Title: What Regina Wants

Pairing: Swan Queen, Regina/Emma

Summary: Regina is accustomed to getting what she wants, and she wants Emma.

Rating: M, dubcon

[Submitted for two different prompts in the OUaTkinkmeme.]

Part One

Seated at her desk, Regina waited a moment before even acknowledging her presence, and for the umpteenth time, Emma wondered why she'd come in the first place.

Finally, the mayor set down her pen, and leaned back in her chair, eyes finally resting over the blonde. "So then... Deputy." The word was practically a purr. "How are you finding the job so far?"

Emma's brow creased, and she tucked her hands into the back pockets of her jeans. "You call me to your office just for a chat?"

The mayor only smiled back, and gestured for a chair. "Of a sort. I more just wanted to check up on Storybrooke's newest member of the police force. See how you were doing."

Ignoring the chair, Emma stayed standing, glad of the advantage of height it gave her. "...Fine, thanks. If that's all, I've got real work to do." She turned to go.

Regina rose from her chair, graceful as a tiger. And just as dangerous, Emma thought to herself. But she didn't leave. Regina regarded her carefully, her eyes leisurely travelling over the entire length of her body. the deputy felt oddly on display.

"No, it's not all," the mayor answered flatly. "I'm saying this both as the mayor and as a concerned citizen of this town, Deputy. I think that you're in far over your head."

Knowing she'd kick herself for it later, Emma turned back to her, unable to resist their constant game of arguing. "Why? Hoping I'll hate it and that'll be the one thing that makes me decide to leave town? Fat chance."

With a laugh, Regina indicated the blonde to re-enter her office more fully. "Please, Miss Swan. You're only here because I tolerate you to be."

Emma wasn't having it, and stayed where she was. An eyebrow raised, her arms crossed over her chest. "Really? 'Cause I'm preetty sure you've been trying your best to get me to leave ever since I got here."

Regina only smiled, and Emma shivered, and then wondered if the Mayor always kept the heat in her office so damn low. That had to be it, right? Certainly it wasn't because of that smile... completely devoid of any warmth or friendliness at all.

For that matter... when in their conversation had the mayor gotten so damn close? She could practically feel her breath on her skin- could almost taste the smugness in that smirk. The mayor's hand moved towards her, and Emma was caught between wanting to pull away and morbid curiosity about what that hand would do. She stayed put. There was no way in hell she'd allow Regina to gain so much power over her.

Lightly, the hand touched down on her upper arm. "Miss Swan," the brunette began, and her voice was almost a purr. "I own this town. Do you really think a few ...embellished criminal charges and arrests are the worst I can do? If I wanted you gone, rest assured, you'd be gone."

"I thought Mr. Gold owned the town. You're just the mayor."

A laugh again. The tip of a pink tongue slid from between Regina's lips, running over the edge of her own teeth. Emma watched it, and then shook herself, unable to believe she'd been doing it.

"Wrong. He owns the land and the buildings. I own the people. And believe me, of the two, it's far better a position to be in." That wandering hand began sliding up her arm, and Emma glanced down at it, but didn't step away. Yet. Regina's fingers began to lightly play over her shoulder. "Everyone in this town belongs to me. If you're going to stay here, Miss Swan," the fingers crept up to her neck, "you'll belong to me, too. It's as simple as that."

Oh-kay. Time to go. Emma moved faster than she could even think about it, stepping back quickly, raising her own hand defensively in case the mayor tried to do... whatever that had been, again. Regina had placed herself between Emma and the door, blocking her way out. Okay. She just had to get Regina pissed off at her enough to distract her. Shouldn't be too hard. "You're talking about extortion," she began, breathing too hard for her liking.

"This isn't about extortion," the mayor laughed again. "It's about what I want. And at the moment, Miss Swan..." she came in closer again, and Emma took a step back. "I want what I see."

Oh no. Hell no. Eyes widening with comprehension, Emma promptly bolted for the door. Hell with looking weak, Regina was crazy. Crazy and fast... how had she moved so quickly? And why wasn't she fighting that iron grip suddenly latched onto her arm?

