As I was about to transform into Jeanne

I hear Fin's voice saying she won't let me lend her powers

But why?

I found the reason

She appears to me in a dark form

That is not really a good sign

She has told me a tale about my ancestor, Jeanne d'Arc

It turns out that everything that I did was planned my own demise

Like my ancestor before me

I didn't realize that my Fin has working for the Devil all this time

As she and the demons are laughing at me for this

I felt my life in danger

Until Access told me his side of the story

Fin's been brainwashed and that

She's been in angelic form with a brainwashed heart

All this time, I was helping the Devil and

That Chiaki, my boyfriend, my rival, is the true hero of the story

The entire story, not me as I am the villain of the story

Then I was teleported to 14th century where Jeanne has told me

That I must have faith in myself

Chiaki also came with Noin as he teleports us

Back to our timeline where Access reunited with us

I swear I'll turn Fin, my angel, back to an angel

Just then, I saw my best friend, Miyako, greeting me and Chiaki

She looks worried to me as I saw a demon is about to attack her

When it did, I defended her

With an urge to transform

I throw Miyako somewhere she can't see me transform into something she does not like

Unfortunately, I was wrong

She saw it and now knows that her best friend is also her culprit trying to apprehend

As she fainted before her eyes

I checkmate the demon that was attacking her

Then the worse thing came by as Fin takes Miyako away from me

And turned the whole town by ice

Well, I'm gonna keep my promise to Access

I'll find Miyako and turn Fin back to normal