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"You're lying! You must be."

"No. No! Nuada I am not lying. My father's name was Francis Davidson of Monte Carlo. My mother met him in the summer when he was on vacation in Greece. He was a human who fell in love with a mermaid and became one of us to stay with her, but he died years ago as you well know that part."

When the look of total truth came upon the face of his beloved he felt chilled to the bone. His heart still burned for his love for her, but the truth was causing chills along his skin. He gripped her arms tighter pulling her closer to him.

"We shall forget this. You are still going to become my wife. When you do no one shall know of your blood."

"You would have me lie about who I am just because you find it repulsive that I am what I am?" Her eyes told of her heart, hurt. Pain he too felt but was forcing all of his body to hide


"Tell me the truth you find me a damaged good now don't you? A burden on your crown!"

"Melusine, please! I shall return in time to bring you food. In the meantime calm yourself." He left the room with quick steps. He went over to check on his sister where there were signs of deepening hostility between the two.

"How do you fair sister?"

"As well as could be expected under the circumstances that have risen to the occasion."

"You shall see that it is not going to be that way."

"I already know from the connection we share that you intend to kill Abraham if he were to come."

"Oh he shall come sister and when he does I will do as you have said."

"Why, my brother? Why shall you kill one who honors his word?"

"Because he will sooner betray me for humankind and I never promised him life. I only promised that he shall see you alive again."

"Speaking of humans, have you talked with Melusine?" She gave him a coy smile. She already knew about his meeting with her.

"You shall desist with using that term to address your to be sister in law."

"How can you deny the truth about her?"

"She is not human. She is a mermaid. A fair beauty, with sense and gentle of her heart that will guide our subjects well."

"My brother. To live in the land of denial will lead your people astray with your thoughts. Come clean and accept her for who she is and abandon the golden army at its doors."

"It is not up for discussion. I will lead the army and it will be victorious in its wake and after their conquests there shall be peace and renewal throughout the lands. In celebration there shall be a wedding. A royal wedding that brings promise and life to those that have had to hide in the rotting darkness."

"Brother. Tears shall be shed and they will be of blood. For the lives that are needlessly sacrificed."

"What of our people?! Were there lives any less important?! Their blood has been shed all over these lands because of humans. No more of that shall happen. No more will it happen." He left his sister making sure to lock the door and went to gather the two women's meals. He gave his sister hers first. He wished to ease the tension with his marriage intended over a meal.

He entered the room to find her lounging on the bed. She rose up on her hands looking sadly at him and then turning away. He moved forward and placed the food down on a table. His sight was set on Melusine. With gentle hands he stroked her back and carefully wrapped his arms around her stomach pulling her into his lap so that she could rest against his chest. His breath felt hitched at the contact.

"Melusine, how long do you plan to stay in this melancholy mood?" Nothing came from her mouth. Not even the movement of her eyes was given. He moved his fingers through her hair lightly to relax. But found the effect was tensing her skin. He was not sure if it was a tension towards him or that he was stirring hidden passion within her.

"Please my love. Speak. One word and I shall be content."

"Forever?" She asked still staying as still as could be.

"For now I shall be content. I have brought you something to eat." He picked up the simple wooden bowl filled with delicious soup and brought to her. She picked up the spoon and began to eat. Barely though the soup was like water nearly no taste for her tongue and nearly no feeling of contentment. Nuada continued to hold the bowl, content to see that she was not refusing food from him. She was soon done with the meal and he discarded the bowl back to its place. His arms moved themselves to enclose around Melusine, who found herself burying herself in his strong arms and broad chest. Why the action gave her a sense of ease when she should be scared she was unsure how that could be, but at the time she felt no need to think further on the subject. His heart was feeling warmth from her heart towards him. A cozy picture of the two of them. Do you not agree? At least from the outside inside it is still unsure. Nuada took a step closer and kissed her brow. Her eyes closed at the contact. His lips the traveled down to her cheek. Daring to become closer to her he went for her lips. A kiss that was firm and warm. A kiss that held no shame or regret for either recipient. Melusine was drawn in for inside she felt no one existed but he and she, at least for the moment they were to share for as long as fate would allow it.

But back at the Bureau things were in chaos of ginormous proportions. Hellboy was getting closer to death's door, Abe was love sick for the safety of the princess to the point where his mind was not thinking straight or at all really, Krauss was bubbling in fury over what had happened (some thought he would burst out of his suit) and Mallantha had just arrived.

