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Her heart was pounding after their fight. She just wanted to give him a good birthday present, so why was it so difficult to ask her boyfriend for permission regarding a part-time job?

"Please...I really-" but she was cut off before she finished her sentence.

"I'm sorry, Ririchiyo-sama, but the answer is still 'no'."

"Ugh! I don't remember needing your permission with whatever I decide to do-!" but it was too late to stop now. That sadistic grin and overly sparkling smile he showed her was proof of that which she feared.

"Oh really? Then it won't bother you if I become jealous and throw a fit in front of your job, right?" he smiled at her.

Oh no, someone please save me! she thought as she tried to swallow her saliva, but even that turned out more difficult than expected. "Um...there's no reason for you to do so..." she said.

"Oh, but there is, Ririchiyo-sama. If any man, aside from myself, is willing to shamelessly look at you in a maid outfit, then this dog will forget his rank and rip him apart with his fangs and claws..." again, he was smiling.

As I said before, why does it necessarily have to be a maid cafe? she thought irritably. It was all because Nobara had thought of those odd jobs that she was in this mess in the first place.

"But...isn't it your birthday next week?..." she murmured in an almost inaudible voice, but he had a very keen hearing sense to not notice her every word.


"This is no time to say, 'yes'..." she said angrily, "Why can't you just let me get you something nice? At least something to commemorate both Christmas and your birthday together?..." she blushed lightly, her amethyst eyes looking at him gently.

This was enough for him to snap.

"You're so concerned over my birthday to get me jealous?"

"As I said before, I'm not going to be a maid-" she was abruptly pushed back into the bed.

His hands snaked around her waist and pulled her closer to his body, his face breathing in the scent of her porcelain skin and onyx-colored hair.

"Mi-Miketsukami-kun!" she had to admit she was startled by this turn of events.

"I do have a wish..."

A wish? Is it one I can fulfill? Maybe he has something in mind on what he wants as a birthday present! Her heart nearly leaped with joy at the fact that she could do something for him.

"W-What is it?" she asked as she turned around to face him straight on.

He blushed lightly as he looked at her, then he finally closed his eyes and spoke lightly.

"I don't care if its a lie, or if its just a trivial game, but..."

"But?" she asked eagerly.

"I want a child..."

She nearly froze at his sentence.

"...W-What?..." she asked lightly.

"I want a child...a baby...a family..." he answered as he drifted to sleep. "I want one with you Ririchiyo-sama"

It took a while for her to digest those words and when she did, she nearly jumped off the bed...well, at least her heart did.

Is that what he wants? A baby? From me? her mind was already screaming out everything she understood. Wait...she stopped herself as she stared at her boyfriend's relaxed and sleeping face. The reason why he wants a child...is because his own childhood hasn't been that great, has it?...A family...maybe he's like me...alone and without human feelings to bond us to others naturally...Soushi...she thought as she caressed his white hair with her hand.

"Yes, I'd love to give you that which you want..." she whispered as she gently kissed his forehead.

He only smiled lightly and brought her closer to him. "Thank you, Ririchiyo-sama"

The next morning, Ririchiyo sat by the table, thinking hard on what Miketsukami had told her the night before.

Was he joking, perhaps, when he said that? He hasn't mentioned any of it since this morning. Her mind trailed off into what his true reasons were behind his 'wish' that she didn't notice the moment he came with the tray of food, ready to prepare it for her.

"This morning I have prepared white bread with butter, toasted to your liking, strawberry jelly, orange juice, oatmeal, and eggs sunnyside up." he smiled as he prepared her toast and her oatmeal.

"Thank you very much." she answered haughtily. After he was done, both found themselves in an awkward silence. Of course, the fact that everyone from Ayakashi Kan were gone for the entire day only added up to the tension in their environment.

"Ne, Miketsukami-kun..." she said as she was done eating.

"Yes, Ririchiyo-sama?" he asked. A concerned look in his face.

"What you said last night..." she felt a heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Last night?"

"About...having...a...a...family with me..." she could feel his gaze on her and this nearly suffocating aura surrounding both. "D-Did you...me-mean it?"

She heard him sigh heavily. "Ririchiyo-sama, I-" Something in her chest fell, with that one sigh, and made her stand up abruptly with a lump rising on her throat.

She couldn't stand it! He was probably only playing around with her feelings! He never meant that about a child and why would he? She was a haughty and selfish girl with no sex appeal and who often trampled on his loyalty and feelings for her! Why would he even think about having a child with someone like her? He was only being kind to the fact that she wanted to give him a present because he knew she would never agree to something of this extent, but deep inside her...that was her wish too. Without realizing it, those words came out from her mouth.

"I do want to give you a baby!" she cried as she looked up at him with pain-filled eyes, startling him completely.

Ririchiyo began to tremble harshly and without knowing where to, she ran.

"Ririchiyo-sama!" Miketsukami called after her, but even his voice began to fade away the farther from him she got.

Why can't I be more mature? If I was, then there'd be no reason for him to tease me the way he does! she cried as she sensed the familiar surroundings of the 4th floor. Her bedroom was probably the only salvation she had to shedding these tears that threatened to fall and break her outer facade.

