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Five years later.

Autumn was absolutely breathtaking in Boston. It would be fair to say it was Kurt's favorite time of the year. It was the perfect season for scarves, cuddles, walks in the park and coffee dates with his husband.

Kurt had re-opened Ellie's once they had settled down in Boston and Blaine was doing amazingly well at the Art Gallery. They had gotten married only two months after getting engaged. Kurt had been anxious to become Blaine's husband, and Blaine had been anxious to become a Hummel, so there had been no point in waiting.

They flew to Ohio quite frequently, every time their jobs made it possible. They loved to just drop by unannounced and hear the squeals of happiness of Burt and Carole when they opened their front door. They had never seen the Andersons again, they didn't know Blaine was married and they hadn't called them to tell them when they became grandparents, either. Blaine was done with them for good.

They had adopted James when he was three years old. He was five now and neither Blaine nor Kurt had ever imagined they could love someone as much as they loved their son. He had olive skin and dark hair and a smile that made it impossible for Kurt to say no when he begged for one more cookie, daddy, or just one more cupcake, and I swear I'll eat all my broccoli at dinner!

James made their Sundays even more magical than they had been when it was only the two of them. (Yes, the sex happened a little less often, with having a child, but it was still damn good, especially since Blaine had the tendency to wake Kurt up in the middle of the night when he was sure they wouldn't be interrupted). They would take James to all the places he liked, which happened to be all the places Blaine had always wanted to go as a child, but his parents never took him to. They saw every new Disney movie at the theatre, they went to the zoo at least twice a year and, James' favorite, the Museum of Natural History. Their little boy loved dinosaurs and everything that had to do with them. They had to drag him out just before closing time when they took him there. Blaine was convinced their son would grow up to be a paleontologist. Kurt cringed at the thought of dirty clothes and excavations.

But this Sunday, they decided to keep it simple. Grandpa Burt and Grandma Carole had given James a bike for his birthday and Blaine was determined to teach him how to use it. He'd had to learn on his own when he was a kid, so Kurt knew this was a big deal for him. Blaine always worked hard not to make the same mistakes Walter and Amanda had done with him.

"You're not gonna let me fall, right, papa?" James asked, looking at him with a severe frown from under his shiny red helmet.

"Never, buddy," Blaine promised, patting the seat on the bicycle. James climbed, still unsure. "I'm not going to let go until you tell me you're ready, okay? Trust me."

"I trust you, papa," James answered and flashed Kurt an excited smile.

Kurt, who was standing near them, with Robert lying at his feet and arms crossed over his chest, smiled back. "You'll do great, James."

As soon as Blaine started pushing gently at the bike and James started pedaling, Kurt went back to the bench where they had dropped their coats and other stuff and looked into Blaine's bag for his camera. His husband had taught him some basic photography skills and, though he would never be as good as Blaine was, he was quite decent. Much better than Blaine would always be at baking, at least.

He snapped a few pictures with the camera and then one with his cellphone and sent it in a text to Burt, who replied almost immediately, happy to know his grandson was enjoying his present and promising to show it to Carole as soon as he saw her.

James was inexhaustible and kept going for a very long hour, until Kurt insisted he needed a break to at least drink some water. They sat on the grass and drank water and James asked a million times if Kurt had seen him do this and that, to which Kurt nodded enthusiastically. He hadn't even blinked.

After his break, James felt confident enough to try riding on his own. Blaine helped him back on the bike and pushed him for a little distance before releasing him completely. Both Kurt and Blaine clapped encouragingly as James kept going, until he wavered and fell on his left side. His parents immediately ran to him, followed by Robert, who was awfully protective of James.

Kurt kneeled on the ground, not caring about getting dirt on his designer jeans, and picked his boy up onto his lap. "Are you okay? James, did you get hurt?"

To his surprise, a huge smile spread on his son's face. "That was fun! Let's do it again!"

Kurt sighed and rolled his eyes. Sometimes James seemed almost as if he was Blaine's biological son. That puppy enthusiasm was typical of his husband and it had to be contagious somehow.

"That's my boy," Blaine chuckled, wrapping his arms around him in a hug. "Come on, let's do it again. Try not to lean so much to the side this time."

Kurt went back to the bench with their stuff and started rummaging through his messenger bag, looking for the Spiderman Band-Aids. He kept two in hand, almost certain that, by the end of the day, he would probably have to put one on his son and his husband, too. It wouldn't be the first time.

James managed to ride the bike perfectly on his fifth try. When he realized he had done it, he dropped the bike to the ground and ran back to his daddies, a huge smile pasted on his face and his arms raised in the air, ready to hug them both. Kurt picked him up immediately, kissing his cheeks as he congratulated him for doing it so well. Blaine snapped a picture.

"Did you see me, daddy?" James asked, bouncing a bit on Kurt's hip. "I went all the way to that tree, I did it all by myself!"

"And you were amazing, J!" Blaine patted him gently on the back. "You're already better at it than your uncle Finn."

"Anyone is better than Finn," Kurt snorted, remembering a family trip they had taken on bikes a couple of years ago and that had proved, for the hundredth time, that Finn was the most awkward creature to have ever been born. He saw James had a little scrape on his knee, so he passed him to Blaine and unwrapped the Band-Aid. "There, all better."

"Can I do it again?" James looked at them with pleading eyes.

"Not today, sweetheart. It's getting late and we should go home. You have school tomorrow," Kurt answered. A little leaf falling from the nearest tree got caught in Blaine's curls. Kurt reached over and took it off, leaning in to kiss his husband on the lips. Autumn reminded him of Blaine's eyes. The color was so similar, so beautiful.

James was disappointed that they couldn't stay longer to play. Then, he seemed to have a different idea. "Can we bake some of the cookies from Grandma Ellie's book so I can take them to school tomorrow?"

Kurt stopped staring into his husband's eyes and turned to his son. He kissed his tiny nose. "Of course, baby. We'll make those chocolate ones you like so much." He grabbed Robert's leash and hooked it to the dog's collar.

"What about me? Don't I get baked goods, too?" Blaine pouted adorably at him, as he started following Kurt out of the park, as James lay down his head on his papa's shoulder.

"I guess we could make some cupcakes for you," Kurt replied, nudging him playfully.

"Those ones with coffee, syrup and honey?" Blaine asked, also teasingly. Kurt just giggled. "Those are my favorite."

Kurt sighed and then he had to kiss Blaine again. He just had to. "You know what? Those are my favorite, too."

After linking their free hands together, the three Hummel boys started to make the way back home.

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