Master Potter's service," he bowed though it pained him to do so.

"Well I won't be requiring your services Timper," Harry said as he moved towards the refrigerator in the room. "Although, I do wonder where I might find the cooking pots and pans?"

"Timper will make breakfast Master Potter," the creature snapped his fingers, but Harry rose his hand to pause him.

"No need Timper," he said quickly. "I can make it myself."

The creature looked about to protest, but merely bowed and in a crack, was gone from the room. Harry looked diligently until he found the pots and cooking utensils. He had pulled some eggs, fresh peppers, mushrooms, and a block of aged cheddar from the refrigerator. He mixed the meal, cutting the veggies into slender pieces, and then shredding the cheese with the knife. He was happiest when cooking. Magic never made things half as well, in his mind, then when it was thrown together by hand. He lightly seasoned the meal and served two plates.

Harry suddenly thought to himself as he looked at the helpings if Snape would even want to eat what he had cooked. The man would surely think it poisoned. He laughed to himself as he brought his plate to the small, cherry wood dining table and began to eat the meal with quick pace. It was a habit. The Dursleys never gave him any time to eat, and sometimes, did not allow him to eat at all. He had gotten into the habit of finishing what he could before they demanded he do chores or lock him within the cupboard.

After finishing his meal, he washed the dishes used, dried them, and placed them from which he found them. He walked from the kitchen, having spelled the other portion to continue to stay warm just in case Snape decided he would want to eat it, and found a small living area in which to sit. He wasn't sure when to expect the man, but it was already close to seven, and he was sure that Snape probably woke early. He couldn't help but feel the uneasiness creep into his reserves. What should he expect from the man now that they were forced to, for the next few weeks, inhabit the same space?

It was a quarter until eight when the professor emerged from the hallway. Harry had been reading one of the books he had brought from his trunk. He had been too engrossed in the page when the man appeared, and his attention only drawn away from it when the man indignantly cleared his throat.

"Oh, good morning sir," Harry said as he quickly closed the book. He quickly rose to his feet and looked to where the kitchen was. "I'm not sure if you already ate, but I made us breakfast."

Snape seemed genuinely taken aback by that. He regained his composure quickly though as he leered down at Harry. "I have."

"Oh, um, then I'll just go put it away," Harry said as he made towards the kitchen.

"Leave it for the house elf."

"It's okay," Harry said quickly. "I'm use to that sort of thing, so it's no big deal."

"I said leave it, Potter."

Harry felt the anger belly in his stomach. He said nothing, however, withholding his frustration for another time. He needed to survive the next few weeks and if he spoke up now, that was assuredly not to happen. Balling his fists, he nodded his head obediently.

"I will make this clear, Potter. I was not a consensual party in this decision to have you stay at my personal residence. However, since the Headmaster has made it apparent there is nowhere else, I will set some rules in which must be obeyed and never broken," Snape said as his eyes danced with annoyance. Harry was sure it had everything to do with the fact that the man had been cornered into taking Harry in, much as he had into staying by Dumbledore. He felt disappointment begin to surface upon this realization. He had only ever felt hatred for the man, but why did was he so disappointed by the reality?

"You are never to venture out unless I have given the permission to do so. You are not to go within rooms that I have not personally designated for your use. I will disregard your lack of courtesy in using the kitchen this once, but you are not to do so again. Aside from this room and your own, you are to stay out of all others. You will meet me promptly at this hour, no later, every morning unless I have said otherwise. Timper will attend to all your meals and you are to eat them in your room unless I have stated otherwise. Finally, Potter, I expect only to see you in the time in which you receive your educational instructions. All other times, you are to remain within your room."

Harry listened and found himself only nodding to appease the other. He was happy only to oblige the request of remaining in the room aside from when he needed to be taught. The man was absolutely the last person he would want to spend time with. He was happier to pass the hours with anything that had nothing to do with Snape. Even with his conviction of being happy the man wanted nothing to do with him, why was he still feeling disappointment begin to once more surface?

