The Promise to Haruhi Suzumiya

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Chapter 1: The Nightmare

When I was young I wanted to met espers, aliens and Time travelers. My dreams were crushed when I realized that those things were nothing but the things of fictions. Then she came into my life. I met Haruhi Suzumiya and I found those things I was looking for. She didn't know they were there even if she was looking for them because they were there to observe her. Haruhi unknown to herself has the power to alter the world. Since Haruhi chose me I got involved with all those crazy things I dreamed of as a child. One day I ran into a man with a blue box and he took me away from it all. He brought me back and I decided that I would live my life. But that's where the nightmare began.

Out there in the dark there are monster waiting. Creatures of metal, fire and blood. But he's out there like a beacon in the turbulent sea of time. He stands vigilant; the man of fire and ice and rage. He could tear down worlds and make whole armies run away with a whisper of his name. He is known as the Destroyer of Worlds and the Oncoming Storm by his enemies. His eyes burn through you with such wrath and sorrow few can stand to his gaze. Those who idolize and admire him him know him as the Lonely God or the Man Who Makes People Better. Those who know him call him reckless or the mad man in the blue box or simply the Doctor. He could be the thing of nightmare to monsters but he's wonderful and I've never met anyone more compassionate than him. So why is it that when I have dreams about him they turn into nightmare, filled with blood, death and monsters? Because they are what are around him.

I traveled with him for ten years and saw so many terrible things. I suppose that a few nightmares are to be expected.

"Wake up!" I hear as someone shakes me away.


"You sounded like you were having a nightmare."

"Yeah, it's nothing."

"Okay, then don't make me worry." She rest her head on my shoulder and soon is off to sleep.

Sometimes I wonder if Haruhi only agreed to marry me because she likes to use me as a pillow. Oh right, I asked Haruhi to marry me and she actually said yes. I should probably put things in context first. When we started to date there weren't that many closed spaces frankly it was rare to ever get even a small one. Strange things would still happen from time to time. I learned instead of letting them happen come up with my own way to focus those desire of Haruhi to keep her from getting bored. For example when the SOS Brigade had to do something to raise funds I came with a suggestion. I still remember her response.

"A paranormal Dance!" She asked surprised.

"Yeah, it's like a normal dance except people dress up as paranormal things. You know aliens, esper, time travels, monster whatever. I'll be fun, raise some money people love going to crazy themed dances, and if you're lucky you might get a real alien to show up to blend in with the crowd."

Everyone in the clubroom stared at me for a moment as if I'd been replaced.

"That's not a bad idea." Haruhi was the first to speak. "That's actually a good idea."

"You don't need to sound so surprised."

"Well, you never come up with one."

A face palm later she had us starting to plan it out. The dance was a success and one of few SOS Brigades events no one found any real fault with. Haruhi didn't even bother to look for real aliens she just spent it dancing with me. I figured for a moment she could pretend to be surrounded by the things she looked for without needing to to be there, except the other club members of course. Though I do think I might have seen a Graske.

But anyway that was a while ago and the Brigade has fallen apart. Asahina was the first to leave when she graduated. She told Haruhi that she was going to study in another country. She told me she was going back to her own time. I apparently stabilized Haruhi enough that her superiors no longer worried about her causing more time quakes. I never saw her again. A year later we got into the same college and Haruhi insisted we move in together. Our parents were against it, probably fearing I would get Haruhi pregnant or something like that, but Haruhi was her usual persuasive self. Month later Koizumi transfered away telling Haruhi that a friend had offered him a once in a life time job that he had to take and required him to move away. He told me his Agency had broken apart since Haruhi didn't seem to be creating new closed spaces. He still had a few connections that were helping him get a good career. He said he could leave since thanks to me Haruhi was satisfied with the world as it was so no fear of her changing the world. After he left we would get a few emails here and there but we haven't received anything for a while. Nagato is the last of the Brigade that's still around. She moved in next to our apartment and went to the same college as us, I'm the one who suggested this, if Haruhi expects her to be apart of her daily life then the Entity can't replace Nagato. Nagato got a job working in a library part time and really she does a half hour amount of work and spends the rest of her day reading. It's actually a good job for her since no one expects the librarian to speak that much. She has dinner with us often, I like to make sure that's she's not lonely. I suppose her boss let her stay in hopes of finding the key to evolution.

