The Promise to Haruhi Suzumiya

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Chapter 13: Good Bye

It was cold. That was all she could say for certain. She cracked open her eyes to see whiteness.

"What?" Ryoko Asakura asked lifting her head.

She tried to lift herself up but she felt weak, her head spinning like a hundred voices screaming in her head. She looked around but saw only that she was in a snow storm.

"Up already." said a voice gruff and angry.

She looked over to see see the Doctor standing in the doorway of the Tardis.

"What happened? Where am I?" Asakura asked holding her head.

"Having a bit of a headache?" The Doctor said snidely. "Well, that is to be expected when we crammed the whole Data Overmind into your head. It was Kyon's plan to reverse your own plan but instead of taking Haruhi's power and pouring it into the Data Overmind the Overmind was poured into you."

"What?!" Asakura tried to get up and stumbled to the ground.

"Feeling weak? Without The Overmind and with my tinkering with the tower you are basically human."

"You can't do this!"

"This is what you wanted. You wanted to evolve and humans are the best at that. They will survive to the end of time because they are willing to change, to imagine, to live. Time to figure it all out Asakura. Enjoy your life in Canada."

He didn't wait for a response and slammed the door closed. Asakura leapt at the door and began pounding at it. The Blue Box faded leaving Asakura alone in the snow storm, she would survive she had to, she promised herself to get back to Japan. She would get back at Kyon, Yuki and Haruhi.


It was dark but that was to be expected when you have your eyes closed. I just wish my head didn't hurt.

"I think he's waking up." I hear Jack say.

I got up finding myself on the Tardis chair.

"Oh, good you're up." The Doctor says with a flair.

"I have a question to ask you." Jack sits down besides me. "Why didn't you tell me you were getting married? I would have thrown you the greatest stag party."

"That's why I didn't tell you. You took me to get drinks for my birthday that one time and none us remember the following week."

"I bet it was fun though." Jack smiles.

Then there is a loud banging on the Tardis door so loud that I wonder why the Tardis didn't shake.

"Now about your future wife." The Doctor speaks up. "Since we landed she's been knocking on the door and well... she's scaring us."

"Why didn't you just let her in?" I ask feeling I shouldn't have to.

"You got knocked out when that whole thing happened and once we knew you were okay we handled a few things and landed that's when she started to knock. "We were waiting for you to get up." Jack admits. "And she scares a little and we didn't want to show her you on your knocked out."

An immortal and a timelord scared of an angry Haruhi, I can't say I blame them. Haruhi can be scary when she's angry.

"I'll deal with her."

The Doctor is quick to unlock the Tardis and Haruhi doesn't wait a second to rush pass pushing the Doctor way.

"Kyon!" Haruhi yells. "Why didn't you open the door sooner?!"

"Well, just leave you to answer that." Jack takes his cue and pull the Doctor out of the Tardis closing the doors behind him.

"Sorry about that I was a little-"

"And what's this about you going back in time for months?"

"Well, about-"

"And Lizard people?!

"That's harder to explain."

"Well, start explaining it."

I do owe her a lot of explanations not only about these last few months but about the Brigade and the Doctor. There are a lot of things running into my head at the moment. I know that the espers lost their connection to Haruhi when the Closed Space ended when the whole reversal scheme worked. I also know Haruhi gave me their connection and I can feel what she feels and she feels scared.

"Haruhi? Do you trust me?" I ask.

"Yes, you idiot." Well, at least I know she means it.

"I want to try something. I've never actually tried this before but I think I can do it. I can let you know everything I want to tell you in a second but you have to let me and trust me."


"Just close your eyes." I place my forehead next to her and put my hands on her temples. "Contact."

My memories unspool inside her head like if I was telling her a story. Her story. Starting at the day I met her, the start of the Brigade, Tanabata, the endless August, that December, The Doctor and the years that never were, the other little adventures behind her back and the months I was ripped from her. I also let her see into my head, to see how much I missed her and how much I care about her.

She pulls away with a shudder. Maybe it was too much. I am about to apologize but I find I can't talk as her lip are pressed to mine. She starts pushing me onto my back.

