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Chapter Eighteen

It was a shiver that ran the length of his back to the tips of his fingers and toes. Harry stood motionless and staring at the space that Stefan had once occupied. His entire existence until this moment had been a series of rather shocking discoveries; some were devastating while others brimmed on the side of overwhelming happiness. Today's, however, was one of pure devastation. He could not for a moment delude himself into believing such nonsense.

This led to the realization that he would no longer be able to trust those in which he had felt a connection to—his own kind would be his enemies no doubt in the coming months. Harry turned to his counterpart, who like himself had been quietly pondering what had just transpired. Severus gave him a knowing look.

"We are no longer safe," Harry said breathlessly. "I do not believe for a second that such a prophecy is true and once I deny them, we'll have a war on our hands."

Severus gazed at him while walking a few steps until standing just before him.

"We will speak with the Headmaster," Severus said gently as he pulled Harry into a comforting embrace. Before he had time to understand his own actions, Harry burst into a terrible cry of anguish that shook the room around them. Severus did not move merely held on to him tightly as he curled into the man, shaking underneath his painful misery.


Something about Stefan Naught made Severus Snape feel uneasy. The man's overwhelming eagerness to assist as well as his now devastating prophecy and deduction made the hairs on his body stand to attention. There was something amiss with all that had transpired between them. Severus held Harry to him as he thought through their next step. He would not be made fool by these creatures and he certainly did not trust them.

Deciding to contact Albus and relocate, Severus gathered up the devastated boy in his arms and apparated them to the only safe house he knew. It was an old castle on facade guarded by wards used in the time of the initial battle with the Dark Lord. He would have to rebuild the wards but for the moment, it was better than their previous location.

After setting Harry in one of the beds occupying the large room, he quickly pulled parchment from his robes, inscribed a coded message to Albus Dumbledore of their whereabouts and sent it through an owl that inhabited the location. He looked to his younger mate who was still laying quite motionless on the small cot. The room was filled with several cots as it had once been used as an infirmary of sorts. Taking in his quaking form, Severus felt the strong pull of his heart. How much could one person take before crumpling beneath the weight of it all? Certainly Harry was breaking underneath it.

"I won't let them," he heard the boy say softly. "I don't care what they say."

"Nor will I," Severus said gathering the boy to him. "I feel something is certainly being played here. I will see to it that we find out."

"What do you mean?" Harry said while looking at him with tear-stained cheeks.

"I have a feeling that Stefan Naught and his band of followers are not who they say they are. I also have a feeling that Mister Whizwald is in joining with them. I cannot be sure of their true intentions but I feel that there is certainly something they are withholding from us."

Severus ran fingers through the boy's tangled locks as he pondered. Harry curled into him as his emotions calmed and were replaced otherwise by a need that was a constant companion these days. Severus felt the chill of arousal sweep like a brush fire through him. He could feel hands trailing beneath the fabric of his shirt and looked down to catch sight of Harry pressing small kisses on the exposed flesh.

Bollocks! He could not think straight with those clever hands touching him and those plump lips tasting him. He was sure that the Headmaster would wait no time at all to come to them, but the boy was already undoing his trousers. Sod it. If Dumbledore was unlucky enough to come while they were otherwise engaged, he would become none the wiser.

Pulling Harry upwards and claiming his mouth, Severus made short work of their clothing before exploring the well-charted body before him. Harry spurred him forwards with soft gasps and eager moans pleading him for more. The boy tasted sweeter than any fruit or treat he had ever had the honor of devouring. Savoring the boy beneath him, he loved him as sweetly as he was capable.


Harry sprawled out, oblivious to his state of undress or rather caring little of it. Severus had excused himself when an owl returned with a small piece of rolled parchment. In his post-orgasmic haze, Harry could not be bothered with it all. After effectively crying his fears out, he decided to stay strong and trust Severus to find an answer to their current situation.

He heard the soft sound of footsteps as Severus returned. When he looked up, Severus's face betrayed nothing. He finally sighed and sat upright, curling around his rounded abdomen. He pulled on his trousers and waited for the other to speak.

"The Headmaster has advised us to remain here until he can gauge the situation we face. He will be visiting in a few days time but if anything should occur, we are to return to the protection of Hogwarts." It was stated in Severus's authoritative voice and lacked emotion. Harry assumed that Severus was none to happy about being put off in sorts. He let out a deep breath and nodded his assertion.

