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Brute Strength

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: The New Kid in School

It was a clear Monday morning in Whoville and across the Fairfax Apartments, we see Jojo McDodd making his way to Whoville High. He lets out a deep sigh, regarding to the fact that the weekend is over and that he wishes Mondays would never exist. And he was definitely not looking forward to see what's gonna come his way when he gets to the school.

As he got there, he saw a new who coming in front of him and when he walked up to him, the new who didn't even bother to look. He stood there with his hands on his pockets with his Who-pod and earphones on and when he finally sees Jojo, all he could do is just stare at him and Jojo said, "Hey, how's it going?"

The new who was very mute and never said a word to him, which kinda got the sense that maybe he's silent like he used to be when he's around his dad while bragging about him being mayor of Whoville. He kinda understood his silenceness and just said, "Well, catch ya later."

Jojo then walks over to the entrance of the school and entered the hallway, just trying to make way to his locker to get his books and stuff in there. Suddenly, he sees a little note on top of his locker and when he picked it up, he reads, "Guess who got assigned into locker room mates?"

Then, he sees the signature on the bottom of it that reads 'M. & C. McKinney', which could only mean one thing...

"What up, locker room buddy?"

Jojo looks up and he sees Mike and Cody coming through and that they're sharing Jojo's locker. He lets out an amused sigh and he said, "What's up, guys?"

"Not much. We thought it'd be awesome to have the same locker as you." Cody said, happily.

Jojo lets out a little chuckle and he said, "Yeah, that explains the note."

"It was all my idea." Mike said.

Cody scoffs at him by that remark and said, "Uh, I helped too. Besides, we both wrote our names in there."

"Yeah, with cray-who-la."

Jojo made a weird face on that one, thinking that Cody was using some crayons for the drawing and asked, "You used crayons?"

Cody didn't know what to respond to that and he immediately said, "Those were Mike's."

Mike gasped in shock and said, "You lie!"

Jojo rolled his eyes to see their usual brother argument in front of him and he said, "You guys are crazy."

" least we get to share a locker with you. Besides I need to keep most of my video equipment so I won't lose them...or have someone putting their sticky fingerprints on it." Cody said, then glared at Mike again.

Mike stuck his tongue out at him and Cody just rolled his eyes as he turned to Jojo and then, Jojo asked, "You have a video equipment?"

"Yep. I got a new who-cam for Christmas where I can shoot some videos and maybe some music videos in the future."

Cody puts his camera back on top of his locker and slammed the door as the three of them made their way to the classroom. Just then, they see Jonah, Cyrus, Hawk, Travis and Sam making their way in the hallway and caught up with them. They greeted each other and then Jonah said to Jojo, "Hey, how's it going?"

"Well, I'm sharing a locker with Cody and Mike." Jojo replied.

"Whoa...really?" asked Jonah.

Cody chuckled at this as he scratched his head and said, "Yeah, it's not easy sharing a locker with we decided that we'd share Jojo's. It was either me or him, but then Mike would bug me thinking I might take some of his stuff."

"And I still might." Mike said.

Then, as they made their way to the classroom, Jojo and Cody sees Max sitting near the back row of the room and they sat in between them. Cody looks at Max and then he asked, "Got here a little early, huh?"

"Yeah. I was waiting for you guys." Max replied.

"Sure you were."

A few minutes later, in comes the new who; between 15 or 16 years of age, gray and black striped fur, has black hair with some blue and red colors in each fringe with a few on side of his hair almost covering half of his eye, 5'4, 144 pounds, dark blue eyes and wears a green and blue hawaiian shirt with some dark khaki jeans and has a necklace that says 'Brute Strength' in the middle and wears a grey hoodie with his hands on his pockets; coming in to take a seat, trying not to be noticed.

Jojo turns around and sees the same person that he saw on the way to school, surprised that he even goes to the same classroom. He was a little curious to see what he's really like and wanted to know if he needed a friend or something like that.

But just as he's about to talk with him, in comes the teacher coming in the class and he said, "Good morning, students. I trust that we all had an excellent weekend, I'm sure. Now, I've got two things I wanna announce; first off, the talent show is gonna be held back a little bit, so instead of a week from Friday, it'll now be three weeks from now."

All of the students groaned in disappointment for that, but Jojo was a little optimistic about it because it might give him some time to come up with a new song to perform to everyone and Cody said, "Man, I bet something must've come up."

