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"Alright, we should get moving..." Curly told Quote as she stood. "Jebediah is very young, and it may be hard to find him." She stretched tiredly and rubbed her eyes.

Quote noticed that she looked really exhausted and frowned at her.

"...What?" She saw the concern in his eyes before she gave a reassuring smile. "I'm fine, Quote. I really am. Just a little tired, is all."

Quote hesitated before he nodded.

She smiled. "Well, we should hurry up and get going, right?"

She had never felt so... tired in her life.

Curly dragged her feet beside Quote, warily looking around the dark trees that surrounded them. The darkness made it all more difficult for her to focus on the task at hand.

It was funny, really. She was a robot, wasn't she? She shouldn't feel this tired.


"...Quote...?" She looked up at him for a moment. Her legs hurt. "...Can we... rest?"

Confusion riddled his face and he was about to question her before he saw how exhausted she looked. As soon as he nodded, Curly sat down in a heap.

He continued to stare at Curly as she slept. She wasn't acting normal. He sat down beside her, and refused to look away. He was going to watch her until she woke up.


The sleep was grasping her; it didn't want to let her go. No mater how she tried, she couldn't open her eyes.

What's wrong with me?! She thought in desperation. Wake up! WAKE UP!

She looked around in the darkness, wondering if there was at least one way to wake up. As she was searching, she saw an eerie orange glow in the distance.

It slowly expanded, and she was soon able to see a silhouette in the glowing flames. Squinting, she was soon able to recognize the figure.

It was Quote.

Quote?! She stared at him, listening for a response. What she got in return was a scream. It wasn't Quote screaming, however. It was Isabelle. The familiar voice crying in her ears made her wonder why Quote wasn't moving.

Quote was starting to get nervous when Curly began to wince and twitch in her sleep. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it; wanting to help her awaken. What was wrong with her?

With a startled shriek, Curly sat up and looked around wildly. When her eyes laid upon Quote, she became filled with terror and she practically tackled him; squeezing him and breathing heavily. She was shaking, and clung to him like a child would a stuffed bear. "Q-Q...Quote," she stammered. "Oh my God...!" She began to hiccup, still trembling.

Quote could do nothing but rub her back and comfort her with the best of his abilities. He too, was scared. Something was wrong with Curly, and he was going to find out what it was. He drew back, still grasping her shoulders; eyes full of concern.

"Y-you want to kn-know what's w-wrong... d-don't you...?" She said between hiccups. Her face was wet with tears, and she still looked tired.

He nodded, concern growing to anxiety.

Curly slowly nodded back, and buried her face in his shoulder. "...I... you..." She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. "There was... f-fire... screaming... and I saw you... y-you were j-just standing there..." She paused; letting a violent chill go up her spine. "...L-laughing..." She took a few more deep breaths.

She was never this scared in her life. Even though it was only a dream, her mind made it feel and seem much worse than what it really was. Her mind was playing games.

You know what? She thought to herself. If you want to play the mind game, I'm ready. She had stopped crying at this point, and was eerily silent.

Quote was staring off into space, thinking about what Curly had told him. He then recalled what Ballos had said when they were going to fight him.

"I could not avert my gaze and I simply watched the spectacle... laughing..."

He couldn't imagine him being as insane as Ballos was, but then again...

No. He thought, shaking his head. I'm not crazy. He just then noticed that Curly had once again fallen asleep. She looked peaceful this time, so that was a relief.

With a sigh, Quote opened his bag and brought out a tow rope. The rope he had used during his Island adventures was destroyed during the fight with Ballos. So he had gotten another one. This one was stronger, and more durable. He wrapped it around his and Curly's waists, and wrapped it across his shoulders. Finally, he put the two hooks together to keep it in place.

As he traveled, he looked high and low for the young Mimiga child. He was, at this point, wondering why Jebediah would run off like that. Wasn't that child aware of how... different... this forest was?

Apparently not.

Quote felt Curly stir and immediately stopped. She seemed to be dumbfounded before she realized that she was being carried.