"I guess its all we can do at the moment," he said though his stomach grew tight at the undetermined future they were facing. He pressed a hand to the rounded portion of his belly, feeling the trembles beneath the surface. It had not been long since he was responsible for this little person growing within him, but everything he was would protect it even if it meant giving his own life in return. Severus was watching him but stayed where he stood. He could feel the tension in the air, pulled tight as if any moment it could snap.

Harry reached for the man's hand, lacing his fingers with the other and doing his best to offer even that small bit of comfort. He was not the only one that had been thrown into a pool of change. They were drowning in it and barely able to tread water underneath the amount of it. He and Severus had barely begun to know each other before they started to be bombarded by Harry's condition and urges. Nothing in the past few weeks was in the least bit normal in the normal progression of romance.

Severus came to sit beside Harry, their hands remaining interlaced. He turned towards Harry who was nibbling on his lower lip deeply within his own thoughts.

"I cannot begin to imagine what you must be feeling," Severus started but trailed off. Harry looked at the man obviously lost to how to comfort him. He smiled and squeezed the hand holding his tightly.

"I seem to be a magnet for these sorts of things," he said chuckling without mirth. "Sorry to drag you along."

"Harry," Severus said with his face grim. "None of this is your doing. What can I possibly do to prove that to you."

"Sev," Harry said softly. "My entire life has been this series of unfortunate events. I was ignorant for thinking that any little bit of happiness I might feel wouldn't come at a cost."

Severus forced Harry to look at him after he turned his eyes away from the other. The man's fingers held his jaw firmly.

"Where is that overly obnoxious optimism you were always terrorizing my days with?"

Harry shrugged, "Even optimism has its limits."

"Bollocks," Severus said letting go of Harry's chin. Harry smiled at his usually well-mannered professors proclamation. Whether or not Severus was use to cheering up others, he was certainly doing a good job of it for Harry.

"Thanks," Harry said still smiling.

"Whatever for?" Severus said his eyebrow raised in wonderment.

"For trying to cheer me up," Harry said laughing. "The idea that the emotionally retarded Severus Snape would be comforting me makes me feel a bit better actually."

"Emotionally retarded?" Severus gave him a look of disgust but his mouth twitched with hints of a smile. "That's a rather cruel way of putting it, Mister Potter."

"Forgive me, sir. I just call it how I see it."

"Indeed," Severus said finally gracing Harry with a smile. Even with the heaviness of their situation, the light banter was easing the previous tension. Relaxing backwards, hands pressed into the bed from behind him, he kicked his feet out and let his head fall backwards.

"What should we do now? I feel like I've been locked up all of my break."

"I do not remember being in charge of your entertainment, Mister Potter."

Harry laughed, "Right. Well since we are stuck here together, you just became my sole entertainment."

Severus merely watched him with an impassive face causing Harry to laugh again. There wasn't much to do when they weren't wrapped in a world of passion. Though it was quiet, it felt good to for a moment forget himself. Harry laid back fully on the cot and stared towards the ceiling. Severus sat unmoving at his side. His mind wandered to the child doing tumbles in his belly. His hand strayed over the small moving bump. Another hand rested over his own and then touched the little expanse below it. Severus was feeling the movements, and Harry caught the smile playing at the man's lips.

Severus spent most of the day redecorating. He stated to Harry a time or two that he refused to stay in a room fashioned as it was even if they were to stay for only a short amount of time. Harry didn't much mind as it gave the man something to do. With their limited resources and no word from the Headmaster since the note they received that morning, they were left with little else to do. Harry was given a book that Severus found in one of the rooms and read most of the day. When the light faded from the rooms and everything grew colder, Severus came to the bed that he had expanded and made to be much more comfortable than the cot it had previously been.

"I never knew you to be such a stickler for decorating Sev," Harry said smiling at the older man. Severus returned his smile with a sneer. Harry chuckled and set his book aside as Severus settled next to him.

"Having an acceptable place to dwell is an adult's responsibility Mister Potter."

"I don't see any adults here," Harry said laughing again. Severus scoffed and pulled him into a tight embrace. The heat spread between them and left Harry breathless. He felt a hand slide beneath his shirt, trailing up the length of his spine and downwards again stopping just above his rear.

"Only an adult does what I am about to do to you," Severus whispered into Harry's ear. The words sent an electric current down the length of him. A hot mouth kissed just below his ear and then trailed the length of it before nibbling at his collarbone. Harry found it hard to breathe when a tongue traced the protruding bone then upwards until finally Severus claimed his gaping mouth.