Now the three of us are about to graduate from college and soon me and Haruhi are going to get married. It was her idea to rush the wedding so soon even before we get our diplomas. Haruhi already has the honey moon planned so we're back before the graduation ceremony. It doesn't make sense to me but she's been moody lately I guess all the wedding planning and studying for finals got to her.

I wish I could get back to sleep but I can already see the sun light creeping through the curtain. Lucky me I finished all my exams but Haruhi still has a day of them left.


Um, Haruhi's at it again. She's nibbling at my ear in her sleep again. I'm pretty sure she has an ear fetish, it's not that I hate it it's just a bit weird feeling. I push her away and she jolts awake I start to kiss her neck in turn.

"Kyon." She moans. "We can't. I have to get to a test."

"You started it when you nibbled on my ear."

"No, I didn't."

"Yes, you did and I know what it mean when you do."

She gives me a mischievous smile before she pulls me into a kiss.

Let's just skip over what me and Haruhi do in our alone time. Let me just say about forty minutes later Haruhi is blaming me for her being late. I make it up to her by making breakfast while she showers. She starts to eat breakfast in a hurry so she can make it to class on time.

We're watching the morning news while eating. "Last night the famed painting, The Mona Lisa, was stolen. Authorities are investigating but have no suspects at this time. Now turning to local news, authorities still have no suspect to the rash of strange graffiti found all over Tokyo."

The symbols looks strangely familiar. "Haruhi you wouldn't have something to do with those, would you?"

"No." She answers between mouthfuls "I did that once."

"Just checking."

She gives me that glare of hers as if she's actually insulted. "Sorry."

"Well, you should be." She making that cute little v face. "First you're making me late now suggesting I'm involved with crimes."

"Don't say you didn't enjoy it."

"No, I did but..." She looses her train of thought as I start to kiss her again. "Kyon! I'm going to be late."

"Go to your test then." I continued to shower her with kisses.

"But..." I do love seeing her flustered. "Sometimes I think you enjoying doing this to me."

"Oh, I do."

She pulls away. "I have to go." She kisses me on the cheek. "We can continue when I get back and you're making dinner tonight to make up for making me late."

"Of course." She runs out of the door before I can even finish.

I don't have a lot to do today so I just watch some tv. Maybe I should check on Nagato I don't think she has classes or work today.

That's about when I heard it.


It's coming from my laptop. I check the screen and there is only one person who communicates with me like that.

I flip the screen open. "Hello Captain."

"Hello Kyon." Say the ever smiling Captain Jack Harkness. "Looking good as ever."

"Don't start." I tell him. I'm speaking English, good thing I learned it that month the Doctor left by accident in England in the 1980's. "Don't flirt."

"Can you blame me?"

"Yes, I could."

"But if you ever decide to that leave your girlfriend-"

"Never going to happen." I never told him I got engaged, I mean can you blame me, if he knew he'd insist on a huge bachelor party and I doubt I would survive it. I've kept in touch with some of friends I made when traveling with the Doctor though obviously Haruhi doesn't know about them. Actually I've made it a little project of mine to track as many of his former companions as I can with the sub wave network. "Jack, please tell me you didn't just call me to flirt."

"No, I was wondering did you see the news?"

"Yes, someone stole the Mona Lisa."

"That's not the interesting part."

"Someone stole the worlds most famous painting and that's not the interesting part?"

"We did a scans of the area." By We he means the Torchwood Archive. After several bad years it's what's left of Torchwood. "Temporal Radiation that matches a Vortex Manipulator."

"A time traveler? Okay, that's interesting. Considering your history do you know who did it?"

"Can't say I do. I don't remember anyone in the Agency being this brash not even John. But the news gets worse. Scanning for that same frequency brings up results all over the world for the last few months. At hundred of museums I'm guessing with unknown alien artifacts too. Also did the Doctor ever tell you about Van Statten?"

"Once, a billionaire who collected alien artifacts. He had an underground museum with a Dalek. He's people ended up erasing his memory and cement sealed his "Vault"."

"Right, there was an explosion outside of Salt Lake city right on top of that vault. The whole things was cleared and the scans showed the same signature. It gets even worse."

"Someone cleared a an alien vault, how does it get worse?"

"Some one cleared three?"


"Mister Smith kept taps on a vault run by the Alliance of Shadows and found someone broke into it and stole everything. And this is the kicker. I mean even I'm impressed. A contact in UNIT told me someone emptied out the Black Vault. UNIT's own vault of alien relics."