I pull away, "Haruhi, what are you doing?"

"Stop trying to ruin my fun." Her cheeks starts to blush.

"What- oh."

"You're slow." Haruhi says before she starts to kiss me again.

I really hope the Doctor doesn't walk in to Tardis anytime soon.


It's the day of my wedding to Haruhi and I can't say I expected this. Haruhi insisted that the Silurians stay for the wedding. Then the Doctor decides to go pick up some friends I've made in other time periods and planets. No one is asking questions, the more normal guests seem to think they are all cosplayer invited by Haruhi.

I really don't know what else I can worry about. UNIT made the Doctor stay on the planet for a while to do paper work he hasn't done for decades. They also took all the alien tech and everything back, we let them assumed that the big alien that showed up over Tokyo had stolen them. I decided not to correct them on it. Yuki is doing well without her bosses.

I still have no idea what happened to Mikuru and River. The Doctor insists on we do nothing and let that play out on it's own.

I am just stuck pacing around in the grooms room with everyone off to do something for the wedding. All I really have to do is show up and get dressed and Jack even offered to help me with that, I turned him down.

I was finished getting ready leaving me nothing to do but waiting and that when the door swung open. Haruhi in a robe was pushed in by the Doctor.

"What are you doing?" Haruhi tried to tell him off. "It's bad luck for a bride to see the groom before the wedding."

"Luck doesn't have anything to do with either one of you." Doctor scoffs at the idea.

Then I noticed Yuki had followed them into the door and closed the door behind them. Yuki is already wearing her brides maids dress and the Doctor is wearing a tuxedo along with top hat.

"They're coming." Yuki says in her usual monotone.

"Just need to give them a bit of a signal to lock on." He whips out the sonic screwdriver and the top glows green.

Then with a flash of light we find in the center of the room River and Asahina.

"Well, that worked." River said sounding nonchalant.

"What happened?" Haruhi asked confused as everyone.

"You won't be getting any more visitors from the future... from my group." Asahina says in her shy tone I haven't seen in years. She doesn't look at either one of us in the eyes.

"Mikuru?" Haruhi asks.

She turn up to her with her eyes in tears, "I-I'm s-sorry. I didn't want to hurt any of you. They told me it was the only way to protect my future. But- but what they wanted to do... I didn't want to do anything to hurt you." Her last few words little more than whisper nearly drowned out by a whimper.

Before she can say anything else Haruhi wraps her arms around her. In a tone you'd expect from a mother, "It's alright Mikuru. I forgive you. Just don't ever make me worry about you again."

"Thank you Miss Suzumiya."

"Call me Haruhi." Haruhi smiled at her. "Now I have to get ready for the wedding. I want to see you cleaned up and sitting there with everyone else."

"Ok, I will." Asahina gives her one last hug.

She turns around and looks at all of us. "Ok, that was worth you pulling me away." She tell the Doctor begrudgingly. "Now everybody be sure to ready for the wedding soon or else there will be penalties."

With that Haruhi dashes off, "Somethings will never change."

"Kyon." Asahina asks me. "I'm just sorry for everything." She gives me a warm embrace.

"It's okay Asahina."

"Kyon, i think it's okay for you to call me Mikuru now. Please if you really forgive me just call me that."

"Fine, Mikuru."

Hearing me say her name she gives me another squeeze. I still remember the day I met her she told me to call her that but this is the first time I have.

"Kyon, thank you for everything you've done for me. And," there was a catch in her voice, "I wish for you only happiness with your life with Haruhi." Then she gives me a kiss on the cheek.

Pulling away I can see her face turning red as her hair.

"Now, we should get changed if we are going to be ready for the wedding." River pulls her away. "We'll fetch something from the Tardis."

"Parked her outside by the big tree." The Doctor waves her away.

That leaves me in the room with two aliens and I wouldn't think much of it except that I see Yuki staring at me.

"Is something wrong?" I ask her.

Yuki just gently shakes her head. "No." I think that's it but she continues talking. "I also wish to thank you. I would likely not be here today if it was not for your efforts."