Too late, she struggled, but the mayor's grip on her was strong- far stronger than she'd have thought. Trying to think, she continued to fight as Regina pushed her backwards. She was rapidly losing ground, and didn't realize how much she'd lost until she felt the prison of the wall behind her back. Regina grinned, and pressed herself even closer. With wide eyes, Emma regarded her attacker, too stunned to speak.

This wasn't happening. This couldn't be happening.

The force of Regina's chest on hers said differently. And she tried to pretend it didn't feel anywhere near as nice as it did. God... how long had it been...? Too long, her body was saying. Emma struggled again, and failed, and then felt those fingers again, trailing over her neck, and then wrapping around it and forcing it, too, against the wall.

Gasping raggedly for air, she clutched at Regina's fingers, trying to pry them off her throat. Regina was having none of it, and enjoyed the free reign her other hand now had over her body, fingers sliding themselves beneath Emma's red jacket. Then beneath her shirt.

The first touch to her bare skin pulsed through her like electricity, and the deputy felt her head tipping back of its own accord, grateful for the wall holding her up. No... this was wrong. She shouldn't be enjoying this... "Don't-" She swallowed roughly, scrambling. Fighting wasn't working. Time to try something else. She licked her suddenly dry lips, meeting Regina's eyes and trying not to buckle at the sheer desire she saw in them. "You... you really think assaulting … how'd you put it: 'Storybrooke's newest member of the police force' is a good idea?"

"Oh, please," Regina loomed, and her lips were even closer now, almost touching her own. "I own the sheriff's department most of all." And then hot lips brushed over her ear, and Emma gave a small strangled cry, and wished it didn't feel as good as it did. Or that it wasn't followed by the mayor's tongue tracing over the crown of her ear.

Her legs promptly turned to jelly. She buckled a little, and was almost glad the other woman was pressing her so firmly into the wall. She'd have fallen otherwise. "Don't..." she groaned again, the protest sounding far too faint for her liking. She was having trouble concentrating, and her body was making it quite difficult for her mind to insist this was wrong. This was Regina Mills, for fuck's sake.

Last chance. "...Because you're fucking Graham?" It came out barely above a whisper, and she was almost proud she'd managed it at all. Though no small part of her protested when the mayor's tongue and lips left her ear.

For the first time, that smug smile faltered. "You know about that?"

Emma hoped her grip would tremble, or loosen, or something. But it stayed firm. She was well and truly stuck. Still, she tried to press on. "Yeah. Caught him sneaking out of your house last night. Really, Madame Mayor? Fucking the sheriff in the middle of the night, with my-...your son in the house? Disgusting."

Regina's expression changed, but she couldn't tell if it was better or worse. She looked... well, far less angry than Emma had hoped, to be honest. She almost looked impressed. The tip of her tongue emerged again, and Emma couldn't help look at it, watching as it traced its way over the mayor's lips. "You're right," Regina purred again, and Emma could feel the rumble of it vibrate against her own chest. Swallowing, she moved her gaze away from those lips and back to the brunette's eyes, her own worried and dark. "This is much better." With one hand still around her neck and the other teasing over the skin of her hip, Regina leaned in even further, and covered Emma's lips with her own.

Squeaking in as much protest as she could muster, the deputy fought again, arching her back to push the other woman away. And wishing... god, wishing those lips- rough and fierce and incredibly demanding- didn't feel so damned wonderful. She kissed back. She may as well. Hell if she was going to just lay against the wall and submit to this.

A rumble from the mayor, and then the kiss deepened. She felt Regina's tongue sliding along her lips, demanding entry. Emma parted them automatically, arching her tongue forward to meet the other woman's. Eyes closing, her hands followed the curve of the brunette's arms and came to rest on her shoulders. She squeezed them roughly, angrily, matching the force of their kiss.

How long they continued taking turns in ravaging one another's lips, she couldn't say. Regina's tongue was always moving, exploring her with the same fevered pace, as is memorizing... claiming her. Emma fought to keep up, trying to force her own tongue into the other woman's mouth to do the same. Breaking the kiss, Regina laughed.

