"It has been a while and I have been missing you all! Today we have an interesting guess. He was part of the Bad touch tri and he has probably the sexiest ass in the European nations! Please give a wonderful round of applause to SPAIN!"

Crowd cheers.

"Si, si, It is me Spain!"

"Why hello Spain, I just want to ask some questions and you answer them. You know the usual."

"Sure no problema."

"Well, why is your ass so perfect?"

"…..Well..I guess because I was born that way. I don't really know…what I umm….let's just say I have no clue and I was born to have a perfect ass."

"Sorry..Just an urge. Next question is …DO you still have a thing for Austria?"

"I will admit we steal glances across the room and we smile at each other but it never goes farther than a simple handshake."

"How mature."

The crowd clapped their hands so formally...

"Hey Jean I have a question for you. So far, who is your favorite nation to interview?"

"WOW that's a hard one. I can't have a favorite. I love you all, and if you all were humans, I would live my life surrounded by you guys."

Spain got from his seat and gave me a hug "Awwwww," was what the crowd said before Spain had sat back down.

"Next question… And thank you. But our next question is do you ever get mad?"

"Mad? Of course I do."

"How do you release stress?"

"I bullfight of course. Nothing like a good wild fight against bull and man."

"Seems like fun."

"Si, you should try it sometimes."

"For the next question I will ask, is that, I heard you tried to marry a tomato. "

The crowd became silent.

"Hahaha….well Austria said, "if you loved them so much, why didn't you marry them, and I showed my love for tomatoes by trying to marry one. I wasn't really going to do all that, you know, stuff.

"So I guess you were proving a point. Well the next question is I heard from a little birdy…Gilbird, that you let France borrow or you lend conditioner to him."

"Yes, I do. Did you know ketchup is a great conditioner use (true fact)?"

"Okay, let's laugh a little."

"We already are having a good time, I hear laughter and cheers am I right?"

The crowd was losing it and cheered until we lost a light bulb

"When you and your friends talk to each other…who complains the most?"

"OH that would be Prussia. He complains about not having any friends." Spain laughed.

"Wait…he talks to his BAD FRIEND TRIO BUDDIES about not having FRIENDS?! What the heck Prussia? That's Hilarious. Two more questions. The next one is why you treated the other Spanish speaking nations poorly. You were very strict!"

"Well sadly it's not something I'm proud of, but I will say that I was the youngest in my family and so I was treated very differently too, so I guess you could say it's something that stuck with me since I was small."

The crowd said, "awwww" and you could hear a girl in the back yell "I still love you Spain.

"That's okay Spain. You tried you failed, but you made up for it. That's all that matters. Last question…it's personal. In every relationship, why don't you get mad?"

"Well because I know it will blow away eventually so I just smile and take whatever they give me. Nothing special.


"That's the bell and you know what that means. I am your wonderful host Jean…"

"And she'll be here till the world ends. Adios.