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Hermione sat snuggled up to Ron, her eyes closed contently; allowing the rocking of the train to keep her from sleeping, Ron's arm draped around her shoulder. Harry watched the two disapprovingly from the opposite seat his knees seating Ginny and his arms wrapped securely around her tiny waist. Ron looked to his best friend before whispering something in Hermione's ear causing her to have a mini giggling fit. Ginny clucked her tongue and glared out the window. She really did not approve of what Ron was doing and she had to bite her tongue to stop the venomous remark passing her lips. Harry nuzzled into Ginny's neck before kissing her softly causing her to shiver and smile warmly at him.

The compartment door stood up and Ron jerked away from Hermione, a sheepish expression on his face. 'Won-Won!' A shrill voice said in the doorway. Hermione glared to the figure of Lavender Brown before turning and glaring out the window – not before noticing a very smug expression on Harry and Ginny's faces. 'Err, Lav! Hey. Can I help you?' Ron asked nervously.

'You were supposed to meet me in my compartment 10 minutes ago.' She whined.

'Was I?' Ron asked guiltily.

'Yes!' She pouted. 'Let's go now?' She said in an adoring voice.

'Err, yeah. . . Sure.' Ron said he looked quickly at his friends before leaving with Lavender quickly. Lavender giggled and skipped out the compartment, Ron following quietly. 'Bye.' He said over his shoulder. Hermione huffed and crossed her arms around her angrily.

The remaining journey dragged and Hermione grew more and more impatient waiting for her boyfriend's return. The train was just pulling into Hogsmeade station when Ron staggered into the compartment. 'What have you been doing?' Hermione demanded looking at Ron furiously.

'Um. . . I was just helping Lavender. . . Erm. . .' He looked to Harry and Ginny for help.

'Your problem mate.' Harry said before leaving with Ginny hurriedly.

'Jerk.' Ginny snapped over her shoulder, her eyes blazing.

'Well?' Demanded Hermione. 'Where have you been?'

'Just with Lavender.' He said dismissively.

'Doing. . .' Hermione asked.

'Giving her advice on dealing with losing a loved one.' Ron lied lamely. Hermione, however, didn't see the lie. 'Oh. Okay.' Hermione said brightly, she walked past Ron and caught up with Harry and Ginny.

Ron stood in the compartment a few moments longer before wiping his forehead and adjusting his shirt collar to hide the trail of hickies along his collarbone. Not before a certain blonde haired Slytherin saw them. Ron hurried after Hermione, leaving Draco Malfoy stood with a demonically gleeful expression on his face. He could have some fun with the mudblood and blood traitor here.