Short Reunion

"Zero? Ichi?" Nina asked trying to believe that her old crush and close friend were right there in front of her. "Yup it's me-" Zero was cut short due to the fact Nina had run towards Ichi and hugged ICHI real tight and NOT HIM. "Ichi!" Nina was running towards Ichi. "I missed you" Nina said with tears in her eyes but heard a cough from Zero who was trying to get a hug from her too but only got a casual "Hey Zero". She got another cough from none other than Kaito. "Um, Nina-chan may you please introduce to your friends" Kaito asked politely but sounded jealous. Nina giggled then let go of Ichi then started to introduce the three guys. "Ichi and Zero meet Kaito my boyfriend." Nina said extra loudly then heard boys from middle school to college saying "aaaawwwww" . "Kaito meet Zero and Ichi friends of mine since middle school" Nina said.

"Nina do you want to catch up with us?" Zero asked trying to spend time with Nina. "Sorry but I have a date to continue but you can still call my cellphone it's still has the same number" Nina said happily. She did not notice that Zero was disappointed. "Bye " Nina said with happiness and glee (not the show). Then before they knew it Nina and Kaito were gone. "I'm sure it was important Zero so understand" Ichi trying to calm his angered partner. "She hasn't seen us in a long time! I thought by now we would be laughing about good times between us!" Zero said with anger because of his impatient personality. He thought she would hug him not Ichi. He thought that Nina would tell him that she missed him NOT Ichi. "Why is it that she hugged you and said she missed you and not me?" asked the angered Zero. "I don't know Zero" Ichi said . It's started to rain in Tokyo. "Let's go Zero before we catch a cold" Ichi suggested. "Yeah let's go" Zero shrugged and then answered.


"Hey Nina-chan" Kaito asked hesitant of continuing. "Yes? What? Kaito-kun?" Nina asked concernedly. "Are you feeling sick? You're face is red. Wait, you haven't talked to me this way since you confessed three years ago. Are you breaking up with me?" Nina said the last part tearing up. "No it's not that it's that Zero guy is he the guy you used to like?" Kaito asked straightforwardly like he would always do when he was serious. Nina was thrown back by the question first hesitated but then she answered him" Yes he is the one that I used to love but not anymore because why would I need Zero if I already have you?" she answered trying to prove that she really loves him. "okay thanks Nina-chan now I feel like we can overcome any obstacle that Kami-sama gives us!" Kaito said with happiness. Nina was having a mix of feelings but she couldn't say it to Kaito she was scared that if she did she would lose their relationship and she did not want that. She was feeling scared, happy, angry, and more than she could imagine. Scared to tell Kaito that she might fall back in love with Zero, happy that Ichi came back and angry that Zero has come back to her because if Zero thinks that Nina would just fall back in his arms like nothing happened he is seriously mistaken. "It's the train's last stop Nina-chan let's go" Kaito asked his girlfriend dominantly. "Okay let's go" she wasn't affected of his dominant yet respectful attitude. After they left the train station Kaito asked Nina if he could walk her home because it was already dark. "Nina-chan good night" Kaito bidding farewell but was stopped by a kiss from Nina. "That's my thank you. Good night Kaito-kun. "Nina bid farewell as well (rhyme). Little did they know that a certain someone whom I shall not reveal was watching them the entire time from their date to their reunion to now. "You shall be mine Nina-chan mine and mine alone"

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