The New Dawning

Epilogue: Estonian Water-Walkers


September 1, 2014

"Come 'long, duckies!"

Harry Potter smiled wryly at his only daughter, watching her shepherd her brothers through the barrier to Platform 9¾. The girl was four and the baby of the family, brunette pigtails curling, pale pale skin looking out of place amongst the older boys who traipsed after her. She took after Harry mostly, small and pale and green-eyed, but she had her Da's hair through and through.

"I'm not a ducky," argued Eli. "Next year, I get to be on the train!"

Paul wrapped his arm tightly around Harry, grinning, as he watched their children interact. Trailing behind them was sixteen-year-old Teddy, blue-haired, purple-eyed and groggy. He was tall and lanky just like Remus had been and Harry could barely look at him in the morning, when his eyes were amber and his hair was mousy brown, when he looked the perfect picture of young Remus Lupin. Sometimes it still brought tears to those green, green eyes.

"We're all duckies," sleepy Teddy decided. "Because Sari wants us to be duckies and we're good brothers, now aren't we, boys?"

"Yes, Teddy," droned the three boys in unison, looking at Sarah Walker with exasperated eyes. "We're duckies."

"Do you have everything, kiddoes?" Paul broke in, saving them an argument (or three). "Tony, got your books right? I heard you threatening to dump them out, that won't work you know. Jamie, buck up, I'm sure Professor McGonagall was only kidding about the year-long detention."

"But Da-" thirteen-year-old Jamie burst in, looking angry. "It wasn't even my fault!"

"I'm sure," Paul snickered, glancing at his son's frustrated face. "I'm also sure this is exactly how Frankie Longbottom felt when you and Freddie framed him for letting loose all the Hippogriffs last year. Deal with it."

Jamie's brown eyes hardened unhappily. "I didn't do that either."

"Let's not argue, children," Harry interrupted, straightening Sari's dress before looking up at his eldest boys. "Teddy, Jamie, Tony – I expect you all to be on your best behavior this year, got it?"

"Yes, Dad," they chorused.

"Be respectful to everyone," Harry continued, looking at Teddy. "Even Victoire."

"Yes, Dad," Teddy muttered.

"No pranks that will harm someone."

"Yes, Dad," Jamie sighed.

"And Tony – I expect you to get Sorted to whichever House you want, don't listen to Jamie's teasing."

"Yes, Dad!" Tony chirped.

"Wha' 'bout me, Daddy?" Sari asked, arching up onto her tiptoes.

"And little Miss Sarah, I expect you and Eli to get along all year because if not we will not be going to the beach this summer!" Harry said, teasingly.

"Yes, Daddy!" she squeaked, green eyes huge.

Paul, Harry, Sari and Eli watched the boys board the train. Eli was scowling the entire time – he wanted to be on that train, so badly it hurt. Harry curled his arm around small boy's shoulders, smiling gently. "Don't worry, Elliott, you'll have your turn. If you got on today, all your attention would be split with Tony!"

This seemed to cheer up the small black-haired boy. Shiny brown eyes glanced up at Harry and Harry grinned, turning his family around to head back to America.

– – –

Dad, Da, Sari and Eli:

I got Sorted into Hufflepuff! The boy who sat with me on the train got Sorted to Ravenclaw but he says we can still be friends, so that's okay. His name is Leo Clearwater and he thinks his dads know you guys. Have you ever heard of Seth Clearwater and Draco Malfoy?

Leo and I made friends with a Ravenclaw girl named Valerie Wing, she says that my eyes are pretty – Jamie thinks she has a crush on my but I think she just thinks my eyes are nice. Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws have most of their classes together so we all get to see each other a lot. Professor Longbottom says I can sit at the Ravenclaw table sometimes if I want to, too, so that's good. He says we're "promoting inter-House unity" or something. Jamie says it's dumb.

I haven't seen Teddy very much the last couple of days but Jamie says that's normal. He says Teddy usually is hiding from Victoire Weasley most of the first week of school.

Jamie already almost lost control of his wolf once, but luckily it was just me and him. I accidentally called his crush a name but I didn't know he liked her so it's not my fault really. But he punched me anyways and shoved me in the Memorial Fountain.