Snape settled down in a chair near where Harry had sat initially. Harry returned to the sofa he had been sitting while Snape pulled out a few books and rolls of parchment. Then there were flasks containing different colored liquid within each, labeled in elegant handwriting as to their contents.

"Dumbledore has expressed that you need educating on specific potions. As I know you to be truly hopeless at such a task, I have found a simple, idiot-proof method in which they can be concocted," Snape said as he motioned to the parchments. Harry took them, though he felt the need to berate the man in his accusations against him, but held his tongue yet again. This was slowly becoming similar to how he would often react and deal with Vernon. Most days, the man would cause him headache from all the withdrawn rage. Vernon was always calling him names such as "disgusting boy," "monster," or "repulsive spawn." Harry had grown accustomed to such things that he was able to disregard them. However, something bubbled in his belly when Snape said such things. He wasn't quite sure what it was though and merely brushed it off as hatred or anger.

"What are they for?" Harry said as he absently went through some of the notes. He had to admit, Snape had beautiful handwriting. It was genuinely the best he had ever seen. The strokes flowed together elegantly and languidly.

"Most are for deception and then a few for heightening one's abilities. The Headmaster has expressed to me the importance of these specific potions in order for you to serve the Order in the coming months," Snape said evenly. He guess the man had been both tasked with this because of his immense knowledge of difficult potions as well as his being right-hand to Dumbledore. "Despite the methodology I have created, it will take some time for someone as incompetent as you to achieve."

"Lucky you have so much confidence in me, sir." Harry regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. He had been doing so well until the man made further to insult him. Snape was incapable of civility when it came to him. He could not fathom how Dumbledore held such a high regard for the miserable old git in the least.

"I would watch what you say, Potter," Snape said as he glowered at Harry. Harry suddenly felt trepidation take hold of him. Images of Vernon's fists hitting his abdomen and kicks hard against his backside as he curled on the floor flashed through him like a great wave. He let out a small gasp when the memories became real. He pressed back into the couch and turned his eyes away from Snape. Except now Snape was no longer Snape, he was the man who over all these years had become his abuser, Vernon.

"I will, sir. So please Uncle Vernon," Harry said as he fought back the tears and waited for the crippling blow to come. When nothing happened for several minutes, he finally looked up to see Snape's eyes unmoving from his. The expression Snape wore was unreadable, but did give Harry the sense that the man was alarmed by what Harry had pleaded. He suddenly felt a heat run through his cheeks. He wanted to run, but that would get him nowhere. This was Snape we were talking about. Likely, the man hardly cared what Harry was going on about.

"I hardly resemble that oaf of a man, Potter."

Harry felt laughter tickle his throat. Was Snape making a joke? That's impossible.

"Uh yeah, sorry about that sir," Harry managed to incoherently say.

"We will spend the better part of today with the first potion," Snape went on to say disregarding what had just happened. It was a great deal of a comfort to Harry as they went about the instruction without interruption.

Evening settled through the house drawing shadows across the walls and floors. It had quieted due to Harry now being within his own room, reading the book he had favored earlier. He, from time to time, glanced at the notes he had taken while Snape had instructed him earlier. Snape had kept only to subjects that dealt with the potions and never asked once about what Harry had meant by cowering pathetically. Again, Harry had been glad for it. If there was one thing he would seriously lose his head over, it was Snape pitying him. He knew that would never happen, however. A good quality of the man was he never changed from being a miserable old sod.

Voices came from beyond the door, drawing Harry away from the page he had been reading. He looked up as silence followed. Walking over to the door, he pulled it open as quietly as he could. The voices began again, but their words muffled by the distance. Harry quietly walked towards the voices, hearing the words clearer as he managed to get close enough to understand.

"He has begun to recruit the vampires," he heard a voice say from beyond his vision. It was a voice he had heard before, but unable to pinpoint from just who.

"How many?" he heard Snape say.

"From what I've seen, about twenty or so thus far. However, I believe he may have more," the other voice said.

"Any other changes?"

"Not that I've seen. He seems to be only recruiting vampires at the moment."

"I will alert Dumbledore."