"The Mona Lisa was painted by using a sentient meteor and commissioned by a Jagaroth."

"Yup, someone is taking alien artifacts. The Smiths already know. Knowing about your collection I thought I should warn you." His phone rings. "I should take this."

"Thank you, Jack."

With that we end the chat. I check up on Nagato but she isn't in her apartment and I guess she's at the library. I decide to grab my coat and run down to check my collection. An early graduation and wedding present my parents gave me a car. Nothing fancy just something I can drive. I make it to my storage unit I rented, I placed a low level perception filter so I'm the only one to found. I open it up to find my own stash of alien artifacts, you'd be surprised how many of these you can just buy off eBay, I bought them off to make sure no one who doesn't know what they are get them. I don't have anything too dangerous. A broken cybermat, a sontaran blaster, a few dogon eyes, a Neraunan time piece, a Raltean armor, a book scanner, a telepathy pendant, a broken mileometer, a bio dampener, an Ice warrior Sonic blaster along with the thing the Doctor left in my coat and somethings that Jack and Sarah Jane gave me. Everything seems to be in place so I lock it up and go check on Nagato. I go her work but she's not there. I get some lunch and just start walking around. I stop at the book store. I look around for something new to read. The Doctor got me into reading and when I got back I ended up reading more, I always liked reading when I was a kid, me and Nagato started to trade books. I find a Japanese translation of The Journal of Impossible Things. I have a copy of it in english that I hide in the apartment. I make my way back to apartment to start figure out what to make for dinner. Then I remember about Nagato's cell phone, I didn't realize to call it before since she rarely uses it.

I call and the phone rings, I wait but I have a strange feeling about this, the phone is finally answered.



"You should not have called."

"I just wanted to check in with you." I hear something cut through the air. "Nagato is something wrong?"


"Nagato, we've talked about this. If something is wrong with you I want you to tell me."

Then I hear Nagato scream before the call cuts off. I quickly jump to the computer. The internet is an amazing thing; did you know you can track people by there cell phone on the internet?

She's not too far away, just in case I take off the sword, the Doctor left me, from the off the wall and place it in the bigger on the inside coat pockets.

A few minutes later I'm running into the park and I see a bright lights so I run to them.

I see Nagato lying on the floor hurt and standing above her is a young teenaged girl with long blue hair. Oh it can't be.

She turns her smiling face towards me a large knife in her hand. It is, it's Ryoko Asakura. Of a very long list of people I don't ever want to see she's near the top of it.

"Hello Kyon." She says sounding cheerful. She looks exactly the same as she did the last time I saw her, she hasn't aged. "I was hoping you would show up after you called Miss Nagato."

I eye Nagato on the floor she looks hurt. That time they fought Nagato won and she had spikes in her but she never showed pain. Something is different. "What happened to Nagato?"

"I was sent to terminate Miss Nagato and she decided to fight back and this was the result."

"Why terminate her? She's here to observe Haruhi, destroying her wouldn't help."

"You are mistaken. The Data Overmind no longer wishes to merely observe. Your involvement with Miss Suzumiya has caused her to stop creating the data we wish to observe. Miss Nagato was ordered to terminate you but she refused. Her errors have gotten the best of her and she broke the connection to her superiors. I was sent to terminate her before she could warn you. When I arrived she tried to fight me but with her connections to the entity severed her abilities were limited and she couldn't overpower me." The entity is tired of waiting for change brought back Miss Kill-Me-to-Change-Things. Oh Boy, this isn't good.

"Is she all right?"

"She is wounded and but what limited abilities she has could heal her if she was given enough time." Give it to Asakura she might try to kill you but she'll smile through it and answer your questions. "Though it is touching that you care about her safety you should be worried about yours."

"Yeah," Saw this coming. "You're going to try and kill me." I slip my hand into my coat pocket.

Holding up the military style knife she smiles and says, "Yes."

"Before you try can I ask you to translate something for me."

"All right, what?" Hint of curiosity in her voice.

Along with Japanese and English I also happen to know Judoon. "Lo Ko So Ba To Ja Wo."

"Can you survive a disintegration blast?" She asks. "How do you know an alien lan-"

Before she can finish a shot from a Judoon blaster hits her square in the chest. I was reaching for for my sword but found the blaster so I figured a long distance attack was probably better. Thank you Sarah Jane and Sky too for your mother for not wanting guns around you.