"WHERE IS HE?!" She yelled throwing the steel doors open with such fury that scared many of the agents. Not one thought that such an action from the celebrity. She turned her head angrily at the nearest agent. A man who found himself trembling.

"Where is Krauss?" Her voice said icily through clenched teeth. Thunder rolled in with withering clouds showing the talent of Mallantha. Minor control of the weather.

"He-He is in-n-n-n the brief-f-fing room." The fearful agent said his pants close to soaking. He was a newbie. Mallantha glided over the floor to the room as if her feet never touched the smooth surface. Again she threw open doors and this time her fury was tenfold. Lightning flashed threatening to fry the circuits and people inside the room. Manning seeing her entrance took it upon himself to cool her raging temper. But Manning was going to find out that it wasn't going to end well for anyone at the moment.

"You said that she would be safe!"

"She is to our knowledge safe." He said surprisingly calm.

"Then why was I told that she was in danger?!" Her eyes narrowed to the point of slits a throwback of the more bloodthirsty heritage of merpeople.

"You see…"

"SHE WAS KIDDNAPPED BY A DERANGED PSYCHOTIC ELF PRINCE THAT ATTACKED AND MORTALLY WOUNDED ONE OF YOUR FINEST AGENTS! I WOULD CALLTHAT DANGER! SO MUCH FOR THIS FACILITY BEING UNDECTABLE!" Her voice was near to being that short of demonic. Manning found himself shrinking to her fiery gaze. Krauss came forth and took up the slack. Thinking he may be able to calm her enough for the storm to blow over.

"Mallantha, calm yourself. We know that Melusine is alive and well. Prince Nuada would not have gone to all this trouble to take her just to kill her off. He intends to make her his bride. Why would he have needed to see her dead? Think logically Mallantha. It is one of your stronger suits." Mallantha's temper cooled to the words of the ectoplasm man. He had called her Melusine. Not your sister or cadet. Melusine. He better look carefully now, his humanity was showing it was a small joke and one that was surprising considering the circumstances, but needed at the same time.

"Please wait outside." She nodded and went to sit on the chair provided. She could see the agent she knew as Liz sitting on something while her body was in flames. The other agent Abe came into view and began to talk to her. Interest struck Mallantha. Perhaps they knew something that she had not. She inched closer to them seeing their faces contort into a secret plan. A plan which was to steal one of the aircrafts and go after the others themselves even if they had to go against orders.

"I want in." The two turn around shocked to find that someone had listened to their whole plan.

"Mallantha I do not know what you mean."

"Abraham. I know that you are going after them and I want no I am going with you. That is my sister that he kidnapped and no one is going to stop me. If you try I suggest that you kill me. That is the only way that you can stop me and if you let me go I won't turn you into a lightning rod." She said making the convincing thunder roll and lighting flash into front of his eyes...

"Ever the convincing heroine against the forces that wish to put her down Miss. Mallantha."

"I find that I connect with those that I portray."

"Then come with us. We must hurry before the others make any sort of stance to stop us." They move and go forth to gather Hellboy and then to the aircraft that they planned to steal to get to the hiding place of the prince. However they were soon stopped by a similar foe. A similar foe, who had already been yelled at and scolded by two females in the group, one of them was certainly more than willing to yell at him again.

"Guten Abend, Meine Freunde. Do you have authorization to take that plane?" Liz took out her guy.

"You're not going to stop us Johann."

"On the contrary, I've been giving it some thought and we should be able to save Agent Hellboy." He tosses the bag that Mallantha knew what was contained to Abe.

"You say that I'm not human anymore, but you are wrong. I understand your pain all too well. A long time ago, I lost the woman I loved. And that was, in fact, the source of my present misfortune. I will tell you about it one day. But for now, the tactical advantage is ours. Consider this the Prince lacks the crown piece and without it, his army poses no threat."

"So we have clearance then." Liz asks.

"Agent Sherman, Liz screw the clearance. We will take that plane!" They board the plane, but before Mallantha and Johann exchange a few words to each other with a new found respect they now established between each other.

"What made you change character?"

"You can thank agent Sherman for this sudden leap of character. Keep in mind this word of wisdom for when we return. Talk."


"We have much to discuss for when we return to the base. Most of it concerning you and I." Mallantha could not think for a second at the shock of what Johann was implying. After the incident they had experienced the idea of talking about it seemed surreal. They boarded the plane and headed for the destination.

Melusine was faring better with her situation. Nuada's exterior turned to one of warmth and invite easing the tension and giving recollection to the mermaid's reason for love. Forgetting for a moment what lay beyond the doors enjoying the feel of kisses shared between lovers. Till they had arrived at their destination, then things changed. Nuada went back to his cold exterior. Offering no glimpse of the inside.

