Author's Note: Hail, intrepid fic-worm! Welcome to the Fluffy Short Story Dump. Here's the deal- as the evil plot bunnies dictate, I shall post. I doubt it will be regular (and I doubt it will be good). The idea here is to make you laugh, or maybe think, or maybe just smile. As they come to me and I churn 'em out, I'll pass them along to you. . .you poor souls. But I do kinda think of this collection as a release valve for my silly muse.

As for the title: well, that's from Common Ground. I describe the location of the new NEST base as a few miles north of Plateau, TX. I never actually gave the base a name, so . . .well, it makes sense to me.

What follows is silliness . . . pure silliness. Cause Muppets and Transformers go together like bananas and peanut butter.

Same continuity as "Common Ground".

Shot 1: Date Night

Sideswipe grinned as Prowl rolled into the main hangar and transformed, wearily striding across the main hangar. The Enforcer was just coming off of his patrol shift with Ratchet and Optimus. He would be tired and cranky already.


"Hey Prowl." He was seated on the Autobot couch with Annabelle beside him. Bluestreak was beside her and Hound sat on the far end. "Do you want to watch some Muppets?"

"What?" Prowl walked past, heading for the fueling station for his evening ration.

He spoke more slowly, accentuating each word. "Do you want to watch some Muppets?"

Prowl took a draft from his energon cube. "Television will rot your processor."

"Shh!" Annabelle quieted them all excitedly. "It's the Swedish Chef!"

"What's a Swedish Chef?" Bluestreak asked quietly, leaning against Hound.

"That's a Swedish Chef!" The child pointed happily at the big-screen.

Prowl could say what he liked about television and its rotting effect on the processor, but somehow, it was drawing the young mech out of his shell. Annabelle's exuberance and desire to share made it hard for Bluestreak to not respond. It exposed him to the human world, so it was beneficial in that regard. A lot of the shows that Sarah Lennox insisted her daughter watch were educational, too.

Sideswipe watched the Swedish Chef shoot muffins out of the air with an old-fashioned flint-lock pistol. The Muppets were most definitely Will's influence.

Bluestreak was smiling as Hound chuckled. Annabelle was giggling like mad. Prowl walked around behind the sofa, watching as the Swedish Chef presented his "doughnuts". "I don't think that man has ever attended a culinary school."

"Well, he is made of felt." Sideswipe pointed out. "Most of those places have standards."

"Why are you in charge of the entertainment this evening?" Prowl asked.

"Will and Sarah are having a date night." Sideswipe answered. "They do that once in a blue moon. So the Bit and I have a date night, too."

Annabelle had stood up and turned around, putting her hands on the back cushions of the couch. "Only this time it's me, Sides, Bluestreak, and Hound all having a date together."

"It's not . . ." Sideswipe exvented as Prowl raised an optic ridge at him. "Okay, it is as weird as it sounds."

"Just so you know, kid." Hound spoke up from his end of the couch. "You're not my type."

"I'm somehow comforted by that."

Hound chuckled in response.

Prowl watched as Kermit the Frog flailed around on the stage. "When was this made?"

"The early 1980's." Sideswipe responded. "Will's a little nostalgic. According to him, everything was better in the 80's."

"I see."

"Who's in the next one?" Hound asked as the credits began to roll for the episode they were watching.

"Uh," Sideswipe refocused his optics on the DVD case lying near the television. "Julie Andrews."

"Oh, I just love her." He said it in a tone that made Prowl cringe. Good old Hound. He caught on quick and was more than willing to play along.

Sideswipe picked up the thread, following the older mech's lead. "We should watch the Sound of Music next time."

"How 'bout Bedknobs and Broomsticks?"

"That's Angela Landsbury."

"Oh yeah." Hound said wistfully. "I like her, too."

Prowl sighed. "Hound, you're being assimilated."

Sideswipe caught the old mech's optic and they both started to laugh. "Give it up, Hound. Resistance is futile."

"Did I miss something?" Prowl asked with an air of forced patience.

"You miss a lot of things."

"It's probably for the best." Prowl responded dryly.

"Sides!" Annabelle was tapping on his plating with her small hands. "We should watch the Muppet Show with Luke Skywalker. Bluestreak would like that one."

"Good idea, Bit. Come here." He scooped her up and put her on the floor. His servos were way too big for the DVD player. "Go get it."

As she scurried across the floor, she called back. "Prowl, have you ever met Luke Skywalker?"

"I don't believe so." Prowl leaned forward and whispered to Sideswipe. "Who is Luke Skywalker?"

"He's a Jedi Knight from a galaxy far, far away."

Prowl sounded irritated. "You know that means nothing to me."

"I know." Sideswipe replied. "But it would take too long to explain and I'm watching Muppets."

"You might like those Star Wars movies, Prowl." Hound spoke up. "It's fun to watch them with the older humans and pick apart all of the theories they have about space travel."

"I don't know." Sideswipe let his voice take on a dubious tone. "We activate that 'fun' programming and we might not be able to shut it off."

"Perish the thought."

Prowl gave the pair of them a humorless grin. "I'll leave you to your singing sheep, now."

And with that, he walked away, heading in the direction of the barracks. Sideswipe looked to Hound. "I don't think he gets it."

"Gets what?" Annabelle looked up at him with those beautiful blue eyes. "It's just fun."

"Amen, Sister." And Sideswipe held down a servo so that the little girl could slap him five.

I love Muppets, but sadly don't own them. Cyber-cookies if you can name the star of the episode of the Muppet Show where the Swedish Chef made "doughnuts".