What happened To Us?

The Day Before

Finally! I'll finally be able to go back to earth and I'll be able to see Nina again. After six long years I'll be able to see her again. I wonder how much she's grown. I'm sure she got taller but what else? Has she cut her hair? Or does she use a ponytail? Has her fashion sense get better? Has she gotten new friends? Has her chest gotten bigger? I mentally slap myself. I shouldn't think that way! But the question I hate to think about is 'has she gotten herself a boyfriend?'. I thought of her more and more by the second until I fell asleep thinking about her. My entire dream was about her.

~ 2 hours later ( NORMAL POV ) ~

"Zero wake up!" Ichi said "Huh? What happened?" Zero said rubbing his eyes quickly. "Finally! We need to pack NOW!" Ichi said. "Okay so, when are we leaving?" Zero asked. "Tomorrow at 4 AM" he said like it was an everyday thing. "WHAT?" Zero practically screamed."Yes so start packing!" he answered."Alright!" he said determined. Ichi just smiled at his reply. "I wonder if Nina still loves you ?" Ichi wondered about his thought by saying it out loud. Ichi's thought crushed Zero without him even knowing it. "Your right but if she does I'll be there for her" Zero replied. "You really matured. I'm proud of you." Ichi complemented him. "I guess I did" Zero said smiling

~Meanwhile on earth~

"Hey Nina, ready to go?" Kaito said."Yeah" I said. He grabbed my hand and we ran and used the train going there.

Hi, my name is Nina Yamada and I'm a normal 20 year old student. Well not that normal. Right now my life is perfect. I have a handsome, smart and kind boyfriend. I still have the same best friends but I have even more friends. And I guess that's why I'm the most popular girl in my university. I'm in one of the best universities in Tokyo. I have really good grades. I'm the school representative. I joined and won a lot of contests. I did a lot of photo shoots because I'm so pretty. What more can I ask for? Oh and my chest is E70.

I've been asked before by my boyfriend " Who gave you your first kiss?" and now when I look back it was Kaito-kun( and yes I call him that). But I lied because I didn't want to remember him.

Ever since he left it seems fate has become very kind to me. If he comes back I won't be there to love him…I'll only be there to hate him.

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Nina, Ichi, San and Forte:Hi

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