Oh why, Scott?

I remembered the times we spent together

Looking out for each other and working together

In solving cases when I was once a police officer

Under your command as a lieutenant

When you quit being a cop, I took your job as a lieutenant

But still, I never forget you, and you will never forget me

When you were a private detective looking for the Origami Killer

You were in the police station being questioned of

The reason you're in Manfred's shop

Luckily, I came here to save your ass

I'm sure you'll tell me if you have made any plans

As I felt suspicion in me about you

And I did found my suspicion about you all this time

You're the Origami Killer, the killer I was supposed to arrest

As I realized this news, I was shocked by this

I should have realized this sooner

That way, Ethan's name would be clear

Jayden was right, and I was wrong

Now that you're dead, it's time we go in our separate ways

Goodbye, my old friend and my culprit

Hope you'll find peace in yourself