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"You're excited, aren't you?"

Blaine ignores Kurt's curious stare, instead focusing on the history notes in front of him. He gazes intently at the bullet-point outline from where he lies on his belly, rubbing his teeth along his already chapped bottom lip. His socked foot bounces anxiously against the headboard, and he tries to make it hover, still, in the air. He only manages for a few seconds before it's moving again.

"Blaine," Kurt warns. Blaine can hear the smile in his voice—his ears turn pink. He darts annoyed eyes up to meet Kurt's amused ones. It isn't fair. Kurt can always tell when he's lying or trying to avoid a subject. Hell, Kurt can always tell what he's thinking.

"I'm not," Blaine says. "Not at all."

"Not even a little?"


Blaine's foot is bouncing again, he's worrying his lip between his teeth, and Kurt's smile softens. He scoots up on Blaine's bed so that their elbows are pressed flush together. Kurt leans forward, completely drunk on affection (because he tries to convince himself he wouldn't have done so otherwise), and nuzzles Blaine's curly hair. He moves down to his nose, his cheeks, the crook of his neck, until he finally plants a long kiss on Blaine's lips.

"He's your brother, Blaine. It's adorable."

"S'not," Blaine mumbles, ducking his head and hiding his now red cheeks.

"You miss him," Kurt grins. "A whole lot, Blaine. You miss him!"

"I don't!" Blaine defends. He hides his face in his hands though and accepts defeat. Kurt is giggling uncontrollably at Blaine's obvious embarrassment, and Blaine groans.

"Dammit, Kurt, stop teasing me!" Kurt's giggling dies down, and he turns around so he can press himself into Blaine's side. He fits his head between Blaine's shoulder and chin, humming quietly. He kisses and noses at Blaine's neck, breathing deeply at the sensation of Blaine's hot skin against his cheek.

"If it makes you feel better," Kurt murmurs quietly, all serious now, "I'm nervous about meeting him." Blaine jerks his head up and twists it around to look into his boyfriend's eyes.


"Because," Kurt says, like it's obvious, "Cooper and I getting along is so much more important to you than your parents approving of me. I can tell."

"You can read me like a book," Blaine sighs, but it's happy now. "I love you. Don't be nervous, though—Cooper will love you. Trust me."

"How do you know?"

"Because you make me happy," Blaine says, smiling.

"Blaine," Kurt whispers. "You are so—" Kurt angles his head, his lips just centimeters from Blaine's. Blaine exhales in a shaky breath, his eyes slipping closed and his lips parting. Kurt's breath blows over his lips, warm and delicious, and then Blaine's flinging himself forward and slanting his lips across Kurt's.

Blaine will never, ever get tired of kissing Kurt. His lips are soft, plump, and so, so kissable. He wants Kurt to know just how much, so he tells him.

"I love your lips," Blaine mumbles against Kurt's jaw. He presses kisses there too, sucking and nipping at the skin. "I love your skin. I just love you." Kurt gasps into Blaine's ear.

"I love you, too." Blaine rocks up on his toes and catches Kurt's lips again. His tongue darts out to lick across the bottom one, and Kurt makes that amazing, sexy whining sound he always does when Blaine does that. As soon as Blaine licks into Kurt's mouth, they're both groaning, pressing their bodies closer and closer until there's almost not even a sliver of space between them—

"Blaine," Kurt breathes.

"Blaine! You home, bud?"

Kurt and Blaine both jump violently at the new voice, almost crashing their heads together when they pull back. Blaine gazes into Kurt's eyes, trying to get his breathing under control.

"Dammit, Cooper. He wasn't supposed to get here until three." Kurt's giggles, because from the look on Blaine's face, he doesn't care. He's glad Cooper's here, even if he has to stop kissing Kurt. He hasn't seen Cooper in over a year, not since last Christmas. Kurt can see that Blaine's itching to greet his brother, and Kurt shakes his head in exasperation.

"Go, Blaine." Blaine practically flies out of his bedroom, and Kurt just laughs, scrambling after him. Blaine stops at the top of the stairs, taking in his brother's appearance. Cooper's a lawyer, but for once he's lost the suit and is dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. His dark hair is ruffled and a little messy from the twelve-hour drive, not gelled, because unlike Blaine, he was not cursed with wild curls. He grins widely when he sees Blaine, his blue eyes lighting up.

"Hi, B!"

