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Chapter 2

A month had already passed since then.

Of course, Ririchiyo would never have found out that he was that type of person. Every time, for an entire week, he would make her say yes to him one way or another. At first, she thought it was kind of cute that he wanted to claim her in his bed every now and then, but going from that to:

"Ririchiyo-sama, may this loyal dog forever be yours; my body is solely for protecting you, but how can I protect you if I cannot be inside-"

"Ahh! Okay! Okay! I got it!"

She would often find herself shutting him up before he finished that sentence, especially in front of everyone else who were still confused about the difference of relationship between them.

It wasn't until a few days back that she told him "No".

Of course, he whined about it every now and then, but she felt something was wrong; so she would not be able to give him what he wanted even if she herself wanted too.

One day, she felt a slight 'pang' in her stomach that she bent down and held it, pressing her stomach ever so slightly, but just enough to cause her to run to the bathroom and vomit.

"Ririchiyo-sama!" Miketsukami ran to her aid, but she screamed at him to leave her be.

"But, Ririchiyo-sama!"

"I'm fine, it was probably something I ate!" she told him from inside the bathroom.

But this didn't stop him from getting angry and blaming himself for her sickness.

"I'm terribly sorry, Ririchiyo-sama! Had I paid more attention to the food I served you, you would not be-"

She came out of the restroom, looking a bit paler than usual, stunning him and rooting his feet to the ground. "Ririchiyo-sama-?"

"I told you already, I'm fine, Soushi-kun" she smiled lightly, but the pain was still inside of her.

"Oh, Ririchiyo-sama!" he hugged her, taking to consideration her pain and brushed his lips against her neck.

"Soushi-kun?" she asked as he stared at her with his golden and blue eyes.

"I'll go and prepare something for you, Ririchiyo-sama!" he smiled at her as he disappeared swiftly downstairs.

Meanwhile she sat on the toilet and thought deeply about what she had eaten, then she realized something else was off.

'It' hasn't come yet...I'm late this month, but...why? Maybe something affected my insides deeply...I hope I don't need to be hospitalized or taken in to surgery for something so severe... she bit her bottom lip as she pondered on those questions.

What could she have eaten that had affected her insides so much?

As Ririchiyo made her way to the Dining Hall, she was surprised when Natsume appeared out of nowhere.

"Ah~ Congratulations, Ririchiyo-chan!" Natsume said as he smiled sheepishly at her.

"For what, may I ask, are you congratulating me?"

"Well, if my other 99 eyes serve me right, you have a baby inside you." At this, everyone in the Ayakashi Kan spit out their tea.

"SAY WHAT?" was loudly heard in the entire building.

"So, who's the father?" Sorinozuka, in his demon scroll form, asked.

There was no need for that, the culprit's face was easily read.

"MI-KE-TSU-KA-MI!" Nobara said as she turned into her 'Yuki-Onna' form and nearly froze all the residents into ice sculptures.


All those who dared get in the way, ended up into Ice Popsicle sticks.

"Wait a minute!" Ririchiyo yelled as everyone began fighting, the one winning being Nobara. "What in the world do you mean by that, Natsume?"

"Well," Natsume began, Sorinozuka using a hair dryer to thaw the ice from the rest of his frozen body, "I have looked into...erm...seen your future, and know that today you had morning sickness, right?"

Ririchiyo nodded. Her face never left Miketsukami who was in his same stoic, expressionless face. The only difference was that he no longer had that scary and deceiving smile.

"If you must know, that 'morning sickness' is caused by pregnancy..." Natsume smiled as he brought out the 'Bunny Picture Slide Show'.

"You see when a girl bunny (pink) and a boy bunny (blue) are in lovey~dovey with each other they-"

"I don't need to know that much!" Ririchiyo yelled as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

Truth be told, Ririchiyo was happy. So happy she would almost scream, but she was also scared. She still was not fully sure whether or not he was joking when he had made that comment before their first night. He had made no further assurance that he really wanted a family. It frightened her to see his reaction when they would go to (now) their room.