Harry peeked around the corner and the figure of Lucius Malfoy came into vision. The man was dressed in his usual aristocrat garments. He fashioned a long, dress coat and vest with a button-down white shirt. His hair was pulled back against his neck in a long ponytail. His hands were gloved in which rested on his signature cane. His expression was even as he looked at Snape who stood just across from him.

Lucius had been made spy half a year ago when Draco was forced to become servant to Voldemort. Dumbledore had employed him on the agreement that he would continue to service Voldemort and then clue them into details on the inner workings. Harry still did not trust the man who stood now before them in his usual arrogant manner. However, he trusted Dumbledore, so he kept quiet on his perceptions of the man.

Harry kept hidden while the two men stood in silence. Snape finally sighed and broke through the quiet.

"We will have to, for the time being, meet elsewhere."

"Oh?" Lucius said raising a brow in his curiosity.

"Dumbledore has forced a certain insufferable brat into my home," Snape said once more sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose.

"How delectable."

Snape sneered at that, giving Lucius a look of pure disgust. "Hardly."

"Your tastes often ran to a certain red head, green eyed woman," Lucius drawled.

"Do not mention her so easily," Snape snapped, and Harry had to withhold his breath. Snape couldn't possibly mean who he thought they meant.

"When are you going to give up on Lily, Severus? It's about time you found a new love interest," Lucius said.

"I do not see how that concerns you, Lucius."

"What I wouldn't do to get my hands on the-Boy-Who-Lived," Lucius said with a smirk. "I am sure he would taste positively sinful."

"What would Narcissa say if she heard you now?"

"I would be dead where I stood," Lucius said with a laugh. "However, I am sure Potter would be well worth it."

"Your interests are absolutely revolting," Snape said as he turned away from Lucius and caught sight of Harry who had been unaware of just how far he had peeked out in their banter. Snape's eyes grew wide with shock but quickly returned to indifference as he turned towards Lucius. "I think it is time you left."

"Right," Lucius said with a small nod. "Well then, goodbye Severus."

With that, Lucius was gone in a waft of black mist. Harry felt his heart pound within his chest as his potion's professor advanced on him in a matter of seconds.

"Eavesdropping Potter?" Snape's voice was low and menacing.

"I," Harry stuttered, feeling his stomach clench with fear. "I didn't mean to."

"It seems otherwise, Potter."

"I just heard voices." Harry was walking backwards as Snape continued to advance on him. He felt his heart might break through his chest at any moment the way it had become crazed.

"I hardly think that gives you right to disobey my rules, Potter."

Harry felt the hard wall behind him as he was stopped in his advancement towards fleeing. He breathed out as his professor shadowed him in his height. He swallowed the lump now growing in his throat. He couldn't feel his limb; everything had gone numb with fear. His stubborn mind refused to back down and give into his fear, but his body was beginning to react. Often this very situation had gotten a heavy beating from Vernon and now that he was no longer in the protection of school grounds, Snape was at leisure to treat Harry as he saw fit. Would the man strike him? Starve him? Put him into a closet and not let him out until he had learned his lesson?

The tears had begun to prickle at his eyes, but he fought them back as Snape continued to glare at him through the silence. Harry bit his lower lip so hard that a metallic taste of blood had tainted his mouth as he swallowed.

Severus was more than surprised to see Potter peeking out from the doorway. Usually, he prided himself on his ability of observance, but Lucius had caught him off-guard by his proclamation that he would like to bed Potter. It wasn't often that Severus was surprised, but the last day he had found he often was. When he had seen the boy, he had felt the need to get Lucius out of the house as quickly as he could manage without alerting him to the boy's presence. He wasn't sure the reason for his own actions, but concluded it to wanting to punish the boy immediately.

In his rage, he advanced on the boy, unaware of the reaction he was causing. Soon the boy was in front of him, back against the wall, and those gorgeous emerald green eyes that his mother often set upon Severus with the same stubbornness, tainted by tears. Harry Bloody Potter was crying beneath him and as he would have thought well before this incident, he wasn't the least bit satisfied. The opposite, he felt guilty. Severus Snape never felt guilty. Why would he feel it for the Potter spawn?