"Coop!" Blaine rushes the stairs two at a time, skipping the last step and hurling himself into Cooper's open arms. He collides with Cooper's shoulder bone with an "oof," and it hurts, but neither of them really cares. Cooper's hands rub Blaine's back, and Blaine desperately clings to the back of his neck, while trying not to let the moisture in his eyes spill over. It's been hard without Cooper—he has Kurt, but when he's home with just his parents, or alone, it's hard to ignore how much his parents don't notice him. Or choose not to notice him.

"I missed you," Blaine sighed, sniffing a little. Cooper hugs him tighter.

"Missed you, too, squirt. I'm sorry. I know…I should come home more often." Blaine shrugs once he pulls back, smiling sheepishly at Cooper.

"I wouldn't want to be home with them, either," Blaine said. He knows why Cooper doesn't come home—he's angry at their parents for treating Blaine like he's nothing. And Blaine knows he has his job in Boston, which is very demanding, and a girlfriend now, but sometimes it hurts.

"That's not an excuse," Cooper says firmly, and he looks really sorry. Blaine smiles bigger and decides to forgive him, even just a little. "You've gotten no taller, I see," he laughs. "You're so short."

"Shut up," Blaine grumbles. "I'm not that short." Cooper stares at Blaine for a minute, his gaze happy.

"There's something different about you," he says finally. "You're so—I don't know, grown up looking. And happy." Blaine just beams, and he can sense Kurt's presence at the top of the stairs, unwilling to intrude. "That wouldn't have anything to do with a certain boy, would it?" Cooper asked. Cooper had heard a lot about Kurt, God knows he was all Blaine talked about lately when he called him.

"Maybe," Blaine said, laughing and getting those butterflies in his stomach again, as if he was a twelve-year-old girl. "Kurt, come down here." Cooper's head snaps up in surprise. He didn't know Kurt was here.

Kurt smiles shyly and comes slowly down the stairs. His heart is pounding—even he had underestimated just how important Cooper was to Blaine, and he just wanted Cooper to like him. So bad. Cooper looked like Blaine—like a lot. Their hair and eyes were different, but Cooper had the same facial structure and when he smiled, him and Blaine looked almost identical.

"Cooper," Blaine said. "This is my boyfriend, Kurt. Kurt, this is my brother, Cooper."

"I've heard a lot about you," Kurt and Cooper say at the same time. They both laugh, and Kurt holds out his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Cooper." Cooper rolls his eyes and ignores Kurt's hand, instead pulling him into a one armed hug. Kurt ducks his head in surprise, but he's so happy. He knows he's blushing when Cooper lets him go. Blaine's grinning, his gaze drifting back and forth between them.

"No, seriously, though," Cooper says. "Blaine will not shut up about you." Kurt beams and Blaine groans, glaring at Cooper.


Kurt leans sideways and kisses Blaine on the cheek. Blaine's head tips towards Kurt's touch, the familiar smile tracing his lips. Kurt suddenly realizes that he might be making things awkward—he was sure that Cooper and Blaine would want some time alone to catch up.

"Well, I better get going," Kurt says reluctantly. Both Anderson brother's heads whip around to look at him. Their expressions were the same—confusion and a pout on their lips—and they look so much alike that Kurt has to bite his lip to keep from laughing.

"Don't go," Blaine pleads. "You really don't have to, do you?" Kurt looks at the floor.

"Well, I don't want to intrude. You guys haven't seen each other in so long—"

"Kurt," Blaine sighs. "Baby, you aren't intruding." Kurt blushes with pleasure that Blaine would call him baby, even in front of Cooper. Usually, they saved the pet names for when they were alone. "We want you to stay. Please?" Blaine looks at his brother.

"You should stay Kurt," Cooper says, sounding genuine. "Besides, even if you left, we'd just talk about you, anyway. So you might as well stay."

"God, Coop, seriously." Cooper starts laughing, and both Blaine and Kurt flush.

"I'm just telling the truth!" Cooper says. He passes them and ducks into the kitchen, his stomach giving off a sound like a growling monster. "You guys want popcorn? I'm starving!" Kurt and Blaine follow him into the kitchen, Blaine rolling his eyes.

"Don't you want some real food, Coop?" Cooper sticks his head out of the cabinet, his mouth already full of pop tart.

"No," Cooper says. Blaine frowns.

"Well, at least you seem to be comfortable around Kurt," Blaine grumbles under his breath.

"Are you guys sure…"

"Yes, Kurt," Blaine and Cooper say at the same time. "Seriously, Kurt," Cooper continues. "You're practically family already."

Kurt can feel the warmth filling him, all the way to his toes. It's obvious Cooper likes him, even though they had hardly talked, and he said he was family. Blaine shoots Kurt a joyful look, and Kurt smiles back.