"Yeah, the so-called Friday night 'Support your Jocks' overachiever award. Honoring the best of Whoville High School sporting academics." Jojo replied, sarcastically.

Cody scoffs at that and said, "More like support your gym class boredom overachievers."

Then, the teacher clears his throat and stares at Cody and asked, "Something you'd like to share with us, Mr. McKinney?"

The class glared at Cody for a bit and then replied, "No, sir."

He rolled his eyes and then continued on to say, "Next...we have a new student here."

The teacher looked at the student with the hawaiian shirt on and told him to come up and introduce him to the class and he got up and he went in front of him and the other class and then, he asked, "Would you mind pronouncing that name for me, please?"

The new student got the paper and he said, "Ikaika."

"And can you tell me what it stands for?"

"In Who'aii, it's 'Brute Strength'."

"'re gonna have to help me with that. And what do I call you?"

"Brutus Moka."

The teacher then cleared his throat and said, "Well...Mr. Moka, tell us about yourself."

"I'm originally from Who'aii, but we just moved to Whoville about a few days ago. My dad has a certain job as a sports manager at this Whoville sports memorilablia and part bartender in that sports bar as well. I wasn't really sure if I could get used to living here and I really don't have many friends at all, but it's something I'm used to because I've always been the lone person where I'm from. So...I'm sure that it's gonna be no different here." Brutus said.

"Well...I'm sure you'll have plenty of friends here and welcome to Whoville High, Mr. Moka." the teacher said.

Brutus then sat back down in front of the class and Jojo was left a little concerned for the guy and that maybe he'll help him. Cody looked at Jojo and asked, "Think maybe he needs someone like us?"

"I hope so." Jojo replies.

After class, everyone headed for second period and when Brutus made his way through the hallway, he stops to get a drink of water and then...he sees two figures coming in behind him. One yanked him by the collar and dropped him down to the ground and then another one kicks him and shoved him through the wall.

Then, one of them looked over at him and said, "Fresh meat...wonder what we do to them, Hector?"

"We pummel them down, Nate." Hector replied.

"That's right!"

Both of them laughed at him over what he looks like and what he's wearing and Hector said, "Where you from, freak?"

"Who'aii." Brutus replied.

Both Hector and Nate looked at each other and started laughing hysterically at where he's from and he said, "Sounds like someone is a surfer boy. Well, how'd you like to hang ten with our fists?"

Nate balled his fist and he punches Brutus in the face and Hector comes in and throws him through the lockers and began beating him down. All of a sudden, Jojo comes downstairs and to his shock, sees Brutus getting pummeled and beaten up. He shoved both of them both and then, he recognizes their faces as if they knew each other before.

"Nate? Hector? You guys haven't changed, have you?" asked Jojo, angrily.

"Hey, look! If it ain't the Mayor's wimpy emo offspring!" Hector said, howling with laughter.

Jojo fumed at this and he said, "You need to back off of my friend otherwise, I'll tell the rest of my friends and have them do the same thing to you as you tried to do with Stephen!"

"Eh, shut up!" Nate said.

"We do what the hell we wanna do!" Hector exclaimed.

Jojo then went in front of Brutus and he angrily told them, "Mess with him again and you'll be sorry."

Nate scoffed at Jojo and he wasn't gonna back down for anything and he said, "You can't tell us what to do! So why don't ya move out of the way?"

Jojo then spits straight to his face, causing him to grow even more angry than ever and then, the bell inerrupted this 'altercation' and he growled at him and said, "We'll have our time, McFreak!"

Bothof them walked away, staring at Jojo and he stared at them back with an angry expression and as they were gone, he turned to Brutus and from the looks of things, he didn't seem that relieved...but a little confused and also angry. Jojo asked, "You all right?"

"Why'd you do that? They would've killed you!" Brutus snapped.

Jojo exhaled deeply and explained, "I've met these guys before. No one should have to go through that."

Brutus dusted himself off as he stood up and said, "You should've just let them do whatever they wanted to me."

Jojo was very shocked to hear him reject his assistance and he grew very upset about this and he said, "You're lucky that I saved your life!"

"You're wasting your time! I don't need any help from you!"

Brutus walked away a little upset and headed towards his next class and Jojo felt a little bit disturbed to know that he helped the new kid, but didn't give him any thanks of appreciation for that. The fact that Brutus said that he's used to being bullied and having no one there to save him still bothered him and he just walks away and heads to his next class.

Drama central, huh? Well, this is only the beginng.