"Tadaima..." Takehiko called out as he pushed the door to his home to the side before closing it again. He kicked off his shoes and set them aside neatly beside his mother's shoes, dumping his back pack to the ground. The black haired boy looked up, noticing for the first time that their house was oddly silent.

He continued to walk through the house, poking his head through rooms to see if anyone was home. Takehiko walked until he passed by the porch that lead to the gardens where his mother was out hanging clothes out to dry.

"Oh, 'Hiko, you're home!" Sayuri smiled, wringing out a shirt before hanging it onto the clothesline, "there's some snacks in the kitchen if you want some."

"Ok..." Takehiko replied. Sayuri blinked, noticing the lack of energy in her son's reply. She hung up the last of the shirts, drying her hands on her apron before walking up to her son.

"You're awfully quiet today, 'Hiko," she said gently. She untied her apron and took it off, laying it beside her as she sat down on the porch, "is something wrong?"

Takehiko hesitated for a moment, fidgeting slightly. He gulped, keeping his red-eyes glued to his feet, "Where's Dad and Izumi?"

"Your dad went to go see your Uncle Hashi and Izumi is at your Uncle Kyou's house," the former Inazuma heiress shrugged, tapping the space beside her. Takehiko sighed, sitting beside his mother, "Why'd you ask?"

The red-eyed boy was quiet for a while before he looked up to Sayuri, "Ma, what do you think of my eyes?"

Sayuri blinked, surprised at the question before cupping her son's face with her hand, staring directly into Takehiko's eyes. Even though she would agree that Takehiko took much more after her than Tobirama, there was no denying that his eyes were clearly his father's. 'Well, they're beautiful of course!" she smiled, brushing away a stray strand of hair, "So bright and warm, they're your father's eyes afterall."



"Because..." he gulped, gathering up the courage to actually tell his mother what had happened, "Because I'm getting picked on at school!" he finally spat out, "I'm always getting picked on because of my red eyes! I'm always the "freak" or 'Demon eyes' and I'm sick of it!"

Sayuri sighed, shaking her head, "Why don't you stand up for yourself then?"

Takehiko bit his lip, "When I do they just pick on me more..."

"Well, don't listen to them!" Sayuri said confidently, one of her hands balled into a fist for emphasis, "They're just jealous, 'Hiko. Having Red eyes naturally without any freaky kekkai genkai is rare, 'ya know?" she grinned at her son who just pouted, playing with a leaf that blew by.

"That doesn't seem like it..." Takehiko muttered.

Sayruri sighed, looking up to the sky as a refreshing breeze blew by. "You know... Your dad once told me that when he was your age... He got picked on because of his eyes too."

"R-Really?" Takehiko's eyes widened as his mother nodded. It didn't even occur to him that someone as strong and respected as his father was once picked on.

"And not only because of his eyes," Sayuri continued, raising her finger, "he also got picked on because of his white hair and also because your dad was a bit short for his age before, or so he tells me." she giggled at the last bit. Though she never saw Tobirama as a child before, she would've loved to imagine just how short he was as a kid, "when we first met each other, even I called him names and picked on him."

"Ma, you're so mean to Dad," Takehiko said jokingly, "so, what did Dad do about it?"

"He would ignore me or sometimes he would get really mad, or when he really got ticked off, he'd bite back with some pretty convincing name-calling too," Sayuri smiled, remembering the days when she first came into the village and became a part of her future-husband's team, "eventually the names I called him sort of became jokes and endearing nicknames,"

"Why did you stop?"

"I guess it just got to the point where I... I couldn't make fun of them anymore. Those eyes were the ones I looked into when I felt sad or lonely. They're always so full of warmth, love and confidence... I guess they're one of the reasons why I fell in love with your dad," Sayuri blushed, scratching the back of her head, "meh, look at me, rambling on about this. What I'm trying to say is don't let it get to you, 'Hiko. If they're making fun of you then they're most likely just trying to grab your attention because they like you." she winked at him and Takehiko grinned back.

"I love you, Ma." Takehiko said, enveloping his mother in a hug. Sayuri smiled, wrapping her own arms around her son, stroking his straight black hair lightly.

"Now, why don't you go out and play? Or do you want to help me with the rest of the laundry?"

"I-I'll go see what Saru-nii is doing!" Takehiko replied quickly, his energetic personality bouncing back.

"And what about Academy Homework?" Sayuri raised a brow.

"I'll do it later, it's easy anyway," the young Senju flashed a grin at her before standing up and running towards the front door.

"Be back before dinner!" she called out to her son, smiling when she heard a quick 'Will do' in return.

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