Title: What Regina Wants

Pairing: Swan Queen, Regina/Emma

Summary: Regina is displeased. That can only spell bad things for Emma.

Rating: M

Part 3

Holy. Fuck.

She needed to just pause and take about ten or twelve really deep breaths, but couldn't bear the thought of stopping to do it until City Hall and the mayor with in it were well, well behind her. Finally arriving at her Beetle, she plopped gratefully into the driver's seat, slammed the door shut behind her and leaned her head back on the worn seat of her car. And breathed.

"Okay, Swan," she muttered in between deep breaths. "Pull yourself together."

She'd really just done that. Holy shit, she'd actually allowed Regina to fuck her in the mayor's own damn office, and lord her power over the blonde until she'd screamed out her name... And then the bitch had dismissed her. Like she was disposable. Like she was trash.

Small wonder she'd reacted like she had, really. It was somehow easier for Emma to accept that she'd left Regina tied to her desk, unsatisfied, and denied. Her body still tingled at the memory, a warm flush coming to her cheeks when she recalled the way Regina had looked spread across that desk, her hands straining against her own phone cord... And that look of sheer disbelief that had been on the mayor's face when she'd pulled away and left her wanting. Needing. To the point that she'd even called out her name.

Sighing, Emma scrubbed at her face with her hands, and pulled back when she realized that she smelled like Regina. She needed a shower. But she still had the rest of her shift to get through, and that call to answer. With another ragged sigh, she gave herself a shake, and shoved all her warring emotions away to deal with later. She was good at that.

In the long and multi-faceted history of her working life, Emma could remember a lot of long shifts. This one felt longer than all of them. Just when she would finally manage to focus on her work, her phone would ring, or a paper would fall off her desk, or one of any million other perfectly innocent things would happen that would flood her mind with memories of... that. And she was furious, because now any time one of those things happened, she'd end up thinking about it. Regina had managed to worm her way into every working moment of her day. And of course if she knew that, the mayor would laugh in that ...oddly attractive, dominating way of hers. But at least Emma could find small comfort in knowing that however bad her day had been, Regina's was worse.

It was the only such comfort.

It also made it impossible to focus on anything. Even Graham asked if she was feeling well, and she'd shrugged it off and tried to seem nonchalant. And not think about the fact that he'd fucked Regina, too.

Finally leaving the office, she couldn't get back to her shared apartment fast enough. Somehow, she'd gotten fixated on the idea that a shower would somehow erase what had happened, that she could scrub the memory of Regina out of her very skin. The door slammed shut behind her and she made a beeline for the bathroom, knowing Mary Margaret would still be at school for at least two more hours. In her haste, she didn't lock the door, and realized it when she was already half-stripped out of her jeans. She shrugged it off. Mary rarely locked the door anyway. And she really, really needed that shower.

She barely remembered to toss her jacket on the couch, knowing that leather and moisture really didn't mix. That hadn't stopped her earlier when Regina had been wet enough to- she quickly froze that line of thought. That was the last thing she needed to be thinking about now. Bad enough she'd thought of it all day. Trying to clear her mind (and largely failing), she closed the bathroom door behind her and finished disrobing. She didn't bother waiting for the tap to heat up before she slid under the frigid Maine water, hoping the cold would clear her head.

It didn't. It just made her gasp.

Almost frantically, she groped for her soap, never one to use loofahs, and started scrubbing, trying to get Regina off of her. Pity the encounter didn't seem inclined to be similarly scrubbed from her mind. Now that she was alone with only her thoughts, the memories only gathered more firmly. Pale skin and soft, breathy cries... Emma shivered, telling herself it was the water, and scrubbed harder, trying to think of something else. Anything else but... warm, needing flesh beneath her hands and that moan of pure, sexual arousal as she'd slid inside and flexed her fingers, finding just the right spot...

The soap slid from her hands. Of their own accord, her fingers drifted low on her stomach, coming to rest over her mons. Her breath hitched in her throat. She couldn't really be that horny... not because of that. That had been... well, certainly not nothing, but definitely not anything she'd begun the day wanting.

But her hands slid lower, parting curls damp from nothing to do with the shower, and she finally admitted, that yes, she was that wet. Finally, she just gave in, and rubbed with increasing speed over her own heat. And thought of the deep red flush, red as apples, red as her jacket, that had bloomed over the mayor's cheeks as she cried out helplessly, wantonly... that hitch to her voice, betraying nothing but pure need when she'd finally called out her name.