The moment she reached her room, she fell against the bed and cried her heart out.

She was too busy contemplating on her own misery that she didn't hear the door open or the footsteps that neared her crying body. At least, not until the moment she felt two strong arms envelope her and pick her up, bridal style and carry her off out of her room and into another. More precisely, his own room.

The moment she felt her head rest against the firm bed, she opened her teary eyes and was startled to see his face, stoic, expressionless, as if he had wiped every emotion from his own being. Either that, or he was very angry at the way she behaved earlier.

"Ah, we can't have that, Ririchiyo-sama" he said as he wiped off her tears and held her face in his hand.

"Miketsukami-kun" but she was stopped by his finger gently pressed against her lips.

"For tonight, call me Soushi..." he said as he closed the gap between both their faces.

"Miketsu-" again, she was silenced, but this time his finger was replaced by his lips as he kissed her.

Damn, I really must be out of my mind to hurt you this way, Ririchiyo-sama. As your dog I cannot possibly allow myself such luxuries...but...at least for tonight, allow me to be a man rather than your loyal dog, he begged as he began to kiss her in a passionate and ardent way that left her speechless.


"I told you to call me Soushi, Ririchiyo-sama" he replied in a husky voice.

"Soushi...I love you..." she responded as he continued to kiss her.

His body froze, but his eyes never left her own. He couldn't stop looking at this goddess in front of him and then, when he regained his senses, he hugged her tightly, taking off his coat.

"May I mark you, Ririchiyo-sama?"

"What?" she asked as she felt her heart pounding against her chest.

"I want to 'mark' you as mine, forever...please allow me that privilege" he said as his eyes stared at her body then traveled up to her face until his gaze held hers.

"O-Okay" she answered shyly. It was as if someone had unleashed a beast. His expressionless face broke and was soon replaced by his sparkling, sadistic smile.

"Very well then. As your SS Agent, I'll be sure to please you, Ririchiyo-sama so that you find yourself tied to me."

Ririchiyo gulped. What mess did she get herself into?

The moment she awoke, she would've sworn it had all been a dream, had it not been for the lack of clothes and the white haired man lying beside her on the bed; his arms tying her to him completely.

Oh my, she thought as she tried to release herself from his grasp, I actually...but...oh my...I...I slept with Miketsu-...no, I had my first time with Soushi!...Oh dear, this is so confusing! What the hell went through my head? Argh! Stupid Puberty! Why did you have to be such a difficult phase?

The moment she released herself from the captive cage surrounding her stomach, she immediately ran into the bathroom and changed. Hoping, while she took a bath, that he still hadn't awakened because if he did...boy, was she in for an embarrassing situation far greater than anything else she has done in the past.

Unfortunately, luck was not on her side.

The moment she opened the door, his refreshing smile was there, awaiting her presence to bask on.

"Good morning, Ririchiyo-sama...ah, as always your mere presence is a gift from the heavens for a demon like me..." he said as he held her hand in his and pulled her towards him. "Not only that, but your scent itself is also a bonus for this mere servant..."

Oh boy, here we go again, she thought as she looked at him. It seemed that he had already taken a bath and had gotten changed.

"Ririchiyo-sama, is there anything you'd like to do today?" he asked charmingly.



"Hmph, its not like you'd ever refuse, but I guess I should ask you just to verify it. How about we go outside to a date and enjoy an 'early present' for your birthday, Soushi?" she puffed her chest and crossed her arms. Oh no, I did it again! Why can't I just ask him if he'd like to celebrate an early birthday with me?

He was rendered speechless.


"What did you call me?" he asked, his face still in complete shock.

"Huh? I called you Soushi...that is your name right?" she was utterly confused.


"Then, what's the problem?"

Suddenly, she felt his kiss her hands, her neck and finally her lips.

"To have you, Ririchiyo-sama, repeat my name over and over again, reminds me of last night and I cannot help but feel bound to you by your voice..."

Her cheeks flared red as she remembered exactly what he meant by that.

"S-Soushi, I-"

"Ririchiyo-sama...if it is possible, can we repeat last night again?" he asked.

At the feeling of his hand caressing her back and his lips nibbling on her neck she mumbled.

"I didn't hear you Ririchiyo-sama, or perhaps we should do it at a different level? I'll promise to please you in any way, you just need but name it.."

Ugh! Stupid puberty! Why is his voice enticing me to say 'yes'?

"Hmph! If that's what you wish for then, so be it!" she answered haughtily, as he smiled seductively at her, led her to the bed, and gathered the curtains surrounding the huge windows.

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"Ah~ Congratulations, Ririchiyo-chan!" Natsume said as he smiled sheepishly at her.

"For what, may I ask, are you congratulating me?"

"Well, if my other 99 eyes serve me right, you have a baby inside you." At this, everyone in the Ayakashi Kan spit out their tea.

"SAY WHAT?" was loudly heard in the entire building.

"So, who's the father?" Sorinozuka, in his demon scroll form, asked.

There was no need for that, the culprit's face was easily read.

"MI-KE-TSU-KA-MI!" Nobara said as she turned into her 'Yuki-Onna' form and nearly froze all the residents into ice sculptures.


All those who dared get in the way, ended up into Ice Popsicle sticks.