"W-what...?" the blonde tried to begin, but swears and gulped cries of pain overcame the question as unrelenting fingernails were suddenly raked up the entire length of her back. "What the fuck?" Snarling, she bucked, trying to force the mayor off of her- away from her, anything. Regina's hold on her throat only tightened. Her supply of oxygen cut off, Emma froze. Her eyes widened, staring up into pitiless brown pools, wordlessly pleading. "Sto-" she clenched at the mayor's fingers again, struggling to breathe. The hand remained, and the world sputtered like her breath, beginning to fade behind a haze of red. "Stop!" The word was garbled, but seemed effective enough. Or else it was the pleading look in her eyes.

Looking smug and entirely too superior, Regina loosened her grip but did not let go entirely, and Emma gulped in the air gratefully. Her vision was swimming, and even though the other woman's face was only inches in front of her, it spun. For an instant, Regina... wasn't Regina. She had the same face and expression, but the hair, the clothes, even the office itself... everything was wrong. She looked more like a character out of Henry's book than the impeccably dressed mayor.

Shaking her head as much as she could, she tried to clear it of the disturbing image, shutting her eyes against it. After a few deep breaths, she opened them again. The smirk was still there, but it was most certainly Regina in front of her. Just as it was Regina who was now taking advantage of her disorientation to unbutton her jeans and shove them to the floor without preamble.

"N-.. don't," Emma breathed out, trying not the whimper as the mayor's free hand slid over her thighs, those same fingernails lightly toying over flushed and heated skin. It was a token protest, made only because she felt she should. If Regina actually stopped... god, she would pin the dark-haired woman down herself. She was finding it hard to breathe, and not from constricted air flow. Her hips arched forward, making the removal of her jeans easier. Unable to look at the mayor, her head fell back against the wall. She turned it to the side and squeezed her eyes shut when long, tapered fingers slid beneath the band of her underwear.

Around her throat, Regina's grasp shifted, moving to her chin and forcing the blonde's head to face her own again. "Deputy," she growled, and a shiver worked its way down Emma's spine at the sound of her voice. Emma's eyes fluttered open, forced to stare into the all-consuming brown depths of Regina's own. "You will look at me when I fuck you." And her hand slid lower, pressing between needy and surprisingly slick folds.

"Oh... fuck," Emma whispered, eyes wide, groaning as long fingers slid home within her. Her hips lurched forward, giving the mayor better access, allowing those fingers to go as deep, as far within her as they possibly could.

She felt more than saw the slow, pleased smile spread across those lips, which then pressed to her own. "That's the general idea," Regina whispered back. The shapes of the words burned themselves into Emma's lips, and then they were on her again. Faster, harder, deeper. Her tongue and those fingers slid in and out of her, and Emma was grateful for the wall behind her. She didn't think she'd stay upright, otherwise.

Regina slid all the way out, drawing a hiss of protest in between fevered kisses. The kiss, too, was broken, and Emma groaned out her distress. Searching those dark eyes for some clue as to what she was up to, the blonde was left waiting, empty and desperate.

For the first time, the mayor released her second hand- the one holding her chin, the one that had been around her throat. Emma gasped at the loss of that touch, too, and nearly slid down to the floor, held up only by the force with which Regina lay pressed against her.

The hand that had most recently been inside her crept up between them, glistening with the evidence of just how badly Emma wanted this. Regina regarded it detachedly, as if the hand belonged to someone else, or was some kind of experiment she was merely testing. She looked at Emma the same way, and then her tongue extended, snaking its way over her own fingers, tasting that finer essence of the blonde. "Mmmm..."

Emma made a strangled sound in the back of her throat. There was one good thing about the lack of contact- it gave her the chance to actually get a thought into her fevered brain. Finally remembering her own hands, she took advantage of the pause to grab fistfuls of the mayor's shirt and pull. Buttons popped, seams ripped, and Regina was decidedly unamused. For the first time since being shoved against the wall, Emma smiled, and ran her hands over the mayor's back. She took the offensive, pushing off from the wall to claim a kiss for herself, knocking Regina's hand away and not caring when she tasted herself on the other woman's lips.