"What is it?" Melusine asked when her love did not return her kiss.

"We have arrived to our destination. We need to get ready for those who are coming. I have a dress for you to wear. Presentation is important for a new queen." He moved to a trunk and took something wrapped in brown cloth out of it. He handed it to Melusine who opened the package. It was indeed a dress. One that was of a beautiful purple blue that shimmered like moving water in the moonlight. The design was long and flowing sleeveless with armlets that went up to the elbow. A silver belt with Celtic origin accessorized the outfit nicely. She felt her eyes widen at its beauty. He left the room to allow her to dress. But if truth were to be spoken he would have rather been there helping her remove the garments she wore presently. But his upbringing taught him better. In due time he would be able to render her of her garments as he saw fit. Once she had placed the dress on her frame he led her to his sister's room and then took the two women into Beth Mora.

One could feel the presence of death around them and the fear that accompanied it. Dangerous beings with golden armor seventy times seventy soldiers were hidden within the walls. Melusine felt sickened to be inside and moved closer to Nuada. He brought them into the main hall where the golden army slept they walked up the intricate steps that resembled gears.

"Here is where we shall begin again. Soon we shall be wed my beautiful Melusine." He gently brushed his hand over her face moving it down her arm picking up her hand to place a gentle kiss upon the soft clear flesh. He was not cold now. Melusine thought quickly that it was time to plead with him again. She started her words.

"Nuada I…"

"Hush my pet. Our guests have arrived." He said guiding them to the door. Indeed the doors opened to the scene of visitors. Five visitors to be exact had entered the hall of the Golden Army. Hellboy, Liz, Abe, Krauss and Mallantha. Her sister had come. A new fear came upon Melusine the fear that her sister would meet death here and now before her eyes at the hand of the one she loved. Her fear was present on her face to the prince who in his heart felt a twinge of regret over his plan. But he moved it to the side of his thoughts. He was doing this to better the world. Melusine would see that in time and the fear will be gone. This was right this was the path. His confidence returned and he spoke out to the gathering before him.

"You're here. So I assume that you have brought the remaining piece?"

"No. We didn't but we should discuss…" Krauss attempted to speak before being silenced by Nuada.

"I'm not addressing you, Tin Man." He raised his hand in open gesture to the blue member of the group. "Abraham."

"My sister is well as I promised, so…"

"Abe?" Hellboy questioned his longtime friend. Nuala urged Abe not to do something, something everyone knew but at the same time dreamed that they would be wrong. Abe with crown piece in hand brought it up high to eye level for all to see. Melusine's stomach fell at the sight.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Abe turned to Hellboy as if in retaliation to his once friend. He said clearly for him to hear.

"You would do the exact same for Liz." He then turned again towards Nuada with Krauss shouting for him not to do it. But he threw it and it landed right into the gloved hands of Nuada. Combining the last piece to the crown and then placing it upon his head. He declared.

"I am Prince Nuada, Silverlance, leader of the Golden Army. Is there anyone here who would dispute my right?" The clicking of wearing gears was coming to life within the confines of the room. Melusine closed her eyes and breathed the breath that lied within her heart. Her spirit fell to the sound for she knew that the army was coming to life before her. Her eyes then opened to the sight of clakering clanging metal machines. Nuala urged her brother to stop.

"He lied to us." Abe said truly surprised at the actions of the prince. Hellboy took out his gun opened the chamber.

"Abe, old buddy, if we ever get out of this, we gotta talk." A metal sword sliced down upon Hellboy who shot it out of harming him. He then proceeded to walk on to the next one taking it down with a bullet. He slid on the floor shooting up and the looming gold giants above. He stopped and reloaded. Jumping on to the backs and fighting. When he came back to the ground he said. "Indestructible my ass." A small chuckle came out of Melusine's throat. The look on Nuada's face was quick to silence this. Krauss took this opportunity to leave his suit and do some real damage to those S.O.B's. He took over one and used it to fight against the others. Showing he did know how to be a bad ass. He took off the arm of one of them. Hellboy noticing this got his attention with "Hey throw me a bone here." The arm was thrown to Hellboy who skidded back a bit and then charged after them in fury. Mallantha soon found her way into the action. Transforming her body into clouds and striking the army with fearsome blows.