The Weasleys are really hard to tell apart in school robes. Except River. He was Sorted into Hufflepuff, too. Robin, Raven, Rowan, Ridge, and Ranger are all in Ravenclaw. Aunt Hermione should be proud, I think. Rosie certainly is, though even she seems to have trouble with telling them apart. Poor teachers are probably going to have seven rough years ahead of them.

Hogwarts is really different than public school but I think I like it. Well anyways I better go because Professor Weasley gave us a whole scroll to do on what we know about Defense.


Anthony the Hufflepuff (look I'm showing House pride!)


You will never guess what Tony did yesterday!

He called Alice Longbottom clumsy! Can you believe it? I love her! And he called her a name! He also told me that I shouldn't be looking for relationships right now because I might imprint later. Well that's a load of buttsauce, because he's eleven and he hasn't even phased yet, so I think he should be quiet.

I also didn't punch him no matter what he says. But I did push him into the fountain, he looked a little sweaty.

Teddy is still hiding from Victoire but he's not doing a good job of it, I think she'll find him in the next couple of hours. He should just tell her he's gay already. She doesn't believe the rumors that he's dating Michael Zabini.

Alice is trying to get me to tell her if I really framed her brother last year so I should go before she thinks I did (because I didn't, it was all Freddie!), I don't want her mad at me.


James Sirius


Could you ask Bill if he'd get his daughter to stop stalking me? Because it's getting rather hard to focus on important things like schoolwork while she's constantly trying to smother me with her breasts. And the rumors are getting kind of out of hand now and I think Michael might be angry with me. So if you could, that would be nice.

Love Teddy

"Daddy, can we get a baby?" Sari asked from her position on the counter.

"What?" Harry asked, absentmindedly, stirring a chocolate batter up.

"Can we get a baby?" Sari asked again.

"A baby?" Eli questioned, eyebrows raising. He leaned against the counter and tugged her pigtail. "That's what we have you for."

"I think five is enough," Harry chuckled, plopping a kiss on Sari's head. "Don't you?"

"But I want a brother," Sari protested, nose wrinkling up.

"You've got four!" Harry laughed, cake sliding easily into the oven. "Four is a lot, Sari. Almost a whole hand."

"But I want a baby."

Harry pulled her off the counter, settling her easily onto his hip. "We'll think about it."

"Afraid to end up like me, Harry?" Hermione called from the table, and Harry looked up and snickered.

Very afraid. After Rose was born in late 2000, Hermione and Ron had tried for a few more years to have another child – they'd wanted two, one boy and one girl. Instead they ended up with seven – one girl and six boys. River, Ranger, Rowan, Ridge, Robin, and Raven – Harry thought they were nuts, naming them with such close names. Hermione had thought it cute until the boys were two and she was constantly mixing them up and saying the wrong names. "Robin- I mean, Raven!" and "Ridg- River! Whoever you are!"

For a smart woman, Hermione was definitely not a smart namer.

At least she hadn't let Ron name one Hugo.

Harry plopped down next to her, settling Sari on the couch with them. "Ugh. I'm so glad they're all off to Hogwarts. Nice and quiet around he-"


"By the way," Harry whispered to Hermione. "I think Paul and I had a little too much fun when we went to visit the dragons. Feel up to being a godmother?"


That's all, folks.

A nice little end to a project that I started writing...TWO YEARS ago. (Erp, okay, I started writing at the end of 2010, so I guess it's only been 1.5 years xD)... I definitely signed on for way too much for this project and I didn't think everything through, as you can tell from the last chapter. Apologies for that.

Hope you liked the epilogue. Here's a quick little chart of kids for ya:

Harry and Paul: Theodore "Teddy" Remus (16), James "Jamie" Sirius (13), Anthony "Tony" Paul (11), Elliott "Eli" Jared (10), and Sarah "Sari" Lily (4)...

Hermione and Ron: Rose "Rosie" Ginevra (14), River Ronald, Raven William, Robin Harry, Rowan George, Ridge Hugo and Ranger Frederick (11)

Draco and Seth: Leontes "Leo" Harold (11)

Neville and Hannah: Franklin "Frankie" Neville and Alice "Ally" Hannah (13)