Moaning, she breathed out a low hiss, and leaned her head back against the tile. "Oh, fuck, yes..." Her eyed closed, and her free hand slid along her wet chest, slowly caressing and then pinching her nipple. Her clit was practically throbbing, and she flicked her fingers against it, wanting more. She wanted, she needed... "Regina..." The name left her mouth in a strangled groan, cheeks flushed from far more than just memories, and she arched against the wall and slid a second finger inside herself. And whispered out the mayor's name again, glad that the water was the only one who could hear...

It had not taken much to get herself out of her phone cord. Fortunately. Less easy had been getting herself back to work. Her unfilled desire burned inside of her, mixing with her fury, making the rest of her day incredibly uncomfortable.

Changing clothes had helped. Regina's wardrobe was a part of her carefully crafted persona, and in reclaiming that image of herself, she regained some of the power that had been stripped from her when her defenses had trembled, when Emma Swan had seen that weakness, seized it, and broken through.

Regina finished the rest of her day in an angry blur. She'd been tempted to simply race after the deputy. But she elected to wait, allow her anger to build. And as soon as she knew Emma would be getting off work, she didn't hesitate to head to her home. No one answered her knock, but that was fine, really. Mary Margaret's door was unlocked. It always was. The woman was entirely too trusting.

A light from under the door; Emma was in the bathroom. Of course. Probably just to irritate her further. She considered barging her way in and having it out with the irritating blonde while her pants were down. Literally. She took a step to do so, and then thought better of it.

Far more intimidating to simply be waiting for her, invading her space- her home. It was no less than what Emma was doing to her by staying in her town. Locking the door to the apartment, she kicked off her pumps and then sank down to a lounging position on the sofa to wait, as if she had every right to do so. Emma's red jacket was next to her, and a small little smirk settled over her lips.

She waited.

She was left waiting. The shower was turned on.

Anger growing, she tried to plan out her next move. And not think of Emma Swan just behind that door, shedding her clothes and leaving them in a heap on the floor. She wouldn't fold them- she wasn't the type. Nor would she bother with testing the temperature of the water with her hand first- she'd just get in. The cold would cascade down her skin, making her hiss just a little when it stiffened her nipples. But she'd adjust and lean her head back into the stream, those lovely curls straightening under the weight of the water.

Regina found her own head tipping back against the arm of the couch as her mind refused to think of anything else. The fantasy merged with her own memory of fucking the blonde to screaming against her office wall. That part of the encounter, at least, had been perfectly enjoyable. And she carried the memory further, considering what would happen if she went in right now, pressed the blonde up against this wall, and proceeded to vent out her frustration in the first way that crossed her mind.

She imagined how Emma would start to protest again before she silenced those argumentative lips with her own, and then wet fingers would needfully claw their way up her back. And Emma would bite her own lip, her eyes would roll back in her head when Regina finally snaked her hand between those wet, naked thighs and forced the blonde to gasp in pleasure...

"Oh, fuck, yes..."

Dark eyes snapped open. That hadn't been in her head.

Instantly alert, Regina sat up, searching out the door to the bathroom and finding it still closed. Mostly. The door was cracked. Temptation too great to deny, the mayor rose and opened the door a bit further, and waited for the resulting scream. There was none. She entered the bathroom, watching the oblivious woman in the shower with rapt attention. The shower curtain did nothing to conceal what was going on: Emma's eyes were closed and her hands were moving, one lightly teasing her own nipple, the other sliding between her thighs. She groaned again, lost in her haze of self pleasure.

Throat suddenly dry, Regina just stared, watching as the deputy's long, tapered fingers slipped in and out of herself, each thrust causing another breathless cry of pleasure. Dimly, she was aware she shouldn't be watching this, that she was still furious at Emma and allowing her to continue to masturbate was the last thing she wanted to do. But she couldn't look away.

The spell was broken when a tiny whimper escaped the blonde's throat, her eyes still closed as she neared her own release. "...Regina."

Regina was moving before even being conscious of it. After the day she'd had, she couldn't have stopped herself if she'd tried. Not that she would want to. Until that moment, she hadn't been entirely sure what she would do to the blonde- how exactly her revenge would play out. But seeing Emma like that... hearing her name on those frustratingly tempting lips... she knew.

A low growl in the back of her throat revealed her presence as Emma's unknowing audience. Before the blonde could do anything more than open her startled eyes, Regina was yanking back the shower curtain and stepping inside, clothes and all, and forcing the deputy against the wall of the shower. Hard.

Grunting in pain and, Regina suspected, no small amount of arousal, Emma tried to extricate her fingers from herself and fight against the older woman, barely managing to give an angry, surprised shout of "Regin-!" before full lips were attacking her own. Stunned into inaction by the fact that Regina had actually caught her masturbating, she wished she could say it was shame that burned in her cheeks and made her lips part for the other woman.