The team soon found themselves looking at the machines which were previously destroyed transforming back into their original shape as if no harm had ever been done before to them. To best explain the mood of this situation would be the words of Hellboy. "Oh crap." And Krauss with "Well I'm out of ideas."

"There has to be something we can do." Mallantha said now weary from the fight they had just had. She stole a glance to look at her sister. Happy was she that her sister was safe and unharmed, but more than ticked off at the man who had taken her.

"Stop!" The noise was enough to cease the movements of the many golden machines. All turned to see what was unfolding before them. It appeared to be a drama.

"I beg of you Nuada to spare them from this death." Melusine had come to her knees before the prince a medieval picture of a woman at prayer. Tears streamed upon her eyes half formed pearls for only in the moment of deepest emotion can they form completed tears and not just pearls. "Spare my sister and my friends for they have not known the pain you have seen. Please spare them my love."

Prince Nuada with all the grace he could muster under the circumstances came down upon his knee to raise his beloved and wipe away her tears from her blossomed cheeks. A gentle act of love was all he could give to her for his mind had to stay set in stone for his cause. A cause that would provide her and him with a better future.

"I am afraid that your plea of life must fall upon deaf ears my love." He then motioned for the minions to do their work without as much as a second thought on the life that was to be taken. To ensure that there would be no harm done to his beloved he kept his grip firmly upon her. One little lessening of his grip and she would bolt like a mare from her paddock.

"I have one idea." Hellboy whispered to his comrades. In a loud voice that sounded more annoyed than what one would expect vibrated from his vocal chords.

"I challenge Prince Nuada." This caught the Prince's attention and the others as well. "For the right to command this army."

The army all turned to the Prince for a reaction. They got one. An arrogant reprieve.

"You challenge me? Who are you to challenge me? You are nobody. You are not reality." His sister who he had also had to keep hold of was the one to correct him of his mishap.

"Yes. Yes! His is Anung un Rama, son of the Fallen One. He has the right." She said walking to the back since his grip had fallen from her arm. Still his grip remained on Melusine. "A challenge must be answered." Was the final word of Nuala. Nuada thought inside his head battling about duty and vision. He relinquished his grip on Melusine.

"Very well then." Was all he said that caused the stir of commotion from the group. Each trying to persuade Red to avoid the challenge or offer that they compete with him. To Liz he said "Don't worry Babe."

To Blue he said. "I'm not going to kill him Abe, but I am going to kick his ass." Each of the opponents moved to the area destined for the battle. The Golden Army moved away to provide room. Nuada removed his gloves then offered Hellboy a sword. Each took their stance and each moved to strike the other. Nuada was fast and limber in his movements such grace came forth from the years of training he had in exile. Hellboy was quick and careful to avoid the blow of death on to his opponent. He managed to nick his arm, but at the same time it had nicked Nuala as well.

The fear of death for either one of them was so much to bear for each side. Liz's breath was soon gone when it appeared that Hellboy had fallen to his death. Melusine too felt the pang of lose for a friend. A shining ray of hope dawned upon them when Hellboy made an appearance surprising all to his life. Nuada brought forth the battle again. The two duked it out among the gears and clogs of their battle ground. At one point Hellboy had caught hold of the elf prince by his throat.

"You jumpy, slippery bastard. I got you now." He threw him on to the ground grabbed hold of the spear of Nuada and leaped over and on to where the prince had fallen. The spear aimed at his throat. Nuada took breath and then spoke.

"Kill me. You must, for I will not stop. I cannot. I ask that you spare her the sight of my death." His eyes fell to Melusine. Her angelic beauty from her love of him was making his pain of loss doubled it would triple if she were to see him die.

"Nuada, please don't end this way." She said calm for her voice was dying upon her. Hellboy his eyes narrowed said only this. "Sorry pal. I win. You live."

Without moving the spear from his neck Red took the crown from Nuada's head. He looked at the lines of weaponized warriors before him. Inside his heart there was but a brief flicker of what he could do if he controlled the army, but that soon faded and gone with wind with the duty and knowledge of what was right replaced it. He walked over to Liz as Nuada watched from the ground not yet daring to get up. From his side he drew a short knife his mind not clearly thinking, the mission still buzzed like that of a kicked wasps nest. He rose up a little. In fear of what was to come and believing that she could stop it. Melusine leaped from where she stood and threw herself between the two warriors. An abrupt motion caused fear in sides of both. The on lookers believed he had stabbed Melusine. Blood appeared on her dress as they parted. Not hers, but his. Nuada said but one thing and that was the name of his twin. He looked to where she stood. A knife his hand that stabbed her heart. Inside she felt that this outcome was the best for all. Her pale hand removed the blade and once the full blade was removed she fell to the ground. Abe in haste went to her side. The love he felt was soon to be gone.