"You're my friend I'm just glad I could help you."

"Your companionship means a great deal to me. I like Mikuru Asahina care a great deal for you and wish you happiness in your life with Haruhi Suzumiya."

I get the biggest surprise of the day as Yuki gives me a small kiss. She doesn't wait for me to respond and walks away. Yuki has really started to change, that was the most emotion I have ever heard her express.

"You have no idea." The Doctor responds to my unspoken words. "And they say I'm oblivious about these kind of things." He gives me a smirk.

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh, forget about it. If you haven't figured it out yet there is no point in me explaining it to you on your wedding day."

As I see him walk away I ask, "What does my wedding have to do with it?" I really feel like I'm missing something.


On one side are her brides maids. On my side of the aisle are me and my groomsmen. I have Kunikida as my best man, I'm not dumb enough to have the Doctor do it since I'm sure something will go wrong, still the Doctor is groomsman. Taniguchi is there too still steamed I didn't pick him as best man, he's lucky I didn't switch him out for Jack. Our friends and family gather for this moment. Look onto them I come to one conclusion: we have some weird friends. I guess it suits us. River and Mikuru along with Jack, Mickey and Martha sitting in pews.

As the bridal march begins to play I see her at the other end. Haruhi wearing a long pure white dress holding a bouquet of flowers. Her brown hair still has that yellow ribbon in it except this time it is tying it into a small ponytail. I memorize this image since I don't think I will ever be this happy.

It doesn't take her that long to bridge the distance between us.

"You look beautiful." I tell her.

A small blush crosses her face, "Shut up idiot." She bites back her words. "You look good too."

And the ceremony starts.


The Doctor smiles watching Kyon and Haruhi share on last dance as the the reception starts to wrap up. He makes his way across the reception hall watching them.

"Excuse me." He hears a young woman say.

"No, sorry I wasn't paying attention."

"It's fine."

She walks on past him. The Doctor takes note of her, something about her seems different. She is a petite young woman with short brown hair and a gentle smile. He watches her walk away to meet up with other girls one has long black hair and the other has her hair in twin pigtails.

"Come along sweetie." The Doctor is suddenly pulled away by River. "I think we've already over stayed our welcome, we should say our good byes."

"Do we have to?"

"Yes, I need to get back to work unlike you. I'm a professor I have papers to grade and the University has some meeting set up for me with some company whose interested in some archeological work."

The Doctor paused at the thought.

"Doctor," Kyon called out with his new wife and Yuki and Mikuru in tow. "leaving so soon."

"Yes, you know stuff to do." The Doctor responded. "Besides you don't need me, from now on you've got her."

"Uh?" Mikuru asked. "I was wondering. If you could leave me in my time period. I would..."

"Mikuru?" Haruhi asked. "You don't want to stay here?"

"Though there are times I have thought about this time as my home, I hate the idea of not seeing anyone from that time ever again. I have to go back even if it meant not seeing you guys ever again. "

"Oh, you don't have to do that." River unstrapped the device on her wrist. "Here just take this. The TPDD in your head has stabilizer which the vortex manipulator have been faulty for a while. The Vortex Manipulator still has guidance which your device now lack. And the TPDD can power it too so working together you have a functional time machine. You can visit them anytime you want."

Mikuru blinked as she took the device. "Thank you but are you sure you can just let go of it."

"Yes," River smiled and pointed to the Doctor. "I've got him to taxi me around."

"I'm not a taxi service." Doctor groaned.

"Whatever you say dear. I'll let you say good bye to your friends and wait for you in the Tardis." She smiled at them. "It was pleasure to meet all of you. Thank you, Kyon, thank you for everything."

With that River left.

"You can come with us if you like? I could take you anywhere in time and space." The Doctor said to me and Haruhi. "Sort of a wedding gift. I just have to drop River off."

"No." was Haruhi's answer as she took Kyon's hand. "It think we have our own adventure to start."

The Doctor gave them a broad smile like that of a proud parent watching their child ridding their bike for the first time.

"We'll leave you two to say goodbye." Haruhi whispered to Kyon nudging the other along.