This only served to anger him more. Lucius must have done something to his head with his incredulous talk of bedding the-Boy-Who-Lived and enjoying it. Severus did not think that Potter looked absolutely breathtaking with his hair a mess, eyes glittering with tears, and his lower lip was drawn into his mouth tainted red with blood. He absolutely did not. Severus inwardly groaned at his own thoughts. This was Lily's beloved son. The only reason Potter would seem in the least bit attractive was because he shared the woman Severus loved, Lily's, eyes.

However, Severus could not help but wonder how the boy would look underneath him, moaning in pleasure. He could not help but envision it to his absolute horror.

Harry watched Snape as the man's eyes faded into something that Harry could not quite identify. He focused on the way the man's chest rose and fell to calm his nerves as silence continued to hover between them. His fear began to simper away as anger disappeared and something else took its place.

"Sir?" Harry finally croaked out as the man made no move to do anything.

As if being snapped out of his thoughts, Snape pulled away from him and merely eyed him. Straightening his back, Snape cleared his throat.

"Do not disobey the rules again, Potter." Snape fled down the hallway and to a room Harry assumed was his. He let out the breath he had been holding and walked to his own room. He felt the steady racing of his heart. It had felt as if for a moment, they had been a different kind of emotion entirely. However, he could not forget the conversation the two men had shared. Not only had Snape admit to being in love with his mother, but he seemed to even after all these years she had been gone, still care for her greatly. Harry felt the prickling of his skin as he remembered what Lucius had confessed to. What had Lucius meant by that? Did he wish to hurt him?

Harry shook away his thoughts and decided to call it a night. After putting on his usual nighttime wear, he crawled into his comfortable bed and hoped for a dreamless sleep.

The next few days passed uneventfully. Snape and Harry met every morning at eight, practiced preparing ingredients and brewed until noon, had lunch, and then, they went their separate ways. Harry kept to his room as promised and soon found that he had little to do after finishing his book. He focused his efforts on preparing for the new school year and studying anything that gave him interest. Snape had seemed a bit less insulting as of late, but Harry couldn't tell since the man was barely around aside from their studies. It seemed like an awkward air hung between them after the previous situation.

Harry sprawled across the floor, quill in hand as he wrote a few notes to Ron and Hermione. The two of them had been informed of his new residence and had sent him letters earlier to see how he was holding up considering. He never disclosed to them that Vernon was beating him, however, he did tell them of the other things that would happen. He decided not to tell the two about what he learned about Snape since he wasn't sure if the man would intercept any of his letters.

A knock came at the door, startling Harry and causing him to draw a rather thick line across the parchment he had been writing on. "Bollocks."

Harry stood discarding the parchment and opened the door. Having expected to see either Timper or Snape, he took a few steps back when Lucius Malfoy stood before him. He eyed the man warily as Lucius stepped into the room and took a look around.

"Severus is being very generous, Mister Potter," he drawled as he walked over and settled atop the bed.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry said keeping his voice as evenly as possible. However, dialogue from the other night served to make him a bit insecure.

"I thought you could use the company," Lucius said simply as he set down his cane and removed his gloves.

"Well I don't," Harry said staying near the door. "Besides, didn't Professor Snape say you should meet him elsewhere?"

"Ah, so you were listening," Lucius said with a smirk. Harry internally berated himself for letting it slip. Now the man was fully aware that Harry had heard everything that had been said. "I assume you also heard what was said about your dear mother and Severus' eternal attachment to her."

Harry looked away from the man, ignoring the statement. However, Lucius let out a small chuckle and shifted on the bed.

"What about what I expressed of you, Mister Potter?"

Harry continued to look away, but he could feel his heart in his chest beginning to once more race. His mouth was becoming dry. He heard Lucius stand from the bed and footsteps drew the man within inches of Harry. Harry curled his hands into fists wishing he hadn't put his wand over on the bedside table.

"I could educate you on the pleasures of being beneath a man, Potter." His voice was near Harry's ear, sending shivers to trail down his spine and his skin to prickle. He felt his stomach tightening. His breathing became erratic as the man's hand smoothed over his hip and ran fingertips, as cold as ice, over his flesh.

