I hate it when they pick on me. I mean really, who does though? Today they did it again. I guess it's a beacon for bullies when you're smart. Or if you have green hair. You could always find me in the hallway. I try and stay out of sight but it never works.

One moment I was walking out of the large double doors that lead out of the school, and the next, my head was (again) in the trash can. One would think they would find new ingredients and do something different. The taste is old and overused. But the inside of the can never changed. Stale, rank, rotten. And most of all, sickeningly full of bacteria.

Pansage had jumped from my shoulder to a high ledge to avoid confrontation with Troy's Pokémon again. That Purloin had the most evil in it out of all of them.

I heard them walk away laughing. Then Pansage jumped down and called to me.

"It's okay Pansage. I-I'll probably get out soon." Actually I didn't think I would and Pansage knew it. So...I'm not the strongest kid in this school. I sure am pretty tall though. I struggled to get my body out of the smelly, infectious, can. But it's difficult without your arms. I wiggled and twisted, trying to tip it over, but although I got it to teeter, the dang thing wouldn't go over.

I sighed and heard Pansage go for help again. This happens… what? Every Friday now…and sometimes on Wednesdays? I swear it's like those guys have nothing better to do than pick on me and throw me into crappy places.

Then I heard a feminine giggle. Great. Just more people to see me in the trash can. I tried to tip it over once more only to feel someone else push it the rest of the way. I tumbled out and rubbed my head. I felt so gross. Something simple that was messed up immaturely. Like burnt toast.

I picked off some paper and a napkin from my vest, and then looked up at the person who actually spent five seconds to help me.

I've seen her around school. She was one of those girls who didn't need makeup and crap to be popular. She was just a fun person. But her grades showed she wasn't the brightest. She had a mass of purple hair that came down to her waist and darker skin with brown eyes that sparkled with laughter.

Yeah she was laughing at me. But don't they all? I looked down at my lap and said my thanks. I got up without looking at her. Sometimes I feel like my face can reach hundreds of degrees, it gets so red. She kept giggling as I gathered my books from the trash can.

"Why'd they throw you in the trash can anyway?" The girl looked at me and crossed her arms. I looked up at the ceiling. If I looked down I'd be looking at her, she's kinda short. Probably a freshman. Humph. Probably already has more acquaintances than me...excuse me...more friends. I tried to talk back as I finished picking up everything that fell from the trash can. Why is speaking so difficult to humans...but so easy to inanimate objects?

"Uhh...No reason r-really. T-Thank you for h-helping me. B-But don't worry i-it happens all t-the time." I ran my fingers threw my green hair nervously. It has become quite a habit. The girl just looked at me. She shrugged and walked away.

"Uhh glad I could help I guess...Wait...Where's your pokémon? Shouldn't it be able to help you?" She turned around and gave me a curious stare. Of course that only made me redder. I get stares of pity and snickers but never of curiosity. I nervously stumbled through my words.

"W-W-Well...he went t-to Uhh...s-somewhere..." Just then Pansage poked his head out from a nearby classroom.

"Pan Pansage!" he called to me and I turned to walk down the empty hallway. Who wanted to still be at school after the final bell rang? The girl stopped me.

"Don't you want to know my name?" She put her hands on her hips as an Axew jumped out of her hair. I'm a little edgy from all the things Troy and his posse do to me, so when the small dragon Pokémon came out of her hair I jumped a foot and fell on the ground. The girl just giggled at me some more.

"You're pretty jittery." She held her stomach as she laughed harder. I sat up on the ground and looked at my lap more. I felt as red as my brother, Chili's, hair. Pansage jumped onto my shoulder and playfully tugged a piece of my hair. He wanted to leave school as much as I did.

"Y-Your name i-is a pi-piece of inform-mation that I don't ne-need to have if y-you don't feel content g-giving it a-a-away." I stood up and gathered my books from the floor. The girl just stared at me, she looked annoyed.

"You talk so formally. Such a pain…But I don't really care. Everyone knows me around here! I'm Iris. And this is my Axew." The small Pokémon that was in her hair jumped into her arms and called its name. Pansage immediately started talking to it.

"Okay…Well Thank you a-again Iris. I've got to get home. Bye." My eyes fell to the floor as they normally did, and I walked out the door. I started walking home. But I kept feeling someone watching me…and following me. I turned around and Iris was walking a few feet behind me, going wherever I go. Quickly I turned my head and stared at the ground.

"Where are you going?" I jumped again and stumbled. How did she do that? She was walking right next to me now.

"Oh. Sorry I forgot you were jumpy." She smiled and gave her Axew and apple to nibble on. I just looked at her.

"I-I'm going home. W-Were you…Where…?" She continued to walk down the sidewalk. Her purple hair bounced up and down behind her.

"Oh! I'm going to this sweet café. My friends said it was really nice so we were all going to meet there after school." Great…She was going to the café. Maybe I could just walk around to the back door after she had gone inside. We walked on and eventually the restaurant came into view.

"W-well…I should g-go." I rubbed my head again. Iris turned to me. She started to scoot away like she didn't want to be seen with me.

"Yeah! Me too." She glanced to the window and saw her friends looking at her, one of them raised an eyebrow and looked at me. I left without saying anything. It was a little rude for me, but I needed to get away from the awkward and hard tastes. I looked back and saw Iris in the window. I've gotten really good at lip reading.

"I had to help him out of the trash can! What a dork!" They all started laughing. It always made me just feel worse. Then the un-expectable happened. Like an ingredient mix up. Iris looked up at me and actually seemed sad. I nervously ran my hand through my hair and bit my bottom lip. Quickly I walked away.

Who does that? They help you out, then just ditch you. Then you can actually find out the whole thing was fake. It can really hurt, like dropping your favorite pot and just watching it get a dent.

-Chapter 2 is coming soon! Stupid school is making me feel slowpoke-ish ;)