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Sorry for the short prologue, I'll make chapter one longer!

"Get back here!" She raced after her child, panic in her green eyes.

"No!" He squealed back. He was running from his mother, and somewhat enjoying it. Giggling, he made a mad dash for the forest, his paw steps a blur as he ran.

"Jebediah! You can't! Don't go in there! JEBEDIAAAHH!"

He was already gone, giggles fading in the wind.



Quote let out a sigh, watching as Balrog jumped and pounded against the ground, shaking a few apples from the tree, shouting his motto "Huzzah!" each time he jumped.

It has been four years since the fall of Ballos. He, Balrog and Curly Brace had been getting along nicely, even though they were brutal enemies before they saved the Island.

The Island's inhabitants were finally out of their shock and despair of the Doctor's plan using the red demon flowers. Everything was peaceful, just as they wanted. Curly Brace's legs were broken when she and Quote raced through hell to destroy Ballos, for he was the one causing the Island to fall using negative energy. But they healed enough for her to walk again. She was still weak on her legs, but she said she could handle it until they were fully healed.

If not for the two scout robots, the Surface would be in ashes. They obliterated the Doctor's plans, and for now, life was good.

The trio had found a very nice place to live; with an absolutely beautiful view of the ocean and the lush, green forests. They may live on the Surface, but they built a teleporter that led strait to Mimiga Village, where the journey Quote took began so long ago...

Quote let out a chuckle when most of the apples landed on top of Balrog, partially burying him. One lone apple rolled to Quote's feet, and he leaned down, picking it up. Examining it, he noticed it was a bright red, immediately reminding him of Toroko. She was forced by Balrog to eat a demon flower, turning her to a monster. He didn't want to, but he was forced to kill her. He knew Balrog really didn't want to, for he was cursed, forced to work for any wearer of the Demon Crown. The Doctor was one of those wearers...

He shook the thought away, and looked from the apple to Balrog, who unburied himself from the pile. Think of other things... Think happy thoughts... he thought, letting out a chuckle.

"Ugh..." He groaned, shaking some leaves off of his large, rectangle body. "Geez, I didn't know THAT would happen!"

"You should've expected it, Balrog." The blonde-haired android, Curly Brace strode over to Balrog, trying not to laugh. "After all, where else are they supposed to fall other than down? It's how gravity works." She let out a giggle, blue eyes bright.

Balrog huffed. "They could've fallen somewhere away from me."

Quote walked over to Curly Brace, still holding the shiny, red apple in his palms. He held it out to Curly, smiling.

She smiled wide, and gently took the apple. She examined it, occasionally poking it, checking if it was crisp and ripe enough to eat. She looked up at Quote, still smiling. "It's perfect, Quote!" She tucked the fruit in her pocket, and gave Quote a small hug. After a moment, she drew back from the embrace, and turned back over to Balrog, taking the apples that were good and putting them into the backpack she had brought with her. "Hey," she looked up at Quote, who was helping pick up the apples. "how about we take some of these apples and give them to Jack and his family in Mimiga Village? And Bruce's family too!"

Quote nodded, thinking it was very nice of them. Bruce was a male Mimiga they had met a few months after settling in their new home. He had a wife named Isabelle and three kids. The oldest was a teen boy named Andrew, the second oldest was a young girl named Princess, and the youngest, a little boy named Jebediah. The five Mimiga lived only three miles from them, so it wouldn't take too long to deliver the fruit to the family.

"Sure." Balrog agreed, stepping away from the remaining apples. "When should we go?"

Curly Brace's smile faltered a bit. "Hm... I was thinking today, but I'd like to make a pie or something." Her smile soon returned to her face. "Make one for us, one for Jack's family, and one for Bruce's family. I'd be done by tomorrow."

Curly had grown quite attached to cooking and cleaning, much like many girls do. It was pretty unusual for a robot to enjoy doing chores like those, being made for battle and combat, but the war is over, no more battling, so what was the point of only knowing how to fight?

Balrog shrugged. "Do what you want." A grin soon plastered across his face. "I'm gonna find some other fruit. See ya!" He jumped in the air, and flew toward the horizon, fading from sight a few moments after.

"...So Quote," Curly started, breaking the silence. She looked over to the fellow robot and continued. "Do you want to help me?"

