The lights were dim and the room was silent. Working in a library has it's bonuses, but the long shifts were killing me more than ever. Each day I felt like my head was spinning downward in a spiral. How much more could I take before I would finally break? I sighed aloud, startling myself at the sudden noise. The eerily quiet library was starting to get on my nerves. Thinking over the events of the past few years brought tears to my eyes. The lump in my throat attacked me harshly as the tears spilled over. After everything we had been through together, how could he do this to me? My mind was working overtime trying to comprehend how someone could lie to someone for 13 years, without a second thought. Everything we shared was a lie; every kiss, every touch, every night, every dream, all of our memories meant nothing. How did he hide it from everyone else? Something that big shouldn't be so easy to hide, but somehow he managed to pull it off and break my heart in the end. Maybe I should have knew this was coming? I had done nothing to deserve his kindness and attention, so this is my punishment. I had been selfish with him when I needed him most and it was coming back to haunt me. A low chuckle brought me out of my mourning as I looked up, shocked at the sight in front of me; nothing.

"Who's there?" I managed to croak out, my voice cracking. The library was completely empty, the only sound was the beating of my heart. There was nothing but silence. My mind must be playing tricks on me again, I sighed. Would I ever go back to normal? "Great, now I'm hearing things." The lights began to flicker on and off. My breath caught in my throat. Every time the lights would come back on, I would see Victoria, with her flaming red hair standing a few feet in front of me. They would turn back off and on again and there would be nothing there. My mind must really be playing tricks on me now. 6 hours of sleep was finally catching up to me.

"Poor, little, defenseless Bella." The voice high pitched and cut through the silence like glass. Great, now I was back to hearing things. The voices my head was playing with sounded so clear.

"Who's there? The library is closed." I called out, trying to sound brave. It was probably just some of the punk teenagers that liked to cause problems. My mind was fighting like hell to reassure me that I wasn't in any danger. I could hear the wind whip as a book flew towards my desk. It barely missed my head. My common sense was screaming for me to run as fast as I could for the door. I knew the book was flying to fast to be thrown from a normal person. My greatest fear was coming closer to being my reality. My breath caught in my lungs as the flash of red hair was in front of me. "Victoria." I cringed, my heart leaping to my feet.

"Time to meet your fate." She seethed, inching closer towards me. Her eyes were vibrant red, burning into my head; an image that I would never be able to erase. She was livid, that was very clear. I knew this truly was the end for me. There was no stopping her, I am weak and human. Jake wouldn't come save me after everything that just happened, and Edward was gone with the wind. After everything that I have gone through, I never imagined dying like this. I thought that the pack had scared her away when they killed Laurant. Maybe she'll make it quick and I'll be lucky? She inched closer and closer and I could feel myself slipping into the darkness of death.