Haruhi pushes the other way as Mikuru fumbles with the vortex manipulator.

"Yuki do take care of them for me." The Doctor asks the interface.

"Yes." Is what the interface responds with.

I turn to the Doctor, "So I guess this is it."

"I suppose it is." The Doctor tell me. "If you ever need me you can find me."

"I have something for you." I hesitate about but he reminded me about it. So I pull out an old newspaper I've been keeping for a while.

On the front page has a sky view photo of a field who someone wrote Doctor on.

"Leadworth?" The Doctor mutters.

"It looks like someone else has been looking for you."

"I guess the Ponds have been getting a little anxious about everything. I'll visit them after I drop off River."

"Good, be careful Doctor."

"It's me Kyon, what could do wrong?" He says with a smile.

He quickly runs off towards the the Tardis. I can't help thinking about this nightmare I have about a lake named Silencio. I really hope it's just a dream and I'm not just getting glimpses of future things.


Kyon comes walking back, he tries to hide it but I can't tell he's a little upset.

"Kyon? Is something wrong?" I ask him because I'm his wife so I should.

"No, no nothing. I'm just going to miss him."

"I'm sure you'll see him again. He's a time traveler he can just pop up whenever he wants."

"Yeah," He so obviously tries to change the subject. "So why did you turn down the chance to travel with him? I mean I would have thought be the first to jump at a chance to travel in time and space."

"Didn't you listen?" I tell him turning away. "I said that we are going to start our adventure."

"I'm actually frightened hearing that coming from you."

"Oh, really." I might as well tell him now. "Kyon there is something I wanted to tell you. Do you remember a couple weeks ago when I wanted to rush up the wedding?"


"Well, there was a reason for that. That's when I found out I was pregnant."

"P-pregnant?" I still managed to surprise him.

I give him a small nod. "Yeah, you're going to be a dad."

"Dad? That means you're going to be a mom?"

"Yes, is that good?"

I can see the look of utter confusion his face, "T-that's unexpected but that's great." He hugs me and after keep this from him for a while I can't help but smile.

I would love to tell him this when we had things more settled but its nice to know he likes the idea of becoming a father.

"I think I have something to tell you too. I might have done some clever things while I was stuck a few month in the past." He smiles at me.

"What do you mean?"

"Remember all those years on Tanabata when we made wishes?"

"You wished for money and a big house."

"Yeah, and since I was stuck in the past I made a few investments. I had some money that UNIT gave me back a while ago I just never took out of the account. It was more than I remember with all the interest it accrued. So with those months..."

"You mean that we have money? Like a lot of money?"

"I don't know if it's a lot. I bought something. I bought is a big house like I wanted."

"A house?! You bought us a a house?!"


"I love it!" I wrap my arms around him as I pull him into another kiss.


Nine months have passed more or less since the wedding. Less probably if I'm being honest. Haruhi went into labor this morning after breakfast and me and Yuki brought her here to find our time traveler Mikuru already here waiting for us. Yuki lives with us and it's nice having her around and if our baby is anything like Haruhi I'm sure I'll need the help and Mikuru pops in from time to time. It looks like she decided to pop in just in time for the birth.

And after several hours the other gathering in the hospital to introduce them to out baby girl,

As Haruhi resting in bed holding the baby in her arms, "Let me introduce you guys to our baby girl Yu."

"Yu?" Taniguchi asks, wait why is he here. Oh, never mind he's here I'm not going to make it an issue.

"We named her after Yuki. Her full name is Yuki but I think we'll just call her Yu." Haruhi explains. "After everything Yuki has done for us we thought it was good idea."

Yuki looks at Haruhi, "Thank you."

It's a simple thing but from Yuki you know it means a great deal.

"She's so cute." Mikuru smiles delighted by Yu.

"Yeah, she's super cute." Tsuruya chuckles as places her hand on her pregnant belly.

Kunikida wraps his arm around her and smiles, "She is, I'm sure our will be just as cute."

