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So I have rearranged the fic in chapters, which are in my opinion easier to read. The update starts at chapter 5, and should go on to chapter 9 or 10 in the following 3 weeks.

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Scandals was having one of its slow nights. The dance floor was nearly empty save for two men dancing ridiculously to Tina Turner's What's Love Got To Do With It. At a table nearby, a rag tag group of effeminate men and butch women were talking and drinking loudly with two drag queens, who seemed to have been extracted straight from a Rio de Janeiro carnival. Two other men, in their late forties, hair graying, were cuddled up in the back of the club, sipping their drinks and lavishly whispering into each other's ear.

The two young men sitting at the bar, though, were keeping a rather safe distance between each other. They had entered the bar nearly at the beginning of the night, accompanied by a bunch of laughing, singing and dancing young people who had tried to turn the entire bar into karaoke night- even though it wasn't karaoke night.

But right now they were deep in conversation and had been laughing and discreetly flirting with each other almost all night. One was tall and lanky, with light hair and bright, fierce eyes, while the other was dark haired and rather small. He seemed ridiculously underage, but after checking his ID twice, the barman had just given up and served him without asking questions.

Blaine sipped down the rest of his drink while absent mindedly listening to Sebastian's blabbering beside him. They had been sitting alone at the bar for about an hour now, talking excitedly and loudly over the music. Blaine had at first been delighted to be able to catch up on all the news, asking the Warbler about what was going on at Dalton, how were Nick, Jeff and David… He had been thrilled at knowing what they had been up to in his absence, yet at the same time his heart ached with melancholy at the memories Sebastian brought out.

But now Blaine was trying his best to ignore the Warbler, seeing that the conversation had turned against him. Or rather about him. Sebastian had switched to passing snarky comments on his looks, his hair, his eyes, trying to caress Blaine's ego and flashing his endearing smile at him like a lighthouse. The boy had been ordering drinks for him, insisting and pushing Blaine into trying new types of beer, new shots and cocktails. He was now feeling his mind buzzing and was quickly losing his ability to think clearly. Blaine could see a red flag waving furiously in his mind and hear Kurt's disapproving humming in the back of his mind.

"This really isn't a good idea," he stated suddenly, loud enough so Sebastian could hear him. Obviously he had cut him off in the middle of a sentence, as his mouth was agape in the most suggestive way possible. He flashed him a bright smile while furrowing his brows, looking uncertain.

"What are you talking about?" Asked the Warbler. Blaine sighed. He knew what he was talking about, and Sebastian playing innocent was definitely not helping to make his point clear.

"I'm drunk, and I have a boyfriend, and I'm drunk and good things never happen when I'm drunk." He cursed under his breath at his own lack of coherence. It's as if the alcohol had made him forget how to construct proper sentences. He continued, trying to focus.

"There was this one time, at a party at Rachel's house, he explained, I was so drunk I totally made out with her. Right in front of Kurt!" He added after a moment of reflexion: "He must've been really angry."

"You made out with Rachel?" Sebastian's face was scrunched in between laughter and disbelief, and he leaned closer to Blaine, but he didn't really notice. The ex-Warbler had seemingly forgotten what he wanted to say and was caught up in recounting the story.

"Yeah, it was at a party at her house, and we were playing spin-the-bottle, and it landed on her! So I had to kiss her…" He was slurring. Blaine scowled at the memory, crossing his arms and shifting awkwardly on his seat. "I have no idea what was going on in my head, I guess I was kind looking for myself because, well, for a moment there I thought I had fallen for her." He avoided Sebastian's incredulous gaze and took a sip at his cherry daiquiri, but it was empty. "We dated for less than a week."

Sebastian exploded in laughter, hunching over his chair and smacking the bar, while Blaine looked torn between wanting to disappear in his seat and laughing along with him. A few of the men at the nearby table leaned over their seats, glancing at them. Blaine let out a few unconvincing giggles and sipped at his empty drink again, feeling his cheeks growing warm. He was starting to panic as he noticed how Sebastian's deep laugh made his inside squirm with arousal.

He watched as Sebastian wiped out the tears from his eyes, his laughter slowly dying out from his throat. They both stayed silent for a while, their eyes meeting briefly before Sebastian's trailed shamelessly over Blaine's body, stopping right on the curve of his ass. It was so tightly set in the schoolboy's skinny black jeans that it made Sebastian's cock twitch a little. Blaine felt a very strong and sudden urge to kiss him, and smacked himself mentally for thinking it.

"And what happened last time you were drunk?" The Warbler had set back to his predatory mode, apparently, since Blaine could once again notice how perfect and white his smile was. Blaine tried to cool himself and to get back to the point of this conversation.

"It's not important, really. I just know what's on your mind right now and it's a bad idea." The Kurt in his thoughts smiled approvingly, nodding his head, but Blaine still felt overwhelmingly guilty. He needed to get out of the bar, needed to escape from Sebastian before things turned out for the worse. But the boy was not giving him any rest whatsoever. He grinned, looked down at the floor and chuckled softly. The Warbler then stood up smoothly and passed so close to Blaine that his crotch was just a few inches from his face. Blaine felt his cheeks turning even redder and his mouth actually started to water. He could have just hit himself.

Sebastian passed behind his seat, gripped his shoulder tightly, and leaned down to him. Blaine felt a shiver go up and down his spine as the tall boy whispered in his ear. "Why don't you come and show me what's on your mind, Blaine?" He closed his eyes at the sound of Sebastian saying his name and swallowed hard. He kept his eyes tightly shut until he could feel the Warbler leaving, probably heading straight for the bathroom.

I Want Your Sex by George Michael was playing incredibly loudly on the speakers, but the two men from earlier had disappeared from the dance floor. Blaine managed to recover himself despite the tightness in his pants, the slight drunkenness and the extremely inappropriate thoughts rushing through his head. He stood up quickly, grasping for his wallet, pulled out a twenty dollar bill and left it on the counter. The bartender magically appeared, hickies covering his neck and jawline, to take the money and grant him a good evening.