The three boys end up sprawled across the living room couch with a huge bowl of popcorn and watching Sherlock Holmes. It was the only movie they could agree on—Cooper didn't want to watch a musical or a chick flick, and at least Sherlock Holmes had Jude Law in it. Kurt is leaning against the arm of the couch with his feet resting on Blaine's lap. Blaine rubs his thumb over Kurt's ankle absentmindedly, reaching his hand into the popcorn bowl where it sits on Cooper's lap.

"We're watching Hercules after this," Blaine informs Cooper. Cooper just grins and ruffles his hair.

"Not out of your Disney faze yet, huh?"

"It's not a faze!" Blaine defends. "Hercules is a great movie!" Cooper laughs and kisses the top of his head.

"I'm kidding, shorty. You know I still watch Disney, too."

They were almost at the end of Sherlock Holmes, and by this time Kurt has abandoned his space on the couch and curled into Blaine's side. He rests his tired head on Blaine's shoulder, and Blaine's more playing with his hair and kissing him everywhere he can reach than really watching the movie. Cooper's eyes dart over to the couple every few seconds—it's really amazing how comfortable they are, and how in love they are. Blaine told Cooper that he loved Kurt before, of course, but it was another thing to really see them around each other. It's like they just gravitate towards each other, or something. They always have to be touching.

Cooper makes a mental note to ask Kurt about everything when he wasn't so exhausted. About his family life, about school, glee club, what he wants to do when he graduates. He knows some things, but he wants to get to know his brother's boyfriend better. He knows that Kurt is going to be around a long time, if not forever.

"Hey, Kurt," Cooper says mischievously. "Have you ever seen Blaine's baby pictures?" Kurt lifts his head off Blaine's shoulder hopefully.


"Cooper! Seriously? I'm going to kill you!"

"Please, Blaine!" Kurt laughs. "I want to see you as a baby." Cooper darts off the couch and runs up the stairs before Blaine can protest anymore. Blaine groans and flops back into the couch cushions.

"He likes me," Kurt beams as soon as Cooper is out of earshot. "He wants to show me you as a baby—that means he likes me." Blaine rolls his eyes.

"Yeah, lucky me."

"He looks so much like you, Blaine. And you two act the same, almost. It's so cute."

"Oh God, don't dump me for my brother." Blaine's tone is light, joking, but Kurt knows there's a touch of insecurity under that smile. Kurt knows without having to ask that Cooper's always been the brother that has been more accepted. His parents accept Cooper, they love him, everyone loves Cooper. He's a successful lawyer, he has a beautiful girlfriend—sometimes Blaine just feels like Cooper gets everything, even though he loves him to death. But Kurt's the one thing that he can be proud of. The person Blaine feels lucky to call his, not anyone else's. Sometimes he loves Kurt so much it's scary. Kurt rolls his eyes.

"He can't even compare to you, honey. Trust me."

"Okay," Blaine breathes. He leans forward for a kiss. The boys' lip-lock lasts a little longer than they meant it to, and they have to pull back, blushing, when Cooper comes trampling back down the stairs.

"Jeez, I leave for two minutes and you two are all over each other!"

"Coop," Blaine moans. He buries his face in Kurt's shirt, and Kurt just laughs, running soothing fingers through his curls. He presses a few kisses there, turning in excitement when Cooper flops down on Kurt's other side.

"Okay, here we go," he says dramatically. Blaine's face is burning with his blush, and he doesn't lift his face from Kurt's neck.

"Here's one on Halloween. He begged for mom to make him a superman costume for months. And she had to fix it, like, five times too, so that it was perfect." Kurt laughs and peers at the picture. Blaine's adorable. He's grinning so widely that Kurt can see his two front teeth are missing, and his hair is a curly mess.

"Oh, Blaine, you were so cute!" Blaine grumbles, and Kurt corrects himself. "You are so cute," he says, kissing him again. Blaine can't help it—he shakes with laughter against Kurt.

Soon, Blaine pushes his embarrassment aside, and all three of them pour over the photo album. There a pictures of just Cooper, just Blaine, but Kurt loves the ones where they are both together. Cooper has a pretty huge age gap, but there's pictures of him teaching Blaine how to ride a bike, playing football with him, and one with both brothers crammed into the bathroom sink.


"Don't ask," Cooper says immediately, while Blaine practically dies from a snorting fit in Kurt's lap.

They flip through the album, and Kurt tries to look at the pictures while watching Blaine at the same time. His boyfriend is gorgeous like this—free, laughing, and happy. Kurt loves it. Kurt loves him, and he thinks he is going to love being a part of this family, with Cooper and Blaine.


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