I put the gun away and go over to Nagato she's barely conscious and bleeding. I pick her up, even though Nagato has grown like the rest of us these few years she is still petite so light which is good cause we're going to have to run.

I glance over towards Asakura and there is a huge gapping hole in her chest with the edges glowing red as the heat from the blast lingers and she's still smiling. "Repair in progress."

The blast would normally be enough to disintegrate just about anyone but the interfaces are tough. I don't think she'll let me get another blast in, she only let the last one hit because I distracted her and she wasn't expecting an alien weapon from me.

So I start running with a while carrying a hurt Nagato. What am I suppose to do? I can't take her to a hospital or go to the cops. I can't really stop since then Asakura will catch up when she's catch up. I can't take her to Haruhi for obvious reasons.

"Run." I hear Nagato manages to say barely coming too.

"I'm doing that."

"No, leave me and run."

"I'm not doing that. I'm not just going to leave you to get killed. You've save my life before and its time I saved yours and besides what are friends for."

"Save yourself. There is nothing you can do. My abilities have been limited-"

"Limited? Nagato can you still hack into power system and take control of it."


"Good, I think I have an idea."

After making are way onto the roof of the tallest building we can find and I tell her my plan.

"Understood. You are aware this will make our presence known to Ryoko Asakura."

"It's a gamble but we can't run forever."

She closes her eyes as she starts to focus as her lips begin to speed through one of her incantations and soon all the lights in Japan turn off at once. Then a series of lights turn on to form two words. She can only hold it for a moment before all the light turn back on. I hope it was enough time.

"That was very foolish of you." The voice of my would be killer cuts through the air. "Your little stunt just told me your location."

Nagato looks likes she's ready to faint but she stands in front of me as if to protect me.

"I must say I am intrigued as to where you got a plasma based weapons. It's not of Earth origin."

"It's a secret."

"Very well, it's not really important."

She lunges at us as before either of us can react she knocks Nagato to the ground. Next she stabs at me with the knife of hers and I barely avoid it. But she doesn't give up and every attack I barely manage to dodge it with luck, surprisingly fast reflexes and adrenaline.

She stops. "You're faster than the last time."

"Thank you."

"But I can fix that."

Oh boy she's going to that paralysis thing again. I was hoping he was going to be here by now. Come on you never let me down before. I really find it hard to believe you died. I know you, you wouldn't just-

"Escalation in temporal flux." She mutters looking around.

The wind picks up and whirls around us as suddenly a a familiar grinding noise fills the air. Soon a large blue box appears. The light on top cutting through the darkness of the night like a beacon.

Come on, come on.

The Doors swing open and a tall figure stands in the door way. He seems gangly with a wild mane of black hair with olive colored eyes. He's wearing a tweed jacket and black jeans and a red bow tie. It has to be him, who else would be crazy enough to ever think of wearing a bow tie?

"Two words." He says. His voice is different, he sounds younger. "Help Doctor. So I came, could never refuse the first word and second one just told me the message was for me, I come and look to what I find." He pulls out a bronze tube with a green light at the end pointing it to Asakura. "Hello. I'm the Doctor. You know who I am if not ask your boss."

Asakura's eyes narrow for a moment before her usual smile turns to an expression of fear. "The Doctor."

"Right, now tell your boss that Kyon and Yuki Nagato are under my protection and no one is to touch them. It knows what happens when I don't get what I want so I suggest it listens. Now be a good girl and totter off."

She takes a step back. "Fine, timelord, but it does not end here."

With that she leaps backwards off the building to safety I'm sure.

I pick up Nagato and he helps me lift her up.

"Okay, let's get her into the Tardis." He tells me. "Also Hello Kyon. Long time no see."

We step inside the large blue box. The doors close behind us and soon the the engines start up. The wind whirls once more as the blue box begins vanish. At this point I realize something bad is going to happen.

And seriously is he wearing a bow tie?

Authors Notes: So first part of the sequel. Kyon and Nagato are being hunted the the interfaces and now so is the Doctor. So what up next well I could tell you but that would be Spoilers.

Anyway I'm going to start using the names and term from the book because I'm reading them now. Why is it the overmind in the book and Date Entity in the anime. Is it matching lips or something. Anyway I'll probably call it the Date Entity or the overmind just to be clear.

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