Quote nodded after a few moments, smiling. Nothing else to do anyway.

Curly smiled. "Then let's go!" She took Quote's hand with hers, and ran as fast as she could with her weakened legs; which, to be honest, wasn't very fast. Quote let out a laugh, and soon matched his pace with hers, making their way toward the house in the distance.

The house was just the right size for the three of them. Each hallway big enough for Balrog to fit through. It was a simple, one-story house, complete with beige-colored walls, wooden flooring, and some furniture carved from both wood and stone. There was a fireplace, a wood-powered stove, and some bedrooms for each of the tree down the hallway.

Curly walked into the kitchen, opened a cupboard, and brought out a stone-carved bowel, a wooden spoon, a knife, a stone-carved pan, some flower, a bottle of water, and some sugar. She placed them on the stone-carved table, and put five of the apples with the ingredients and tools.

"Alright," she started, looking over at Quote, eyes bright. "first, we need to mix the flour, sugar, and water together." She put the said ingredients into the bowel, and mixed them with the spoon. They combined to form a doughy substance. "Then you put some of it in the pan." She put some of the dough in the pan. She reached for the knife, grasped it in her hand, raised it, then brought it down with much force so the apple cut clean in half. She repeated this until the apple was in eight pieces. She cut the core off of each slice carefully, then dumped them into the pan, making sure the dough stayed under the apples. "Oh, I forgot something!" She went back to the cupboard, pulled out a smaller bowl, and placed it on the counter. "I'm going to mix a little of the water and sugar together." She did just that, then put the thick sugar water into the larger bowel, and smiled at Quote. "You put the rest of the dough on top of the apples... then you put it in the oven." She did that, then walked over to a chair, waiting for it to finish. Quote sat in a chair next to her, smiling.

Curly Brace's smile widened and she giggled. "It's not the best pie someone could make, but the Mimiga love them." Quote chuckled.

Quote and Curly walked out the door of the house, each carrying a pie in their arms. The blonde-haired robot looked over to Quote, nodded, then started to make her way into the forest, the black-haired android close behind.

"Bruce?" Curly called, knocking on the door of the other house lightly.

This house was sligtly smaller than hers, Quote's and Balrog's house, but this one had two stories.

"Curly?" A male Mimiga answered the door. He was fairly bigger than a regular Mimiga. He had brown eyes, thick pale gray fur, and wore a simple brown T-shirt. His face had a couple scars, one standing out was the one that slashed strait through his left eye. His gaze shifted toward the pie in her arms. "Oh, is that for us? Thank you, Curly." He nodded gratefully toward the female robot, then to Quote, who was slightly behind his partner, and they both nodded back, beaming. His expression tuned into a serious one. His tone now sharp, he looked back up at Curly strait in the eye. "Look, we need to talk to you. Please come inside." He stepped back, allowing them to come in first.

The two androids exchanged a glance, then walked inside. Bruce closed the door once they came inside.

The inside of the house was kept rather neat, but a few of the children's belongings scattered here and there, and on one of the stone-carved chairs, was Isabelle, a look of despair in her widened green eyes.

She was a pure white Mimiga, wearing a simple blue robe. It looked brand new and silky soft. Tears, old and new, covered her face and soaked her eyes. The female Mimiga was trembling, trying to calm herself down. Curly noticed this and began speaking.

"Why is she crying?"

Bruce sighed, shaking his broad head left and right for a few moments. "It's because Jebediah has run away. We need your help getting him back."

Curly and Quote exchanged glances once more. Curly, who had a concerned look on her face, sighed, closing her eyes for a few seconds. She opened them back up, looking back at Bruce. "We'll help you. When did he run away?"

Isabelle hiccuped as she tried to speak. "T-t-this-s m-morn-ning-g..." She cried, in denial now that her youngest son was missing.

Quote felt sorry for the Mimiga. He closed his eyes, thinking about how it might feel about losing a loved one. He thought about losing Curly Brace, then shuddered, not bearing the thought of losing his best friend. His blue eyes shifted over to Bruce, who padded over to his wife, and rubbed her behind the ears, nuzzling her forehead softly.

Curly Brace smiled, determination obviously showing on her face. "Don't worry! We'll find him for you!"

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