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Sora, Donald and Goofy were found walking around town, talking and laughing about their previous adventures together.

Suddenly, the trio stumbled upon a small little girl on the ground, crying out loudly. Sora quickly crouched down to her level, a concerned look on his face.

"Hey, are you okay? What's wrong?" he asked the crying child, but she only looked up at him with tearful eyes and continued to cry.

"Gawrsh, d'ya think she's hurt or somethin?" Goofy asked, also looking at the child.

"Aw fooey, her crying is getting annoying." Donald, on the other hand, had his ears covered, looking annoyed.

"Jeez Donald, don't be mean. Let's just try and cheer her up." Sora suggested and began making silly faces, Goofy joining him, but Donald only stood there in annoyance.

Unfortunately, the little girl only continued to cry, her cries getting louder and louder. This made Sora and Goofy stop with the funny faces.

"Hmm… what else makes kids happy?" the two heroes started brainstorming ideas.

They came up with so many things to try and cheer up the weeping girl, but their attempts were but a fail, for she continued to cry. Sora and Goofy were exhausted and they felt like failures for not making her happy.

"We've tried just about everything…" Sora sighed, looking at the sad girl.

"Ya know, this is makin' me wanna cry too." Goofy sniffed.

"Same here." the brunette was almost in tears, the two of them ready to join the little girl with water works of their own.

Donald, who hadn't helped at all, was fairly annoyed with everything at this point.

"Gahh! Stop your crying little girl!" the flustered duck snapped, pointing at her, but this only made things worse. Sora came back to his senses, and he was angered at Donald's actions.

"Donald! Don't yell at her!" and he tackled his comrade down, wrestling with him.

"Quack! Sora, get offa me!"

"Hey guys, don't fight!" Goofy had attempted to stop them from their fighting but instead, he was pulled into it. Now the three of them were practically rolling on the ground wrestling with another.

The crying girl had started watching the trio wrestling and slowly, her cries started to die down. As she watched them, she became amused and a small smile formed on her lips. Then she let out a burst of giggles, making the boys stop almost immediately, looking up at her.

Sora smiled, "We made her laugh!"

"In the weirdest of ways…" Donald muttered to himself.

"Aww, hyuck, this makes me happy guys!" Goofy laughed and got off of Sora and Donald. The spiky brunette pushed Donald off of him (much to angered duck's dislike), and now looked at the giggling girl.

"Now that you're all happy, mind telling us why you were sad?" he asked with a big smile. Goofy and Donald looked at her as well. The little girl stopped giggling and stared at them, feeling uncomfortable. Her eyes started tearing up again. "Huh? W-Wait! We just-" and the girl cried out loudly once more, making the trio sigh.

"Not again!"

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