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Title: Graduation

May 23rd, 2007.

Days melted into months; seconds turned into hours; and before I knew it, I was finally graduating high school. The events that had happened in the last four years didn't seem real to me. So much had been packed into the last four years of my life; I wondered how there was room for all of it. I went from living in Phoenix, moving to Forks, my life being thrown upside down and all over the place, to something steady with the man I love. Renee and Phil had flown in yesterday; Charlie was less than thrilled to meet Phil. He liked him even less than I did. Jake's sister, Rachael, had come back from college for the summer. She graduated with honors in all of her classes, and thought about staying home for awhile. Billy and Jake were so thrilled to have her back for a few weeks; so was Paul; since he imprinted on her. Billy and Jacob were happy Rachael was home, but not thrilled to have Paul around all the time, even though his anger and attitude have improved a lot.

"Bella," My mom's voice pulled me out of my thoughts. "It's almost time to go." She grinned, pulling me close for a hug. Rachael stood behind me; it turns out she had a love for makeup and hair styling. She reminded me so much of Alice; but I tried not to think of that, it still hurt to think of the others even though they had been gone for so long now. I was grateful for the torture this time; I looked amazing. She did spiral curls in my hair, then pulled it back in a clip. My makeup was light, but enhanced the dominant features of my face, as she put it. They both were beaming when I turned around to face them.

"You look gorgeous!" Rachael buzzed, pulling me into a huge hug. We had gotten close in the last few weeks she had been here. It was nice having someone to relate to. She recently got out of a bad relationship, then fell completely in love with Paul.

"I can't believe my baby girl is growing up." Charlie appeared at the entrance of the door, tears brimming in his eyes. Renee smiled affectionately towards him, and a light blush covered his cheeks.

"We should go before we are late." She said, looping her arm in mine and helping me down the treacherous stairs. Billy, Jake, and the rest of the pack were going to meet us at the school. Charlie, Phil, Rachael, Renee and I all piled into the cruiser. Phil rode in the front with Charlie; making it awkward for the rest of us. Sunlight shined in through the windows, warming my skin as I tried to ignore the tension in the car. Renee and Rachael were filled with excitement, and they did most of the talking to save the rest of us from the dread of making small talk.

Graduation is suppose to mark the starting of a new chapter in your life, but I don't see what it could possibly do for me. I think I've gone through all the chapters in high school that I could. Besides, I have everything that I need with me. College would be starting in the fall and so would Jacob's senior year. I decided to go to the community college in town so I could be closer to Jacob. Charlie pulled into a parking space close to the doors. Jessica and Angela came running over to me. They both looked amazing in their dresses. It was incredible to see how they've grown and changed over the years.

"Can you believe it?" Jessica squealed, hugging me while jumping up and down. Angela stood smiling brightly while we embraced.

"Crazy, right?" Angela said, pulling me in for a hug. I nodded, agreeing with how true the statement truly was. Two of my best friends pulled me towards the auditorium, where the graduation was being set up. We had to separate towards our different rooms to get in line. I was sad because I didn't get to see Jacob before it was time. It was hard to concentrate on one thing. My mind was swirling with all the different thoughts I was having. I would need to get a job after high school. Eventually, I'd want to buy my own place. Renee would be leaving soon which made me sad. I was pulled out of my thoughts when the music for us to start walking to began playing.

I was scared that I would mess up or trip, but surprisingly I didn't. I could hear all the pack start hooting when they saw me take my seat on stage with the rest of my classmates. Jake's eyes caught me; they were glowing with pride and love. I gave him a cheesy smile before focusing on the principal. Everything passed with a blur. I had walked across the stage, without tripping, received my diploma and many hoots, and now I was wrapped in the embrace of my family and friends. Time was moving so quickly, it was hard to keep up with everything.

"I'm so proud of you." Charlie muttered, pulling me close for a hug. For once, the affection between us didn't feel awkward. Renee was next to take me into her arms, hugging me tightly.

"You're all grown up now." She cried, hugging me tighter. I felt a few tears of my own slip as I squeezed her back.

"I'll always be your baby girl." Renee smiled at my reassurance. Before I could put together what was happening, the pack had me surrounded while they did a dance around me.

"Bella's an adult now!" Quil hooted, throwing me on his shoulder while the other guys jumped up and down around us.

"I can't believe she's out of high school before the rest of us!" Seth whined, poking me in my side. I couldn't help but giggle. How lucky was I to have all these amazing people who love me? My thankfulness filled my heart as I hugged each one of them. Jake was at the end of the line. I skipped of Brady and Colin to jump in his arms. I felt like one of those girls on a T.V show; and I was just waiting for the obnoxious 'awe'.