Harry grasped at the material covering the man's chest and pulled the older wizard flush against him, rubbing himself shamelessly into the other. Severus responded with a thrust of his own hips and then pushed Harry on his back into the yielding mattress below. Their mouths moved against each other, exploring tongues mingling heatedly and hands searching each other. Severus divested him of both his shirt and trousers.

"There really is no other reason for you to wear clothing except for the act of foreplay," Severus said roughly into Harry's mouth as he bit his way from mouth to abdomen. Harry was wriggling in anticipation as Severus stopped just short of his straining erection. He let out a frustrated growl when Severus kissed his way down, avoiding the one area he wished he would explore. Curling his hands into the bedsheets and moaning, Harry did his best to be patient.

"Sev," he said in his own breathlessness. "Just take me already!"

He felt the older man chuckle against the skin he was teasing. "As impatient as ever I see."

Harry let out another frustrated growl when Severus continued his assault everywhere except the place he wanted it most. He writhed beneath the ministrations and finally pulled the man from where he sought to torture him. He attached his mouth to the man's neck, biting lightly and then sucking the salty flesh into his mouth. Severus let out his own growl.

Harry's hands pulled away the button of the man's trousers and then slide beneath, teasing the hard flesh hidden inside. Running his palm along the length of it, he was rewarded with a dominating kiss. Severus spread Harry's legs, holding them just underneath the knee and thrust himself entirely into Harry. Throwing his head back, Harry let out a loud cry. The feeling of relief and pleasure overwelmed him as the other pounded into him without pause. Their bodies moved into each other in a fast rhythm. Harry trembled underneath the ferocity of it and was soon coming hard between them.

Severus laid out beside him, and Harry curled into the man resting his head on his chest. Moments such as these felt overwhelmingly sweet. He didn't know what would happen in their future, but pressed against the hot, strong chest of his older lover, he trusted that they would be together.

A few days passed without incident. Harry fell into a normal routine of reading and shagging his older mate senseless. With not much to occupy them and the inability to venture outside, they were left only to each other for entertainment.

Harry was slowly beginning to understand a little of what made Severus one of the most interesting individuals he had ever met. Severus would tell him of his days back in school—even going as far as to divulge his relationship with both his mother and father. Harry no longer felt jealousy of the past love Severus had for his mother because from the stories the man had already told him, he could definitely see why the other had ultimately grown attached to her.

"Lily was always indulging her curiosity," Severus said that evening as they sat by a fire hearth dancing with flames. Harry was leaning against Severus, his head resting on the man's upper arm as he listened to more stories of his mother. "She had this amazing capacity for troublesome incidents. I, being unable to leave her alone, was always unwillingly involved in most of them. We always managed a way out however. Lily was both quick to involve herself and just as quick to resolve it."

"She was fearless," Harry said smiling as he watched the flames.

"Yes. You too are much like her in that regard."

"I'm not so sure anymore," Harry said rubbing his belly idly. He traced the growing circle and felt the quiver of the child's movements underneath his fingertips.

Severus merely put his arm around his shoulders and pulled him tightly to him. Harry hesitated with his next question because it would be asking much to be divulged to him, but also stir feelings in him he was just barely getting beyond at the moment.

"Why," he started in a soft whisper. "-why didn't she choose you?"

Severus stiffened obviously not having expected Harry to ask such a question. Silence hung between them, heavily clouding the air. Finally, he heard the man let out a deep sigh.

"She did not fall in love with me," Severus said slowly. "For years, I too wondered why should would ever choose your father when I was plainly in front of her. I was angry that my existence was nothing more than a bad childhood and even worse school years. However-"

He was now resting a hand on Harry's belly and smiling gently as his fingers danced over the expanse.

"-now I feel those years of anger were suffered in vain. If not for her love for your father, I would not be with you in this moment."

Harry closed his eyes to the words. Hearing them was turning quickly into feeling them. He nodded his head in agreement. All these years of sadness and even those future years they face, he felt that they were suffered but all for this moment.

"I've never agreed with you more," he finally said turning brightly shining eyes to his counterpart.

"Of course you must. I have never been more correct in my entire existence."

Albus Dumbledore stepped into their makeshift living quarters and sat down on an ancient armchair nearest the fire. He regarded both forms that sat on the adjacent sofa.

"It seems that we are once more faced with grave circumstances," he said finally. "I fear that I no longer trust those in which we had previously put our faith in."

"How do you mean, Albus?" Severus left his formalities out of the conversation under the heavy tension of the room.