The mayor didn't seem fazed, and kissed back with the same, bruising force, one hand traveling to Emma's chest and ruthlessly twisting one of her nipples to a stiff point, even through her layers of clothing. Crying out into the kiss, it was Emma's turn to rake her nails down Regina's back. Though hers were not nearly as long.

Focused on her own attempts at control, she didn't even notice when Regina's hand found its way into her underwear again. Though she most certainly noticed when her fingers buried themselves back in her heat. Breaking the kiss with a loud moan, her head fell back, cracking against the wall hard enough to make her see stars. Or that could have just been from Regina's thumb finding and then rubbing mercilessly over her clitoris, drawing still more wetness out of her.

Emma couldn't have bitten back her moan if she's wanted to. And she tried. Her hips bucked, back arching away from the wall, shamelessly wanting more. Regina's second hand continued to toy over her breasts, a little more gently now. But not much.

The mayor smirked again, and leaned forward, running her lips and tongue over her neck, teeth very, very lightly grazing over her skin. "Will you scream for me, Deputy?" she murmured almost sweetly, and punctuated the words with a particularly vicious thrust. "I think I'd like that."

"Fat. Chance," she managed to gasp out, before another groan of pleasure ripped its way from between her lips. God, she was getting close. It had really been... far too long since she'd had sex. And she couldn't remember the last time anything had felt this good...

A third finger joined the first two within her, and Emma moved her hands into Regina's hair, needing something to hold onto. The mayor didn't seem to mind, and merely smirked down at the blonde.

Her thumb slid away from tormenting her clitoris, quickly replaced by the entire heel of her hand. The added stimulation made Emma jerk, grinding her hips forward with every thrust. You seem to forget, Miss Swan," she said softly, running her lips and teeth directly over her jugular. "This is about me getting what I want." And she bit down at the joining of neck and shoulder. Hard, marring her skin. Marking Emma as hers.

"Regina!" It wasn't a scream- not even close. Just a breathless whisper, a tight-throated groan. Emma's face was flushing, her body trembling from the force of her need. She teetered on the edge of her pleasure, and they both knew it wouldn't take much more.

"Mmmm..." the mayor purred again, and her fingers curled, sliding against Emma's inner walls with every slow, leisurely thrust. "That's nice." Her head tilted forward, and she ran her tongue along the curve of her ear before biting down- gently, comparatively- on the lobe. "Say it again."

Emma's eyes fell closed again, a strangled, whimpering sound escaping her lips. She didn't even bother trying to stop it. Faster... harder... the dark haired woman was overloading her, brutalizing her intimate flesh with so many sensations she couldn't help but struggle, couldn't keep from writhing from the pure carnal intensity of pleasure that was too much to bear. Ruthless in her own desires, Regina did not relent, finally adding the final piece, that final kiss and thrust at just the right angle. Emma's will buckled, her head fell back against the wall, and she surrendered. Her soul-rending scream shivered through the entire building, and it wasn't until after the echoes had passed that she realized she'd done it, and screamed out the other woman's name.

She couldn't even curse her for it. The aftershocks of her pleasure crashed through her like the waves of a relentless tide, leaving her gasping and weeping against the wall, while the mayor ran her tongue along her cheeks to capture each escaping tear. Kissed them, licked her lips, and drank them, all the while wearing nothing but an expression of pure delight.

"Veeeery nice," she purred, and slid her fingers out of the other woman's underwear. She bent to pick Emma's pants from around her ankles and lifted them back up, re-buttoning them around her waist before stepping away with one final peck to her lips and a gentle caress of her face. Bereft of her touch, Emma crumpled, managing to stay erect by sheer force of will. Regina turned away from her, inspecting herself in her office mirror, and tossed her hair back into place. Apart from the ruined shirt and kiss-swollen lips, she looked no worse for wear. She headed for her desk.

Regina was dismissing her, Emma realized. She'd taken what she wanted and was now done with her, thinking her weak and completely spent. Insulted and furious, Emma decided she'd had quite enough. Summoning her strength, she left the wall, grabbed Regina's wrists in her hands, and pushed. Lunging forward with a snarl that was almost a battlecry, she forced herself forward, using the same wall that had kept her prisoner as springboard. Regina had no choice but to fall back, surprised and confused as all hell.