"Huh...?" She blinked a few times. "Quote? What's going on...?" She let out a yawn.

He didn't want to reply.

"...Are we still looking for Jebediah...?"

He nodded.

Curly sighed. "At least I didn't have any bad dreams..." She looked up at the leafy trees. It was getting colder and darker. "Quote... you should get some re-" she was interrupted by a loud crack of thunder.

Startled, Quote instantly ran for cover as a bright flash of lightning filled the forest. He hid underneath a bush and unstrapped Curly with shaky hands. He had a phobia for thunderstorms, because lightning could kill him or Curly instantly. Plus he hated water because of the time he nearly drowned.

Rain began to fall, and Quote curled up, really terrified. Curly wrapped her arms around him and shielded him from the rain. She didn't fear water, but she didn't like it. And as she felt the water soaking her body, she felt Quote's trembling cease. He tried to get up, but Curly shook her head.

"I'll be fine, Quote." She reassured him. Her face was tinted red, and this made Quote confused.

"What's... wrong?" He mumbled in confusion.

"Huh?" Curly's vision seemed far away for a few moments before they were her bright blue again. "What?"

"Are... you alright?"

"Yeah!" She paused. "Yeah... but there's something wrong with this forest." She shivered, suddenly feeling exhausted. "What is wrong with this place? Heck, what's wrong with... me...?" She closed her eyes.

"Curly..." Quote got up from under her and hugged her. She was shivering, and they both flinched when another loud crash of thunder rung in their ears. "...Everything will be alright..." He himself was feeling very tired, and he closed his eyes, not noticing that he had fallen asleep.

The very cold air awoke Curly the next morning. She simply stared outside, seeing the snow on the ground. She had seen snow before, but that wasn't the problem. Her clothes were frozen and stuck to her body.

It's so cold... she thought. But we need to find Jebediah! He's out there somewhere... freezing... hungry... she couldn't finish her thoughts before she noticed that Quote...

He was gone.

"Huh...?" Curly looked around warily, suddenly feeling very nervous. She brought her legs to her stomach, wrapped her arms around them and shivered. She didn't notice the tears that trailed down her face as she sat there, all alone...

When he awoke, he didn't recognize anything in the room he was in. He looked around, suddenly wondering where Curly was.

"Good, you're awake." the unknown voice made him jump. Eyes wide, he searched the room for the source. "Up here." He looked up and saw a girl with dark blue hair, crimson eyes, green clothes, and a wooden staff. "Nice to see you." She gave that confounding smirk of hers. "How have you been?" The way Misery talked was making him feel uneasy.

"W...where's Curly...?" He asked.

"Outside." Misery dropped to the ground in front of Quote and pointed her staff toward the snowy window covered in frost. "I left her there because we have some..." she paused. "...Ah, yes, we have to talk, you and I." She floated a few inches off the ground and motioned toward a chair. "Go on, take a seat. There is much to discuss."

"Bring Curly in here, Misery." Quote muttered with an edge to his voice.

Misery rolled her eyes, and waved her staff; which was glowing blue. A few moments later, Curly materialized in the room. She looked horrible; clothes frozen to her body, hair a filthy, icy mess, and she was shivering.

"Curly!" He made a mad dash toward Curly and hugged her, flinching because of how cold she was. He glared up at Misery with contempt. He wanted to shoot the witch until she ran away... again, but he held in his anger the best he could.

"I wanted this conversation to be private." Misery explained, looking annoyed. "She had nothing to do with our conflict."

A raspy noise came out of Curly's throat. "U-uhhhnnghh..." She opened her eyes, but closed them a moment later.

Quote drew Curly closer to the fireplace to warm her up. "Blanket..." Quote took the blanket from his bag and wrapped her in it. She seemed to calm down after a while, but Quote didn't let go.

"Ahem." Misery's impatient voice made him look up. "We have a lot of talking to do, you and I." She stared at him; the fire making her rosette eyes seem like they were glowing. "So let us talk."