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"Congratulations, honey. I'm so proud of you!" My Mom hugged me for the millionth time, then pulled away to blot at the tears on her cheeks with a tissue.

"Thanks, Mom." I felt a little emotional myself and blinked by tears of my own. "Damn pregnancy hormones."

My mom laughed, then was pulled away by Phil. "Don't hog her!"

Dad and Sue came up to congratulate me next.

"Well, Bells. Didn't think we'd ever come to see this day," Dad joked.

I rolled my eyes, but I was thinking the same thing. It took me a semester longer to get my Bachelors than I thought, then three years to complete my Masters.

A rough pregnancy delayed me finishing my Bachelors on time, but it was all worth it.

Lena was the light of my life, and Edward's.

Speaking of which…

"Let's go see mommy!" I heard Edward's voice and Lena's giggle before I saw them.

Before I could bend down, Lena thrust her body into my legs. "Mommy you did so good. You didn't fall."

I glared daggers at Edward. Okay, I may have stumbled a bit when I graduated before, but there was no reason to tell our daughter.

"No, baby. Mommy didn't fall," I agreed.

Lena had been a surprise. I first found out I was pregnant when Edward and I were in Florida, visiting Mom and Phil.

I panicked at first. Edward had just proposed. There was no way we would be able to throw together a wedding before the baby was born. I considered going to City Hall for a civil service, simply because I thought my Dad, no matter how much he liked Edward, would kill him if he found out Edward knocked me up before we were married.

But Edward convinced me otherwise and we were married six months after Lena was born.

Of course, Alice freaked out when she found out I was pregnant as well, but for two reasons. First, because she couldn't wait to be an aunt and second because I would be about 8 months pregnant for her wedding and the maid of honor dress she ordered wouldn't fit.

"Alright, move it, folks. It's my turn with the graduate," Emmett pushed through the crowd of people, followed by Caitlin and Rosalie, who was holding their newest edition, Emmett Jr.

Yes, the thought it would be a good idea to name their child after Emmett.

He wasn't their biological son, though. After discussing their options, they decided on adoption.

From what they knew, Emmett Jr.'s mom had been a teenager who knew that adoption was her only choice.

At a year old, he was the happiest baby I'd ever met. Chubby and always smiling.

I watched as Edward made faces at the baby in Rosalie's arms.

Edward really, really wanted a boy.

We already knew that Lena was getting a sister.

I told Edward that we could try one more time for a boy, but really, I might have been willing to try two more times.

Not that I ever doubted it, but Edward was an amazing father.

He was completely hands on and never shied away from dirty diapers or middle of the night bottle feedings.

I still asked myself how I got so lucky.

How I could go from a guy like Jacob, to a man like Edward.

Jacob ended up basically being a loser. Last I had heard, he was giving his poor dad a hard time, having gotten arrested twice. Once for a DUI and the other for driving on a suspended license.

I'd only seen him once since that one Thanksgiving a few years ago. It had been with Alice, who at the time had been about ready to pop with her first child, Liam. The mental image of tiny, pregnant Alice cussing out Jacob would be something I never forgot.

"So, how does it feel about being one of the most educated people in the family?" Emmett joked.

I couldn't help it. I blushed. "Be quiet. It's not like I even have a job lined up after this."

It was true. As it was, I had my own little tutoring business.

I liked what I did. I loved that I was able to make my own schedule and stay home with Lena.

Getting my Masters had been solely for me. It had been my intention to continue on to Grad school since my senior year in high school.

I figured that a Masters in education would help me with my tutoring business and if I ever wanted to work full time as a teacher, I was halfway there.

"Hey, no teasing my wife," Edward joked. "You're setting a bad example for Junior."

"Can we go eat yet?" I interrupted. Patting my belly, I added, "we're hungry."

Edward scooped up Lena in his arm, then slung his free arm over my shoulders. "Sure, baby. Let's go."

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