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*POV=point of view

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Chapter 1

Alphonse's POV

What happened? Where am I? I tried to open my eyes. Its dark, the light from our transmutation was the only thing that was keeping the room illuminated. I realized that I'm laying down looking at the ceiling, so I sit up. I'm dizzy; I don't know what's happening. Everything was still, I remembered it being cold. Why's it not cold? I looked at my hand. It was gloved. I looked at eh rest of my body. I was in a suit of armor. I recalled reaching for my brother's hand as my body disintegrated. The lights from the transmutation continued to die, darkening the room. "Ed," I whisper.

There was no response.

"Ed!" I called again.

"Al," I heard Edward's whispered reply from behind me.

I turn around to look at Edward, every time I moved my armor clinged and clanged. "Ed, where are you?" I looked around, then I looked down.

Blood! Blood was everywhere. The crimson fluid was gathering into a pool on the floor around my brother.

Ed was clutching his right shoulder. Where's his arm? I see his left leg bandaged at the knee. The bandage that was once a completely different color was blood stained red. Where's my brother's leg? I scanned the room searching for his missing limbs. If I could find them, I could attach them using alchemy. But as I scanned the room, I didn't find the leg or arm. Instead I saw a deformed being. Is that supposed to be mom? I didn't want to believe my eyes. All this suffering for that?

Edward whimpered in pain.

He seemed so small compared to me. I wanted to help, but I didn't know what to do. I removed his overshirt and used it to awkwardly bandage his right shoulder. I picked Edward up, careful not to touch or irritate either of Ed's arm or leg. Granny Pinako and Winry. I need to get him to them.

I carried him out of the house, running to the Rockbell's. It was pouring rain and it was the dead of night, but I was managing to navigate pretty well. I didn't feel the cold of the night or the sting of the rain hitting my face, but my brother could.

He was shivering in my arms from bloodloss and the cold.

All that was running through my head was the blood. Blood seeped through the bandages and attempted to paint my armor, but it was washed away by the falling rain.

Winry's house was right there it was so close. I ran faster. What would Granny and Winry say when they see us? I pushed the thought aside as I ran up to the door and barged in. "Please! Granny, Winry. Please help Ed!"

Winry's POV

"What do you want for dinner, Winry?"

"Stew, please." I answered. I just helped Granny finish an automail adjustment for a customer and I was left to organize the equipment. I had to count and record all the tools, bolts, screws, wires, and other miscellaneous things. When I finished, I took my favorite wrench and called for Den. I found him in the kitchen with Granny. I sat at the kitchen table and pulled out a chair. "Come here Den." I patted the chair.

My dog looked at me, wagged his tail, and jumped into the seat.

I asked for his automail paw, which he gave to me. I looked it over and tightened two bolts.

"It's really pouring down isn't it?" Granny stated.

"Yes." I agreed and whipped some grass out from a crack in Den's paw.

Den's ears perked and he sniffed the air.

"What's wrong boy?" I asked as he jumped from his chair and ran to the door barking.

"What's gotten into him?" Granny asked.

The door swung open and a suit of armor ran in with a boy covered in blood in his arms.

I screamed, in shock, and fell out of my chair.

Granny dropped the vegetables that she was cutting up and ran over to the suit. "Edward?"

"Please," The suit begged. "Please save my brother."

I noticed that voice. "Al?"

"Please! He's dying!" He sounded like he was crying.

"Of course," Granny nodded. "Bring him in here." She ran down the hall and opened the door, Al followed her close behind. "Winry, prep the operating room."

Is Ed hurt? Is he going to die? No, please. Not him. I don't want him to be taken away from me.