Nubbins and Mindy ran down the road following the girl as she limped from the house. Thomas followed a few feet behind them with his chainsaw.

"Come on, Tommy!" Mindy said. "We can't let her get away!"

Nubbins swung his razor around the girl, nicking her a few times. The girl screamed as they reached the main road. Nubbins grabbed the girl by the hair and continued cutting her with the razor.

"Nubbins, bring her back here!" Mindy said waiting for Thomas to catch up.

Nubbins ignored her and continued cutting the girl while standing in the middle of the street. A truck came driving up the road as he continued cutting. The girl screamed as the truck driver honked the horn as it came closer and closer. She pulled away from Nubbins as blood dripped down her face.

"Get out of there!" Mindy yelled.

Nubbins screamed as the truck came closer and then finally ran over him.

"NUBBINS!" Mindy screamed.

The truck slowed to a stop allowing Mindy and Thomas to catch up. The girl ran to the driver's side of the door. The driver helped her into the truck before slamming the door on Mindy and Thomas. Mindy climbed up the step and swung her sledgehammer inside trying to his the driver. Thomas used his chainsaw to try and cut through the door, but he only succeeded in scratching the paint off.

"There they go!" Mindy said pointing to the other side of the truck.

Thomas helped her down and ran around the front of the truck to where the girl and the driver were running.

"Run all you want!" Mindy yelled. "We're going to get you!"

The truck driver stopped and threw a wrench he had in his hand at them. It hit Thomas' forehead knocking him down. The chainsaw continued running as it landed on his leg. Thomas screamed in pain as it cut through the flesh.

"TOMMY!" Mindy screamed.

She stopped running and knelt by him.

"Sweetheart, your leg!" she said.

They both put their hands on his leg to stop the bleeding. The girl and the truck driver continued running down the road. Mindy helped Thomas up to his feet. They couldn't let those two get away.

A small pickup truck came driving down the road. The girl stood in the middle of the road waving for it to stop. The truck driver continued running down the road. Thomas started limping, unable to walk perfectly as the pickup truck stopped for the girl. The girl climbed into the back of the truck as Thomas and Mindy reached her. The truck drove off into the distance leaving Mindy and Thomas behind.

"You fucking bitch!" Mindy yelled.

Thomas swung his chainsaw angrily as the sun rose.

"Oh my god!" Mindy said as the girl got away. "What are we going to do? She's going to tell them all what we did!"

Thomas turned off his chainsaw and pointed back at the house. Mindy wrapped her arm around him as she helped him walk.

"We got to tell Drayton", she said. "He'll know what to do."

He nodded as he groaned in pain from his leg.

"Tommy, I'm so scared", Mindy said. "We have to get out of here. The police will come and arrest us and take Carrie away from us."

Thomas shook his head. That was not going to happen. They were going to get out of this mess. They were going to take Carrie and Drayton and hide somewhere away from the police.

"Nubbins", Mindy murmured.

They stopped when they saw Nubbins' corpse laying on the road. His eyes were open as they stared emptily. Both of his arms were bent at odd angles showing they were broken. Blood dripped down his face onto the dirt.

"Drayton and Chop Top are going to be so…heartbroken when they find out about this", Mindy said burying her face into Thomas' chest.

Thomas nodded as he wrapped his arms around her.

"What?" Drayton said. "How could you let her get away?"

Mindy and Thomas looked away from him. Mindy was busy cleaning Thomas' leg.

"You weren't there", she said. "Look what happened to Tommy! And Nubbins…he's dead."

"Damn it…" Drayton said his voice full of fear. "We're going to have to leave. We got to get rid of all of Nubbins' things and burn them."

"What about us?" Mindy said. "We are we going to do?"

"We're gonna have to move", he said. "When you're done here, start packing."

Drayton left to start taking down Nubbins' bone decorations. Mindy looked back at Thomas.

"How are you feeling?" she asked. "Are you okay, honey?"

Thomas nodded. Mindy picked up a needle and thread.

"You're not going to be able to walk right for some time, honey", she said. "Once Chop Top comes back from Vietnam, we'll do something. Maybe we can come up with a leg brace to help."

She started stitching up Thomas' leg.

"These stitches will have to do until you get the leg brace. They'll keep your leg in once piece as long as you take it easy and don't do anything that might rip them out."

Thomas nodded as he watched her sew. He untied his mask and threw it aside. He brought his hand to her cheek and gently brought it up so she could look at him. Mindy smiled as she looked at his true face. No matter how hideous his face looked, it would always be the one she knew and loved.

"I…l-love…you", Thomas said using his voice.

Mindy smiled wider and kissed him.

"I love you", she said. "So much."

Well, everyone. That's the end of this story. Be on the lookout for my next fic which will follow Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Can Love Stand the Test?