Hello dear readers,

It has been a long time since I've updated any of my stories and I've decided to sadly, discontinue one or two due to lack of inspiration and also a lack of a beta to help me out. _

There are a few which I wish to rewrite as they have been written a long time ago and I've matured slightly so I shall try to improve on them.

Here's the list of my stories and which would be discontinued/rewritten.

Dark at heart (discontinued)

Little angel (to be rewritten)

The first vampire (to be rewritten)

On another note, I'm still looking for a beta for my stories to make them better and to get myself to have the motivation to update more frequently. If you're interested, do drop me a pm or email me at forevalurves .sg (I don't get notifications of pm sometimes...)

Thanks for staying with me through this journey and hope to hear from you all again.