Nobara began fighting with Sorinozuka about letting Natsume go, Karuta munching on some chips while clapping and congratulating both of them, Watanuki blushing, and everyone else congratulating them, saying they would throw her a baby shower later on in the week.

The only one that remained motionless was Miketsukami.

He only stared at her, his eyes never moving.

She couldn't tell whether he was angry or extremely upset...this stressed her out even more that she dismissed herself in the midst of the chaos [mainly caused by the wrath of Nobara] and ran to her room, locked the door and dropped herself onto the bed.

Tears began streaming down her eyes as hugged her pillow and caressed her stomach. "...he's mad...he hates me...and you too..." she cried as she gripped her pillow and drifted herself to sleep.

Miketsukami didn't even bother to knock on the door.

Unfortunately for him, it was locked.

"...Damn it..." he cursed under his breath. Of course, being the man that he was, he wasn't just going to cross his arms and let his woman lock herself inside the room.

He used his powers to pick the lock and open the door; a slight 'creak' echoing in the dark, cool room. Looking around, he couldn't find her. Of course, he wouldn't bother turning on the lights because of the trouble it might cause, should she be asleep. He leaned on the side of the bed and sensed her tranquil body sleeping.

Ahh...we can't have that, Ririchiyo-sama...he smiled cunningly as he, in one swift movement, picked her up and carried her off to his room.

He stared at her until he felt her move against him, unknowingly pushing him away from her. He tightened his grip against her fragile body.

She stirred for a moment in his arms until she slowly opened her eyes and was shocked to see him staring at her, again with that same stoic expression.

"EEP!" she screamed, nearly falling off of his grasp, had he not held her tightly as he sat down and rested against the couch; her body laying firmly against his lap and arms.


"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry" she began crying, her body trembling as she turned away from him. Through the tears, she could see his expression change into one of pure shock.


"I know..." she continued, "I know you were just...teasing me...about...wanting a child...but I...even so I...I'm so sorry!...I'm sorry-" he grasped her face gently, but still being rough, and kissed her as passionately as he had that intimate night.

"Soushi-" again he shut her up with his mouth.

"Ririchiyo-sama...Ririchiyo-sama..." he said as he kissed her again and again, not caring about the lack of air both were receiving.

"Soushi...Why are you-?"

"You don't have a clue about how I'm feeling right now!" he said, anger seeping through his facial features. "I feel like I'm at fault for what is happening to your body! You throwing up, being late this month, what's next? Your body will ache, you'll have mood swings, etc.! All because you fueled up my ego!"

At this, she was horror-stricken, rendering him speechless at his conduct.

"I...Ririchiyo-sama I..." he didn't know how to make amends for the grave insult he had just given her.

"So...you wouldn't want me if I did act that way? Or this baby?" she cried out, tears no longer falling down, but a pained expression on her face which he had never seen before.

She got off of his lap and walked out into the dark hallway.

"Wait, Ririchiyo-sama that's not what I meant!"

"I know perfectly what you meant, you didn't want me or this baby to begin with! You were just teasing me like you always have and guess what? I've had enough!" she cried out as she closed the door to his room and ran to the nearest elevator, closing the door just as he called out to her to come back.

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She really wished the person she would least run into would be Kagerou, but of course, luck was not on her side today.

"Now now, why would my ex-fiancee be walking around, without her bodyguard, alone, and without a single care about a stalker?" he asked, his foolish attires looking...well, foolish as always.

"Hmph...not like you'd care..." she said as she puffed up her chest, crossed her arms and walked away from him.

"Now now, did Soushi treat you too roughly? I did tell you he was just as S as I am" Kagerou said as he acted too stupidly for his own good.

Ririchiyo stopped. "Ne...Kagerou..." she said, never turning around to face him.


"Am I really that bad as a woman?"

"Why the sudden question-?" but Kagerou stopped.

He could rant all over the world about S's and M's, but the way he saw the gallant young woman he knew reduced to a weak and scared girl in front of him...truthfully, worried him. He walked up to her and pushed her small, frail body against his own.

What have you done...Soushi? Kagerou questioned as he felt Ririchiyo cry against his shirt.