"Mister Whizwald has disappeared," Dumbledore stated frankly. "I received a visit from an informant of mine that stated he had gone missing the day that you were visited by Lord Stefan."

"What?" Harry asked quickly. "Why would..."

"Harry, might you tell me what was said to you upon Lord Stefan's visit?"

Harry described the evening in detail to the Headmaster who merely nodded his head in affirmation and fiddled with his long white beard. Finally, when he had finished, Dumbledore looked to Severus.

"I fear that we are facing a great deal," he said calmly. "How are you feeling Harry?"

The man's eyes strayed to his rounded abdomen now much bigger than the last time they had spoken. "I am a bit nervous sir."

"I can imagine."

"How do we proceed?" Severus finally voiced after a pregnant pause.

"We will relocate to Hogwarts as it is the safest place for Harry to be. I will have Madam Pomfrey monitor Harry throughout the pregnancy. You will need to keep to your quarters for the duration of the pregnancy, and we will proceed carefully following it." Dumbledore settled backwards into his chair. "Until we either find Mister Whizwald or are able to retrieve more information on the matter, I am afraid that we can do little else."

"What about our efforts against the Dark Lord?" Severus asked evenly.

"Though we are not sure to what degree Harry's and the child's magic will be controllable and what we can trust has been told to us, I believe we can continue to experiment with ways for Harry to learn to harness his powers." Dumbledore gazed at Harry sadly. "You will need to put your every effort into it. You have much more riding on your ability to do so."

"Yes sir." Harry could feel the weight of it all. The steady kicks in his stomach reminded him why he would continue to move forward and focus his every effort on controlling his newly discovered abilities.

"Shall we depart then?" Dumbledore said standing. "Oh and Severus..."

"Yes?" Severus stood bringing Harry along with him. Harry pulled from the man's arms deciding to hold himself on his own two feet. He wasn't an invalid, and he needed to feel strong in face of their uncertain future.

"You will of course remain with Harry in your quarters. I believe once the child is born we will know more of our next steps in face of your return to Potion's professor."

"Thank you sir," Severus said shortly as they followed the man outside of the warded grounds. They apparated just outside of Hogwarts and trekked their way towards the main entrance. Darkness consumed them, and Harry shivered as the cold wind prickled his flesh.

Harry crossed the threshold into Severus's quarters. The rooms were elegantly decorated with Slytherin house colors and neatly kept; he was however led straight to the bedroom and had little time to gaze about. Harry followed the taller man into their shared room. As he closed the door behind him, he pressed his back against the cool wood and tilted his head against it.

He could hear Severus let out a sigh and retrace his steps towards him. Automatically, as if a magnetized by the very closeness of the man, Harry clung to him and tasted the cool flesh of the Severus's exposed neck. He was pushed back against the door and his mouth claimed in a dominate kiss. He clung tightly to the other while his tongue explored the older man's mouth with fury. It was minutes of passionate exploration. Hands slid to the front of his jeans, opening them, and then forcing them downwards. He toed out of them as quickly as he could before those hands were raising him upwards, pressing their hot erections together in between them.

Throwing his head backwards, he let out a groan in response to the delicious friction.

"Gods Sev," he breathed as Severus moved his hips, rubbing their erections together in quick thrusts. He rode out a hard orgasm, spurting his seed between them and crying out.

"That was quick," Severus said coolly as pressed his arousal to Harry's opening.

"Shut it," Harry growled but was effectively silenced as Severus drove into him. Their pace started and ended vigorously. It wasn't long before both were stiffened in their overwhelming ecstasy. Harry felt encasing darkness as he faded into unconsciousness.

End Note: Now an interview with Dumbledore

Brianna: Why would you trust Lucius Malfoy enough to allow a relationship?

Dumbledore: It was a ploy of sorts. I had hoped Severus would realize his feelings for Harry

Severus: You meddlesome old man!

Brianna: Surely you can't be that angry, Sev? You got lots of smexing on!

Dumbledore: Oh the joys of youth!

Brianna: Some of the readers think that you are manipulative. How do you respond to that accusation?

Dumbledore: I am. Of course, it is why our advancements against Voldemort have succeeded so splendidly.

Brianna: However, due to that same manipulative behavior, you have now put both Harry and Severus in a very dangerous situation.

Dumbledore: Yes, and I am still doing my very best to atone for it.

Harry: Shiny gifts are a man's best way to apologize

Severus: You are a child

Harry: And what would that make you?

Brianna: Touche Harry! Well until the next chapter!