Hello and welcome to the Hetalia Interview. To those of you who don't know me…I'm Jean. I will be your host for the show and ask the countries some questions, and ask them to tell us some personals and weird secrets. Now foe the first Country I will be having, come on out America!

The audience cheered and applauded. America jogged out and sat in the green seat across from me. He gave a wave to the crowd and I think I heard a girl shout "You can have my vital regions"!

Hi America. We have heard a lot about you, and our fans and I have a couple of questions we would like to ask you.

Go ahead Jean. I'm all ears.

Okay, well we wanted to know, what part of the family did you get your glasses from. We all know that England has Twenty-twenty vision but, where did the glasses come in?

Well you see Jean, remember you all saw the part where England and France fought over me? They weren't the only ones who discovered me. It was also Sweden and Finland. See? I have Sweden's vision, and Finland's smile.

Wow! Now that I think about it, your right!

The crowd started to look closer and was amazed at the resemblance of the two nations. Some of the people laughed and others shouted "I KNEW IT"!

That was an interesting lesson. Okay, next question. What's it like living with Tony?

Nice question dude. Well you see, Tony isn't all that quiet, actually, he help me figure out some of the planets that we have now. He also created the rover on mars or whatever. Not only did he create that, me and him was walking on the beach, when we so happened to see lighting. It hit the sand and when we picked it up, we discovered glass! That was so cool, man if you were there…*breathes* Anyway, he is difficult to live with on occasions, cause he always want credit on everything that I discovered, or we discovered.

Wait, then what about some ideas you've stole from England, Japan, and Germany.

Germany's i-deas…

The saxophone…rings a bell…

Next question!

Fine. America, what have you done with the condoms that Russia has sent you

...Me and England used them all... We just needed them..For coverage…protection (?) and maybe even France…long story short we are busy people on certain holidays….

The crowd was silent, except for the girls in the front and back rows.

Well, thank you for being honest.-/_/-. We have two more questions for you. What is your view on love?

Ha! Well since you asked, I'm a young country, but I've been around for a while. We can't fall in love with mortals. It's impossible. Yeah we have this nationalism thing but, you come and go, make a treaty here and there, have a war and stay in dept for seven years, but when another country comes to help out, or is the person you can connect with the most, you make this bond. The bond is like the closest thing to love, I may not see it but it is love….


Ha-ha! I sound like an old man. I was talking weird. Oh well next question. This is the one everyone wants to know. Who is older, you or Canada?

Okay, this is a little shocking but Canada is older. If you want to know how, speak with England France and the creators of Wikipedia, because I have nothing to do with it. And If you're wondering if he lost his virginity first, all I can say is ask France that one!

The crowd laughed and cheered as the closing began.

Well that is it for now! Stay tuned for our next Interview. You know him, you love him, and I'm pretty sure that if you were a man, he'd still love you too, stay tuned for France.