Jack versus Blaze

Chapter 1: Raiden's Warning

Jack sat with Raiden in a hut as night fell. The samurai was rather interesting in a warrior known as Blaze who could grant him anything he had desired for, even the power to head back to his own time.

"I must warn you, not even I can even beat someone like Blaze, and I am the God of Thunder" said Raiden.

"But I must find and fight Blaze" continued Jack, "so that I can end Aku's reign once and for all."

"I understand you have good intentions for your desire" said Raiden, "Blaze can be found on the Pyramid of Argus, it is rather a treacherous journey for even a skilled warrior like you to make."

"That is the chance I'll have to take, thank you Thunder God" said Jack as he got up.

As Jack began his long journey, a typical shape-shifting wizard was indeed watching the samurai make his way toward the Pyramid of Argus. So the shape-shifting wizard had summoned a meeting between Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Shinnok and Shao Khan on what to do about the pesky samurai intruder. Holograms of all four were in front of Aku.

"He is nothing more than a mere mortal" laughed Shang Tsung, "he should be rather quite easy to deal with."

"I concur" added Quan Chi, "the samurai poses no threat."

"An Elder God like me being concern about a samurai, don't be silly" laughed Shinnok.

"I can easily have my right-hand men crush the samurai!" laughed Shao Khan.

"Fools!" roared Aku, "The samurai is rather a crafty warrior, just like any of the other Earth warriors you have faced, so long as I give you pieces of Earthrealm under my watch, not even the other Elder Gods like Raiden would dare not interfere for they see my powers to be too great for them. But if Samurai Jack defeats Blaze by a chance, Blaze could unleash him and plunge him back to his own time which is exactly what the samurai wants!"

"And this is a concern how?" asked Shao Khan.

"Fools!" roared Aku, "You four will not be having your way on Earth if I am defeated in the past!"

"Hmm, very interesting" said Shang Tsung, "a little trickery should do it in dooming the samurai."

"Yea, you four better think of a way to crush the samurai, or I shall crush you" said Aku.

As the samurai continued onward his journey not knowing Aku had employed conspirators against his quest, a certain Shang Tsung was watching the samurai from afar from a safe distance, as the sorcerer went around a large tree he had changed himself into Kung Lao in the hopes of deceiving the samurai that he would be an ally of his. Quan Chi would also be participating in this scheme by sending Noob Sabiot to ambush the fake Kung Lao.

"Halt!" said Noob as he was indeed doing his best to play his role to the phony Kung Lao, "You dare not pass!"

"But I must get to the Pyramid of Argus" said the fake Kung Lao to Noob Sabiot, "Earth must be saved from this form of savagery."

"No one dares get to the Pyramid!" roared Noob as the two initiated a fight.

As the fake Kung Lao began to fight with Noob Sabiot, the samurai notices the fight and ends up rushing to Kung Lao's aid after what seemed like Shang Tsung was purposely trying to lose to Noob Sabiot.

"Another intruder!" cried Noob as he noticed the samurai approaching what seemed like the end of the fake Kung Lao, "You dare interrupt me!"

"That doesn't seem like a fair fight" said Jack as he drew his sword.

"Prepare to then meet your Maker samurai!" roared Noob.

Noob ended up charging at the samurai trying to swing a fist or two, but the samurai ended up blocking the attack to which the samurai ended up giving Noob a kick. Noob then took out his axe and charged, the two weapons clashed as Jack did his best to hold onto him.

"You can do this" said the fake Kung Lao to the samurai.

As Jack ended up slicing Noob's axe in half with his sword, the samurai ends up kicking Noob down to the ground seemingly defeated Noob gives up which is exactly what Shang Tsung and Aku's other conspirators wanted to happen.

"I suppose you have bested me samurai, you may go to the Pyramid of Argus, but there shall be others waiting" laughed Noob as he then vanishes with his shadow powers.

As the samurai placed away his sword, the fake Kung Lao got up.

"That was impressive fighting" said the fake Kung Lao to the samurai, "and your name?"

"Jack, Samurai Jack" replied Jack, "and yours?"

"I am Kung Lao" replied the fake Kung Lao, "I am from the Earthrealm also seeking the Pyramid of Argus, we may have a better chance at fighting Blaze together."

As the two continued to travel together, the samurai ends up still being unaware that Aku's plan was unfolding just like it should be. Shao Khan was rather impressed with Shang Tsung's acting, along with Noob Sabiot whom had arrived back from faking a fight with the samurai to meet up with Shao Khan and Shinnok.

"About time you showed up" said Shinnok.

"The samurai didn't beat you that badly" laughed Shao Khan, "he's an amateur at best, if you were giving it all, he wouldn't have lasted."

"It sounds like Aku wants to torment the samurai first to humiliate him" said Noob.

"Precisely" laughed Shinnok, "which is why we're helping him doing it."

As Aku's conspirators laughed at the samurai being fooled, the samurai who continued onward with his journey with the fake Kung Lao wouldn't have guessed he would be tricked by Aku.