Gasping for breath, Ai struggled to continue to keep up with the child detective in front of her. Quickly, the two shrunken teenagers hid behind a corner, surrounded by dark shadows. They stilled their movements and froze, listening to the sound of the sniper's rifle being reloaded with a deadly click.

Ai sharply glanced at the grimacing detective with her deep stormy eyes. "Kudo-kun… What are we going to do?" The voice was barely above the wind's gentle breeze that ruffled the pair's hair, despite the dangerous situation they were in.

His cerulean eyes gazed into hers seriously. "I have an idea."

Conan took a deep breath and Ai watched in horror as he suddenly leaped out of their temporary cover, into the open. Immediately the red laser settled on his forehead and Ai's heart threatened to leap out of her chest.


Defiantly, the detective glared at the source of the fatal beam and as if scolding a child, yelled, "Sniper no sniping! Sniper no sniping! Sniper, no sniping!"

The shrunken scientist stared incredulously at the detective from her hiding place, fearing the worst. After a moment, the red dot disappeared and a gruff voice muttered, "Oh, man!"

This was inspired when I was playing Detective Conan Mini Mafia and I spelled 'sniper' instead of 'Swiper'. :P