Tsuruya now has a large belly that suits her now that's five months pregnant. Kunikida is the father and I know he's my friend but I never thought he had it in him. Anyway they got married a few months after me and Haruhi. I know they'll be good parents. Speaking of which our parents and my little sister still haven't shown up yet. I think my sister wanted to bring Shamisen but I'm sure they'll be here soon. My parents I think were trying to find a camera.

"Oh, just enjoy the moment." The Doctor says.

"Wait, when did you show up." I ask.

"A moment ago." The Doctor grins. He's wearing usual red bow tie and the green coat I bought him.

"How did you even know?"

"Come on did you really think I'd miss this?" He smiles as he pulls out the screw driver and whirls it over Yu. "Just on the safe side making sure nothing strange is going on with her. I mean the last time I had a couple on the Tardis-" The sonic screwdriver bings. "Nope. Just a very cute baby." Yu gurgles something as the Doctor puts away the tool. "No, it's called a bow tie and it's cool. No, I don't care how grumpy he looks he's your father and you should listen to him or pretend like you are. Though you should really save that behavior for your teens."

"What are you doing?" Haruhi asks.

"I speak baby."

Well, that stuns Haruhi.

"Well, I should be off I have a lot to do." The Doctor turns away and walks out of the room. I chase after him.

"That's it. No, goodbye." I ask him stopping him in the middle of the hospital hallway.

"It's not good bye." He says to me without turning back.

"How long has it been? 200 hundred years since you last saw me?"

"It's been a while." That's as far as he's willing to admit.

"So it's happening? My dreams? I'm getting glimpses into time. When the Question is asked Silence will fall. That's you. Your silence."

"Yeah, figured that bit out too." He says lamenting. "A few days is all I got left. It's a fixed point I can't change it either. I just decided to visit a few friends before my time runs out. Maybe finally see the Alignment of Exidor."

"Is there something I can do?"

"There isn't anything anyone can do." The Doctor starts to walk away but stops for a second. "There is something you can do for me though: take care of those two and be happy together."

"Good bye, Doctor." I call to him.

He doesn't turn back he just gives me a wave. I take a breath before I go back into the room, it's a happy day and I don't want to worry them.


Later that day we got to take Yu home. I'm doing taking of her for the moment while Haruhi gets some sleep and Yuki and Mikuru have volunteered to cook something. It's a strange feeling to hold the new born life that me and Haruhi made. In a way it feels more unreal than any of the supernatural things I've seen. Still I look out the window at the stars and hope he's out there somewhere.

I'm rocking back Yu in my arms gently as I walk around the house, eventually I end up at a desk I have covered with papers and reports of the Doctor. On top of the paper there is a blue journal made to look like the Tardis. It belonged to River Song once but as I escaped the Library she told me to take it, that I'd need it for something. I read through it and there are something I'd rather not have read. It does give me an idea. Should something happen to the Doctor he should still be remembered.

I might not have the best voice but I sing a nursery rhyme to Yu. The very first one that pops into my mind.

Tick tock goes the clock

We laughed at fate and mourned her

Tick tock goes the clock

Even for the Doctor.


Thousands of years in the future and even more miles away a rocket flies through space. A woman in a space suit sits quietly reading her journal. It's old, worn and the blue has began to fade. She puts the journal away sure that she will need it soon.

She has already sent the call to him and she is sure he will arrive like he always has. For once she decided to call him instead of her usual means of getting his attention after how he complained about being treated like a taxi service. As she looks through her pack she spots an old book of hers. Years before while she searched for him it gave her hope. It was a little known book that had records of her beloved Doctor. She has met the writer but doesn't know his real name even on the cover it has his nick name. The book contains pictures of the Doctor's every face and stories from so many of his companions. Across the Universe it is held as the more accurate and reputable source on information on the legendary figure known as the Doctor. She read over the cover once more.

"Aren't you tired of reading?" A young man in a space suit comes along asks her. "I mean we are going to a Library I'm sure you'll get your fill of books.

"I suppose you're right." River tells him. "I suppose we should get ready we'll be landing soon. Come along Dave."

The book is simply titled, The Story of The Doctor written by Kyon.

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