The kiss suddenly ended, leaving Emma gasping for breath and feeling more than seeing Regina's smirk pressed against her lips. And the dangerous, animalistic growl that caused those same lips to sneer. "Deputy. Did you really think I wouldn't be back for you, after what you did to me this morning?"

"I should be so lucky," Emma bit back with as much venom as she could manage. Which, granted, wasn't much. Her arousal was still burning through her, and much as it pained her to admit it, Regina's presence was doing nothing to cool it down. Though she tried to ignore that, just as she tried to ignore the fact that her fingers were still buried in her own heat. And Regina was pressed too close against her for her to remove them. "How long did it take you to get out of that cord, anyway?"

She expected it when Regina pulled back, knowing she would take a half-second and come back at her with another verbal barb. But the older woman surprised her completely when long, tapered fingers grasped her wrist, tugging her fingers out of herself and forcing her hand to her side. "...You know, I believe I'll take over, Miss Swan," she purred instead of arguing, as if it were a completely natural thing.

Emma struggled to backtrack. Quickly. If there'd been anywhere for her to back away to. "Regina, I-"

"No." The other hand clapped itself over her mouth, and blue eyes widened. "You don't get to speak, Miss Swan." Regina's voice was dripping honey and fire. The anger barely concealed behind her dark eyes was reflected in every drop of water as the shower continued to pelt them both. "You lost that right this morning." Struggling, Emma curled her hands over Regina's shoulders, fighting for purchase against the wet silk of her shirt, and shoved.

Regina's feet slid back on the slick tile of the shower, but she arched forward, sliding her fingers deep, deep within the other woman. As deep as she could. Emma gasped, her head threw itself backwards against the shower. "You lost," Regina continued, and ran her lips along the exposed, wet skin of Emma's neck, "most of your rights this morning."

Even if Emma hadn't been masturbating before this, she'd have been hard pressed to push Regina away when those wonderfully long fingers crossed and uncrossed within her, rubbing against her inner walls and making her groan with need. Her mind wasn't functioning properly, lost in a haze of pleasure and desire and fogged by the steam of the shower and feel of Regina's lips. Unable to think of a retort, she instead bit back a sobbing whimper, and gave in.

Regina smirked, and removed her hand from Emma's mouth, knowing she'd won at least this round. Her teeth grazed up along the path of her neck, sucking, nibbling, biting a path to her earlobe. Moaning, the blonde relaxed against the wall of the shower, hissing as the cold of the wall contrasted sharply with Regina's warmth pressed against her chest.

A dark chuckle escaped the older woman's lips, and without warning, she pulled away.

Eyes snapping open, Emma growled, an argument rising in her throat, and Regina laughed. And without warning, she grabbed the sputtering blonde by the shoulders and spun her around, molding herself to her back. The wet fabric of her shirt clung to Emma's damp skin, and Regina pressed against her against her harder still, forcing her breasts roughly into the cold surface of the wall. She was still laughing. "Did you honestly think I was done with you, Miss Swan?"

"Yes," she hissed in reply, and hoped it sounded more angry than... relieved. Because against her better judgment, it was relief that she felt flooding through her, beating in her chest along with the still growing desire. Relief, that Regina wasn't stopping.

"Don't worry," the mayor purred, sliding her fingers through the wet locks of Emma's hair, gathering it all to the side. "I have my own methods of winning this, Miss Swan. I hardly need to steal yours." And then her lips descended, trailing hot kisses down the column of her neck. And lower still, her tongue laving itself all the way down her spine. Emma shivered, though from the words or the actions, she couldn't say. Unsure of what game the brunette was playing and unable to think of how she should respond, her hands found purchase against the wall, clinging to the slick surface as Regina's lips and tongue took their time traveling down her spine.

Regina's knees hit the floor of the shower, soaked through pants cushioning the impact only a little. And as if it were a cue, the mayor seemed to tire of her slow game and roughly pulled back on Emma's hips. Startled, the blonde bent at the waist to avoid falling over, bracing herself against the wall and spreading her legs.

Regina laughed, and too late Emma realized what an inviting target she must look now. Before she could try to adjust, the mayor's fingers were on her, spreading her lower lips apart. A moan, loud and guttural, escaped her lips at the sight, echoed by the blonde a half second later when the mayor leaned forward and buried her tongue in her dripping heat. Without reprieve, her tongue thrust pressed as far as she could reach, arching, twisting, writhing inside of her.