Nuada fell upon the arms of his love and Red.

"The humans, they will tire of you. They have already turned against you. Leave them. Is it them or us? Which holocaust should be chosen?"

"None." Melusine said stroking his brow. "My love, Tides turn each day in a fashion, but when they turn they bring new treasures. If the relation of humans and elves were to change the best hope lies not in the past of war and bloodshed. No one learns from those other than hate and death. Your mind had only thoughts of vengeance that coupled with its scarred heart. If you could have looked past everything that you had believed to once be true you would have seen the potential of peace for both sides. In a way you had when you still chose to love me." Her words touched gently upon his soul for truth and wisdom grew from them. He should have seen it before this time. Now all was lost.

Abe now at the side of his love could only say of how he had wished he could have told her how he felt about her.

"Give me your hand." She said raising hers for him to place his. "It's beautiful."

Nuada knowing the end was closer than before spoke. "We die and the world will be poorer for it."

His legs moved as he walked away for he would die standing as a warrior. He looked at his sister who had not yet turned into stone. He however had become stone. All came to him but allowed room for Melusine. Hellboy turned for a second back to the crown in his hand. "All that power."

To Hellboy Liz stated. "Don't even think about." Her hands clasped the golden death bringer and in flames it burned and melted away leaving its trace no more to the earth. Now it was truly a fairytale. The army without its power was dying in its way. No longer needed or to be used for anything but museum pieces.

Mallantha turned to look again at her sister. In such a short amount of time she looked older fear was striking her.

"I know what you are thinking Melusine, do not say those words!"

"Why shouldn't I? My heart is no longer present."

"Melusine, you are my little sister and I will not allow you to do this!"

"What are you talking about?" Liz asked.

"What is she going to do?" Johan asked knowing that this may become more serious than just a teenage rebellion.

"She is going to renounce her heart to the sea."

"What is that? A mermaid time of the month?"

"On a way she is going to kill herself."

"What?!" Krauss shouted surprised.

"Get her Red!" Liz commanded of Hellboy. He lunged and grabbed her no struggling came from her growing concern from Hellboy.

"Stop her from speaking!" His hand covered her mouth preventing her from speech. In retaliation she bit his hand hard enough to draw blood.

"Could someone think of something quickly?! Her bite is worse than bark!"

"What is renouncing her heart to the sea? How do we stop it?" Liz asked.

"Renouncing one's heart is a way to end emotional pain by ridding one of emotions. Becoming a shell of what one use to be. Nothing matters to one who has done it. Harm done to them is unnoticed and ties that had once meant something can no longer be bonded. Life like the undead."

"Okay, but you still haven't said how it can be stopped." Krauss added.

"Hurry! I already know that I will need a rabies shot. I don't want to added stiches to the list!" Hellboy shouted holding back painful bursts of swear words and such.

"The only way I can think is to stop her from saying that she has renounced her heart."

"That won't work forever! I'm getting to my limit!" Hellboy said sorely tempted to release his hand. The others tried to rack their brains for some loophole, some device that could help them. No idea was forming for them.

Until Mallantha saw something, something that could work. She turned to the man she had known for many years.

"Johann please tell me you still carry little vials with you where ever you go?"

"Yes, I do. But now is not the time for you to mock me for it!" He chastised as he produced three clear vials.

"I am not mocking you; right now if you had lips I would kiss you." She grabbed two of the vials from a shocked Krauss who looked to an equally shocked Liz.

Mallantha made it over to Hellboy and Melusine. She leaned in to speak to her sister. Directly she looked into her sister's eyes, no humor all business was the message.

"Listen to me Melusine. I will have Hellboy let go of your mouth. However there are some conditions. I don't want you to renounce your heart to the sea. I have an idea. If it works then there will be no need for you to do so. If it doesn't, I will let you renounce your heart. I swear that I will not object or force you into silence. Do we have a deal?" Melusine thought about the deal and the character of her sister. True she was an actress and was capable of lying while appearing to tell the truth. But it was against her sister to make a false promise or deal. Even though she felt uncertainty of the merit of the deal Melusine agreed with a nod of her head. Mallantha cued with her eyes to Hellboy to have him release Melusine. Reluctantly he did so but was ready to silence should the need arise. This time with his hand of stone instead of flesh, that was already certain of needing maybe one or two stiches with that shot for rabies.