Part Two of "My Brother's Husband"

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Blaine smiled widely as his mother's face came into view. "Mom!"

"My child is here!" Edith Anderson exclaimed as she embraced her son in a soul-crushing hug. She pulled away to scruntinize him and - in a true motherly way - said, "You look so skinny. Don't you eat?"

"Mom!" Blaine rolled his eyes annoyingly. "Your son is a soon-to-be Broadway success! You could at least come up with better lines."

His mother just laughed. "Your friends Wes and David got here yesterday and are back home."

"Where's the colonel?"

"Inside," she said cautiously, but with an amused look on her face as Blaine let out a deep sigh. She knew how Blaine and his father were. "Come on."

"Are you gonna speak first or should I?"

Blaine choked on his dinner. "Yes dad?"

Edith placed a hand on his father's hand, pleading,"Please, the poor boy's just arrived."

His father shook her off and turned to focus his owl eyes on Blaine. Blaine felt the back of his neck puckering even though he was trying to contain his laughter. "You know, son, your generation is really messed up."

Blaine tried not to roll his eyes. His mother giggled behind her forkful of food. How many times had he heard this speech again?

"You're only focused on your texts, your friends, nothing else. Totally confused! Look at Cooper!"

Mr. Anderson let out a loud huff of exasperation. God, these boys were making him age about 50 years faster, he bet. "He always said he'd find a boy for himself! A boy that was independent - someone of his own choice. And now? He doesn't want the responsibility! And here's teh kicker: he doesn't want me to pick the boy, but Blaine. Because Blaine understands him better."

His father waved his hand with an air finality and nonchalance, but Blaine could see the tension on his body. "That's fine. Go find him, Blaine!"

His mother had finally had enough it seemed. She butted in to say, "Blaine, don't worry. You father - no matter how dramatic he's being about this," she sent a glare at his father, "he's already made some arrangements for you to meet some boys. Tomorrow."

Blaine felt his dinner come up his throat as he choked out, "T-tomorrow?"

The search was not going well.

He had gone to meet the dozen or so men his father had lined up. They seemed to be more the type of guys Blaine's father would like than the man Cooper needed.

He had gone with Wes and David naturally, but they wren't much help besides laughing at the super over-the-top homos they met. He left them with his mom after the third time it happened.

He just couldn't fine the one. The one that would be absolutely perfect for his big brother.

There was Sebastian.

"Too much of a slut."


"Too desperate. ...And fat."

Oh come on! What about Jeremiah?

"Why's he even on this list? He's my ex!"

And a bunch of other people Blaine didn't even know existed. Some lived as far off as Cincinnati. One thing was the same though: they were very well off.

"AAH!" Blaine screamed insanely when he was alone with Wes and David at Wes' house. "What the fuck? How can they all be so stupid?"

"Hey, Mr. Big Broadway. You've done 4-5 musicals and you've lost track of reality," Wes drawled, not tearing his eyes away from his Angry Birds game. "This is reality. When was the last time you were in a relationship?"

"Uhh..." Blaine searched his memory desperately, wanting nothing less than to smack the grin on Wes' face when eh couldn't answer the question. "That doesn't matter. Cooper is the one getting married, not me."

"What I don't get is," David said, wanting to get his two-cents in. "Why are you looking in all the wrong places? At all the wrong boys?"

"What are you talking about?" Blaine replied desperately, plopping down next to Wes and covering his face with his hands.

"Well, Cooper said he wanted you to choose his husband because you kne whim best right?"


"Than why are you looking at guys even you wouldn't look twice at?"


"What did you just say?" Blaine said.

"Well, you're kind of selling Cooper the wrong way."

"Then what do I tell my brother? Than I couldn't find him a guy?"

"I have an idea," Wes interrupted.

Oh god.

They took out a matrimonial ad with Cooper's handsome face taking up most of the cover. They weren't hoping for much though and Blaine was sure it would scare more suitors than attract - what with them being able to see up Coop's nostrils and all. . A lot of creepers called them. Some of them were the same people Blaine had already gone to meet - he hung up quickly on those calls.

And then, a call came.

"Hello?" Blaine answered, scratching his eyes tiredly. It was late in the evening.

"Hello, son. My name's Burt Hummel. I saw your ad in the paper for a Cooper Anderson?"

"Yes," Blaine yawned. He'd been hearing the same things all day.

"I have a son and I'm looking for a suitable boy for him. If it's not any trouble, I'd like to have your family come over forlunch."

Blaine didn't know why, but he felt excited. Like he had finally found the one. He grinned as he said, "That'd be great sir."

"Is this Saturday okay?"


"Okay, son. I'll have my secretary call you with the address. Have a good day."

"You too, sir."

Wes and David looked up at him curiously as he hung up and jumped in the air a little to cheerily. "...Well?"

He turned to them with a faux unhappy expression to worry the, but quickly abandoned it to yell, "I found him!"