Jake stroked my hair as he held me close in his arms. I knew people were staring, but I could careless. "You take my breath away." He whispered, kissing my forehead.

"I love you." My smile could have lit up the world in that moment. Nothing could have ruined that moment. I was in true paradise.

"Not as much as I love you." He whispered, kissing me softly. Paul snorted.

"Ha-Ha Jake, you're still in high school. How does it feel to date an older woman" He teased, giving Jake a light shove. Jake laughed, holding me tighter. The warmth of his body sent tingles throughout every inch of my being. I couldn't fight the blush that came to my cheeks.

"Rachael's older than you," Jake teased him. Paul has gotten so much better at controlling his anger. He is fighting so hard to not hurt Rachael ever, and to keep her on La Push. "Besides, I won't be in high school for much longer." We all laughed, not knowing how true that was. Time was really going to fly now.

Jake's Graduation

May 21st, 2008.

I couldn't believe it. It felt like just yesterday I had graduated high school; so much has changed in the last year. Phil and Renee began having problems, but she didn't let on too much about that. She visited Forks more than usual. It was really nice to have her around, and to see Charlie happy again. I suspect that their love is rekindling. Rachael had gotten pregnant within a few months of being back. Billy wasn't happy at first, but when Paul proposed to her, he accepted it for what it was. Imprinting was something that nothing could come between. They had their baby on April 12th, 2008. Rachael named her Sarah, after their mother. It made my heart swell with happiness seeing Jake hold his niece for the first time. Time was really going by fast, and if you let go, you would be left behind.

"Come on Bellllllll-uuuuuuuh!" Seth hollered, grabbing my arm. He broke me out of the trance I was in and was dragging me down the road.

"Seth," I laughed, pulling my arm out of his grasp. "Graduation isn't for another two hours." He stuck his tongue out at me and went back to pulling me down the street.

"Well, it'll take us two hours to get there with how slow you are!" He wailed, pulling me over his shoulder and taking off running. I was laughing uncontrollably by the time we reached the high school on the reservation. It had only taken us five minutes to get there.

"So what do we do now, Sherlock?" I teased, giving him a light shoved which didn't move him at all. Seth grinned a wolf like grin.

"It's actually starting in five minutes, I changed the time on your phone to confuse you." I gasped, looking at the screen on my phone, then glaring at Seth. He laughed like crazy at my glare. I grabbed his arm and dragged him into the gym where the chairs were set up. Quickly, I found Sue and shoved Seth down next to her. She looked at me, puzzled.

"He's being a butt hole!" I exclaimed, hitting him one more time, softly to make sure I didn't hurt myself. He chortled with uncontrollable laugher, and I couldn't help but giggle with him. I found Rachael and took a seat by her. Music began playing and the small graduating class of the reservation walked out into the makeshift stage. Jake's grin was huge when he saw me. I was overwhelmed with pride and adoration. We had come such a far way since when I first came to Forks. I wouldn't change a thing that happened.

The ceremony was almost over. Jake was asked to make a speech, since he was such a good student. Plus, the principal was part of the council and knew he was a protector. I smiled when he stepped up to the microphone.

"Thank you for coming tonight to celebrate the graduation of the 2008 class!" He cheered, getting a response from his fellow classmates. "High school has been a crazy journey for most of us. Things happened that we would have never expected." He looked at me with a small smile. "We have learned so much and grown together in the last four years. We are all a family, whether we are related by blood, or Quileute culture. Sometimes, things happen and we lose ourselves. People who are here and you see everyday are able to help you pull yourself back together. I know so many people who are stronger than they appear. This graduating class is one the of the closes that I have ever seen. We have awesome teachers and principals to thank for that. School has impacted my life so much. It gave me a place to come when I had no where else to go. I've learned so much here, and by talking to some people, I've made the biggest decision of my life here." His speech had brought tears to my eyes. Jake was such an incredible person, and I don't know what I did to deserve him. "Bella, will you come up here please?" My eyes widened with shock. What does he want me to do? Rachael gave me an encouraging nudge. Charlie's eyes had a gleam in them that I had never seen before.

I made my way slowly to Jake and he gave me a wide smile. He slowly got down on one knee, and I felt the tears start falling. He smiled at me again, reaching up to wipe my tears.

"Bella Swan, will you marry me?"

I had to cut it off there, just to make you guys want more. I'm enjoying writing this, so I hope you all are enjoying reading this. I want to promise you all something now, this story will be finished! I will not leave it to go unfinished. I think things will start moving at a faster pace from here, but I'm not fully sure! Please review!