Rick and Jonathan ran deeper into the city. When they had gained some ground on the mummies behind them, they turned around to take care of them. Jonathan hugged the Book of Amun Ra close to his chest while Rick stood ready to defend. In a few minutes the mummies made their appearance, and seconds later were disposed of.

"Let's go!" Rick said, turning down the hallway. Jonathan took a second, before he turned to follow Rick, to look back. He couldn't help but wonder what had happened to Zi.

'Why isn't Rick going after his sister?' he thought. Truth was, even though Zi had promised him, Rick was still beside himself with worry. This was one of the fears he had in bringing her back to Hamunaptra and precisely why he didn't want to lose her.

He knew she would keep her promise. But he was still worried that she might get lost or that she wouldn't out run the mummies. At the same time he was getting a sense that she was okay and safe. At this moment he needed to go with the feeling.

Of course Zi was safe. Ardeth knew the city well to get them outside in minutes. Their walk was silent. Zi was trying to figure out the mystery of this man. He walked with determination to get out of the city, as if he were on some sort of mission.

Zi welcomed the sun on her face like a long lost friend. She was thrilled to be out of the city. It would allow Rick to do what he needed to do without worrying about her. It also kept her away from any more mummies. She made sure to attempt sending a signal to Rick so he could focus. Whether he ot it or not, she wasn't sure.

"I want to thank you again for helping me." Zi broke the silence as they sat down next to a rock outside the entrance to the underground.

"I am just happy I was there when I was," Ardeth responded.

"That makes three of us," Zi laughed. It was pretty obvious who she was meaning.

Time was of the essence. Rick needed to get Evelyn and get out as fast as possible to his sister. He wasn't exactly sure if Zi made it out of the city, but he also couldn't spend too much time worrying about her. She did promise to get out; she would keep her word.

"We're almost there," Rick whispered to Jonathan. He could hear the chanting of the priests in the next room. Jonathan nodded as Rick explained the plan. He wanted to attack from two sides. There were a lot of mummies and he needed to sneak in, he was the brawn; Jonathan was the distraction.

Rick's mind was going in two directions. He knew he needed to get out of the city for Zi, but he was also worried about Evelyn. It didn't take him long to realize how hard he had fallen for her. It wasn't fair for his sister, which is why he was trying to fight it. But, with Evelyn in danger, he couldn't keep it hidden.

"I found it, Evy! I found it!" Jonathan burst into the room where Imhotep was performing the ritual to bring Anck-su-namun back from the dead.

"Shut up and get me off of here!" Evelyn called up to her brother. This was working out just as Rick wanted it to. Imhotep was distracted and so were his priests.

Seeing Evelyn chained up on a table caused chills to go up his spine. He struggled with different feelings: the most dominant was anger. He knew that he had to work fast to get her out of there. Rick moved quietly behind them and snagged a sword from a nearby statue.

In one swift movement, Rick let out his own battle cry and attacked the mummies head on. After getting his first mummy his anger was gone. The next was his love for Evelyn. He wanted to save her; he needed to save her. If he couldn't save her, he wouldn't be the man he needed to be for his sister. He wasn't sure if it was really a love thing for Evelyn or a pride thing for himself.

Rick was torn. He wasn't sure how to feel. He loved his sister with all his being. He just believed that would be enough. That he wouldn't need to fall in love with someone, even though he wanted it. He knew that Zi already felt unworthy of his love, how is it possible for him to love another just as much as his sister? How would she know that she still meant the world to him even though he was in love with Evelyn?

Zi sat in comfortable silence outside the city; Ardeth had gone to gather camels. Zi's thoughts went to the activity going on inside. She wanted to know what was going on, she wanted to be more help to her brother. She could understand the language; she only lived in a Cairo orphanage all her life.

What was taking them so long? She was wondering. Her worst fears flooded her imagination. She never considered what would happen to her if Rick didn't make it. She was sure that if her brother didn't come out, neither would Evelyn or Jonathan. The only option she could think of at the moment was Rose. But then the other question was, how would she know that they weren't coming out?

What if he wasn't in time to save Evelyn? Zi already knew that her brother had fallen in love. It was something that she would have to get used to. But, she didn't know what the loss of Evelyn would do to him. Zi closed her eyes tight in a silent prayer that they all come out unscathed, or at least let Rick and Evelyn stay together.

Zi felt the heat of the sun beat down on her. The shade from the wall she was sitting against did very little to cool the heat. The warmth and the lack of sleep from the night before caused Zi's head to fall back and her eyes to droop.

She had only closed her eyes for a moment when she heard a rumbling. Her eyes shot open just in time to see Rick running out of the city with Jonathan and Evelyn in tow.

Zi stood up and smiled as they approached her. Rick was screaming something at her, but she couldn't make it out. As Rick reached her, he grabbed her hand and pulled her along. It was a good thing too; the walls were tumbling down all around them. Seconds after moving, the wall crumbled. Zi let out a sigh of relief when she looked back.

The four stood and stared as the walls fell down before them. They had lost a lot; Zi couldn't help but run all the events through her head again. She ran all the memories from the adventure in her mind. The screams of the warden, the regeneration of the mummy; it was all over.

Jonathan jumped at a hand that touched his shoulder, causing the rest to do the same. Ardeth had crept up behind them on a camel. After a few words, he rode off into the desert.

"Well…" Jonathan said, a little exasperated. "I guess we go home empty handed, again."

"I wouldn't say that," Jonathan and Zi looked at Rick as he pulled Evelyn closer and kissed her.

Yes, the adventure was over. Rick was out of jail and Zi no longer had the smelly warden after her. She could now spend some real time with her brother again…which now seemed to include Evelyn and Jonathan.

Zi smiled to herself as they headed back to Cairo. And this time….she got to ride her own camel.

The End...for now!