"Don't touch me," Harry hissed as he pulled away. "I would rather die than be educated by the likes of you."

"Tsk tsk Mister Potter," Lucius said with a soft chuckle, coming around and blocking Harry's escape through the door. "I can be quite the gentle lover."

"You disgust me," Harry spat as he dashed towards his wand. Within moments, he was hitting the floor beneath him, body crushed between the hard floor and another body. He gasped as his wrists were pushed together within a large palm and pressed hard against the floor.

"Don't be hasty Potter," Lucius said into Harry's ear driving his hard erection into Harry's backside. Harry struggled beneath the weight of the man before he was freed and a voice came from beyond him.

"Leave," Snape hissed. "Or I shall obliviate you."

"Ah Severus," Lucius said as he righted himself. Harry staggered to the floor, regaining a bit of feeling in his legs despite his trepidation. Snape had his wand drawn, aimed at Lucius from the doorway. He advanced on the other in a matter of seconds.

"I said leave," he hissed, and Lucius drew back. The man glanced at Harry before his was gone. Harry breathed and looked at Snape. Snape walked towards him as if he was about to ask if Harry was alright, but the man said nothing. They stood in silence.

"Thanks," Harry finally said.

"What had he said to you?" Snape watched him through enraged eyes.

"Uh," Harry stuttered. "Does it really matter?"

"Yes, Potter. I must inform the Headmaster." Once more, disappointment bellied in Harry.

"Oh, uh, he told me that he could educate me on what it was like to be beneath a man," Harry said slowly. He hadn't really understood what the man meant entirely at the moment it was said, but when the man had pressed against him, it was quite clear what he meant.

Snape stiffened and pocketed his wand. He flashed a look towards the door and then back to Harry.

"You are never to be alone with him," Snape demanded.

"It's not like I wanted to be!"

"You could have easily left Potter," Snape said drawing his arms across his chest and glaring at Harry. Why did the man care? Severus Snape never cared about anyone other than himself, so why would it matter if Harry didn't run away?

"I really couldn't do much with him holding me to the floor," Harry huffed as he too crossed his own arms. His breathing was becoming heavy against the man's stare. Snape drew closer to him, eyeing him thoughtfully before fingers touched his lips. He let out a small gasp as the fingers drew across his lips.

"Your lips are bleeding, Potter."

"Oh," Harry said touching his fingers to his lips and eyeing them. He licked the residual blood from his lips and was about to grab a potion from his trunk that Poppy had given him back at Hogwarts when a hand on his upper arm stopped him. He turned to look at Snape as the man drew closer to him.

"You certainly have Lily's eyes," the man said almost in a trance. He was a breath away from Harry when Harry realized what was happening. Did Snape seriously think he was his mother just because he had her eyes? What was he intending to do?

Before he had time to stop it, however, Snape's lips were pressed hotly against his own. He felt them move languidly over his own, beckoning him to move with them. He was entranced himself as the lips elicited a groan from his throat. The body before his pressed into him, wrapping long, strong arms around his waist and pulling him roughly to it. His mouth was forced open by a hot, velvety tongue that drew out another moan from Harry as it tasted him. Harry could feel the body against his own begin to react. He found that he too was beginning to succumb to arousal. His trousers felt unbelievably tight against his straining erection. He pressed his hips into the other as Snape's answering thrust sent a spark of pleasure rippling through him. Oh Merlin, he was actually getting off on bloody Snape! Harry pushed away from Snape, breathing heavily as he did. Snape was watching him for moments before he drew away from Harry, his face expressing disgust.

Harry felt a pang in his heart when the disgust plagued the man's expression. Was Snape disgusted with Harry? Why did he kiss him in the first place? Why did Harry kiss back? What the bloody hell was going on?

Snape left Harry without uttering a word and Harry stood staring at the space the man had previously occupied. He let out a small whimper. Why did the man's lips feel bloody good against his? Despite the logical part of him that stated he loathed the man to his core, his other part was pleading for more.

To be continued….