"Ohhh fuck!" Emma hissed, and leaned her forehead against the wall, needing the extra support. Regina's tongue was everywhere at once, lapping, kissing, fucking her for all she was worth. The sudden sensations shot through her entire body, from the tips of her toes to the ends of her hair, spiraling out of control faster than she could process.

"Hnng! God, Regina, slow down!" she groaned, the multitude of feelings threatening to completely overwhelm her if something didn't change. And much as she was enjoying this, she really didn't want to black out on the floor of the shower.

She felt the mayor's lips pull away, and practically sobbed at the reprieve. She glanced down, saw Regina's face staring back at her from between her legs, and trembled. Dark eyes locked with her own. Regina licked her lips, savoring the taste of her. "Mmm..." she seemed to consider, then only grinned, all hints of light gone from her eyes. "I don't think so." And then her mouth was on Emma again. Drinking her in, devouring her. Consuming her from the inside out.

It was only then, finally, that Emma realized the game. As punishment for denying her this morning, Regina was now determined to push the blonde over the edge as fast as possible. And much as the deputy wanted to twist away from that ever-questing tongue, she couldn't. And she sobbed.

The mayor would have laughed if her mouth hadn't otherwise been occupied. It seemed Emma had finally guessed her intent. Good. She drew her tongue away, and Emma cried out, thinking maybe Regina had just been teasing, that she was going the get the break she needed to keep from being overstimulated. She was wrong, and the cry turned into a shriek as Regina ruthlessly slammed two fingers inside of her.

Pistoning the fingers of her right hand in and out furiously, her left snaked up to grasp one Emma's breasts. Massaging, pinching and twisting the distended nipple, both hands moved in sync with one another, driving Emma closer and closer still to the inevitable edge. Every thrust forced out another groan of pleasure, another sob of weakness to spur the mayor on, each one another victory.

Grinning, Regina leaned past her own hand and began lapping at Emma's engorged clit, alternating the licks with each pump of her fingers. The blonde's moans intensified to near-screams, accentuated by the occasional whimper. She clenched her walls, trying to delay her pleasure. To deny Regina the win she sought. But the mayor would not be denied. Pinching harder on her nipple, she eased a third finger into the blonde, latched her lips directly onto her clit, and sucked. Hard. Her tongue fluttered, toying with the tip of her clit as mouth and fingers ravaged her completely, driving her just that little bit further.

Emma screamed, past all caring, and came, harder than she could have imagined, barely managing to stay upright. Regina was no help. Her fingers slid drastically away, her mouth coming to fill the void, licking, sucking, devouring. Continuing to thrust and fuck her until Emma came undone again. And again.

Emma was too far gone to care, lost in a world that was only overstimulated feelings. Her fingers clawed at the walls, toes curling and uncurling as each swipe of Regina's tongue brought only more tremors, more waves as each orgasm crashed over her. Finally, her screams quieted to breathless panting, her voice completely gone hoarse. Her lips still parted in silent screams as the aftershocks powered through her. Regina's tongue, still moving within her, hit a particularly sensitive spot, and her knees buckled, threatening to no longer support her.

After what felt like hours, the mayor finally pulled away, giving a final kiss to each of her labia lips. Emma sagged at the loss of her, weak and listless and shaking like a leaf.

Regina just laughed and stood, running her lips back up the blonde's spine and kissing the nape of her neck fondly. Grateful for her presence, Emma leaned back against her. Allowing it, the mayor accepted her weight, wrapping her arms around the younger woman and almost cradling her. Her lips peppered over her neck, finally stilling when they reached the blonde's ear. "Your move."

Emma stilled reeled, dizzy from the heat of the water and the proximity of the mayor, and could barely nod, trying to turn her body to nuzzle into Regina's neck.

With another laugh, the brunette pulled back. Emma's knees couldn't hold her, and she lurched forward, scrabbling for the wall. Missing, she lost her balance, met the floor instead, and lay there in a crumpled heap. As Regina had intended.

Doe-eyed and dizzy, Emma blinked up at her, confused and as disoriented like she was on drugs. Regina leaned over her, blocking the water from the still-running shower from falling in her face, and kissed her.

Emma's return kiss was only instinctual, her body refusing to cooperate until the mayor finally pulled back, her smirk firmly in place. And without another word, she opened the door to the bathroom and walked out, apparently not minding the fact that she and her clothes were dripping wet. Or that Emma was still curled in a heap on the shower floor, too overstimulated to stand. Or even think.

It was much later, when Emma could leave the bathroom without stumbling, that she hazarded a tired glance over at the couch and saw that her red jacket was missing.