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"A vampire's daytime resting place is his most closely guarded secret." –Bill Compton

The sun had just risen and Godric prepared himself for bed in his lavishly furnished bedroom under his manor. Clothed in the finest silk he could find, he almost face-planted onto his bed. The night had drained him of most of his energy and hey, even a vampire of his age gets tired. Firstly, his childe, Eric accompanied by Bill and his human, Sookie to his territory to save him from the Fellowship of the sun. He didn't need saving though, he went there only to save what was his.

His nest and his childe rushed into the church without thinking things through. Why would he ever surrender himself to some humans? He absentmindedly wondered if they accidentally drank from one too many humans that were on drugs.

Of course in the end with Jason's help many lives were saved, and he left the church after his speech of: "These people have not harmed me. You see we can co-exist." Godric scoffed. Yes indeed they could, now once the day is over, the one who took his treasure, his beloved, would most probably be drowning in his own blood. The benefits of being an ancient vampire, he does not need much to sustain himself thus leaving him various opportunities to torment his prey.

Have the humans not learn? Never take anything that belonged to a vampire, the consequences would be dire. And Godric, despite mellowing in the last couple years, had a nasty streak, kind of like a child when his favorite toy had been taken from him or like a lioness when a hyena got near her cub. And a certain someone would be feeling all of Godric's nastiness the next night. Godric couldn't help not smile at that, mind racing through various scenarios he could put the offender in. Now whoever said he had lost his bloodlust is seriously wrong.

A few hours later while Godric slept peacefully, the door to his room creaked open, jerking him awake. He laid there as still as a corpse, pretending to sleep to catch whoever it was that dared trespass into his territory.

He heard the shuffling of feet approach his bed cautiously before a small form with a mop of extremely messed up black hair entered his line of sight as he laid sideways on the bed.

"Godric…I had a nightmare…." The little one said, voice somewhat sleepy as he clutch his pillow against his form. "Can I sleep with you today?" He whispered, emerald eyes looking imploringly at him.

"My bed is free to you whenever you wish it little one." Godric smiled at Harry as he giggled and crawled up next to Godric, pulling the silk duvet up over himself and Godric before snuggling down, pressing his face against Godric's torso and promptly fallen asleep as Godric wrapped his arms around his precious treasure and joined him in dreamland.

The sun had just set and Godric laid wide away on his bed, arms still encasing his little one. With his right hand, he caressed Harry's messy mop of hair, he could get up now and fulfill his sheriff duty, whoever knew that along with being a sheriff, you had to have to do a lot of paperwork as well? Or he could lay there, enjoy Harry's presence and the paperwork could go screw themselves. He could always get Eric to do it later anyway.

Speaking of his treasure, he looked down at the peaceful face of Harry who subconsciously shifted closer to his caressing hand, looking so very adorable. Godric appreciated that his little one decided to sleep in the day and wake at night just so he could spend more time with Godric. Of course due to that, they had found it difficult to hire a teacher for Harry seeing that not many humans would actually willingly go into a nest of vampires.

Getting a fangbanger to teach his little one would not do either. Seeing the outfit that most of them wore, they would influence his pure, innocent, little one. In the end though Isabel and Stan took up tutoring Harry, the little one seems to be able to grow on everyone. Stan actually called him "the little fungus" before Godric told him that in no way possible was his little one to be named a fungus.

Godric's memory turned as he remembered the day his little one went missing, remembering the fury he had felt, so did the rest of his nest for that matte. The orders to find Harry as quickly as possible stressed them. Not that they didn't want to find the little one, they do, they would be most willing to tear the one who took him apart but that spot was reserved by Godric himself.

They do however get to see it as Godric always punish offenders while the nest gathered to watch, and they were pleased by that. Although Godric only punishes those who directly offended him, till now almost everyone agrees that Godric has the most imaginative mind amongst them. He rarely ever do use the same punishment even if it ended in the offender's death.

Godric forcibly calm himself down as his angel shifted, eyelids fluttering and finally opened to reveal those bright emerald eyes to him. "Good morning Godric." His angel whispered, shifting to hug Godric for a minute. "You were thinking of something. What is it?" The angel declared, his voice tinged with curiosity.

"It's nothing you should worry yourself with little one. Pam told me she wanted to bring you out shopping tonight, maybe if you said please, she'll buy you a stuffed animal or two?" Godric replied as he ruffled the little one's hair. Harry brightened up and shot out of bed to get dressed. He does not want to miss the opportunity to add to his growing army of stuffed animals.

Godric watch as the little one ran about and then out the door to find Pam, 'Now…time for a hunt and then some fun.'He grinned menacingly before disappearing in a blur of white.

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