Kurt cut the ignition, anger searing through his every move. He flashed a murderous look at the two boys entangled in the backseat. They had started moaning way too loudly for comfort about two miles from Blaine's house, and now the entire car was swaying back and forth under their combined movements.

"Guys," he warned teasefully.

Blaine didn't answer immediately. Sebastian, sprawled underneath him, had taken absolute control, mouth stuck hard on his neck. His hand was tightly gripped on the back of the boy's vest. On top, Blaine's hips were absolutely hypnotising, thrusting down slowly and deeply against the Warbler's. They were trying to be silent, but the heavy breaths and whispered moans, which went unnoticed under the roar of the engine, were now reaching Kurt's ears as loudly as a bomb.

And anyways he knew exactly what they had been up to during the whole ride. He didn't have a raging boner for nothing.

"Guys!" Kurt said again, louder. He hadn't meant to sound angry, but the aching cock in his pants had made him growl like a wolverine.

Blaine finally seemed to notice. As if emerging from a hazy dream, he lifted his head slowly, away from Sebastian's mouth. The Warbler didn't let go of his vest. Blaine tried to immobilise his hips, but they gave a little shudder of protest and ebbed down ever so slightly against Sebastian.

"What's wrong?" Blaine asked, licking his chapped lips. His voice was hoarse and gruntled, and his forehead had amassed tiny pools of sweat. The boy's mind seemed to be miles away from clear judgement. Kurt just stared at him, aching between the urge to kiss him and to slap him.

Sebastian totally ignored the scene and started moving again. Blaine's head fell backwards, a disgruntled moan escaping his lips. Kurt realised with a shudder of – something- that Sebastian's hand had been deep down in his boyfriend's pants all along, fisting Blaine's cock as he thrust down eagerly in it. He swallowed hard as he watched Blaine bending back down over the boy, brows furrowing and grunting loudly. He grabbed Sebastian's hair, his hips gave another shudder and he started thrusting down again in the Warbler's hand, over and over and over again...

Kurt snapped himself from the sight and reached for the door in emergency. He slammed the door behind him and breathed deeply in the cool air.

In a split second, the back door opened and Blaine was right beside him.

Oh dear god he needed to cool himself down.

Dead puppies. Dead puppies. Dead puppies. Thinking of things too-cute-to-be-dead was Blaine's only answer to undesired boners. Little dead corpses popped up in his mind as he tried to gather his thoughts.

Kurt was standing coldly right next to him, arms crossed, breathing heavily. Blaine shifted to move into his line of sight. Kurt seemed stunned and he had to wave a little to get his attention.

"What's going on Kurt?" His boyfriend looked at him with wide eyes, jaw dropping a little. Blaine couldn't really tell if he was confused or just aroused. Then Kurt bit his bottom lip. Blaine breathed in sharply, eyes closing shut. Dead puppies,he thought uselessly.

"I'm sorry, it's just… I don't- " Kurt blurted out next to him, sounding as confused as him.

Blaine felt a light shiver of panic wash over him as he opened his eyes. Kurt was staring back at him, and it took him everything not to get lost forever into the ocean blue of his irises.

"Do you not wanna do this anymore?" asked Blaine, all inappropriate thoughts flushed away in an instant. If Kurt wasn't up to it, then neither was he.

His words lingered in the air as Sebastian exited the car behind them, straightening his hair with one hand as he gazed around mindlessly. Kurt whirled around so fast that his neck cracked. The Warbler's lips were red and swollen, his eyes dazzlingly beautiful in the dimming sunrise. The bulge at his pants was probing out tightly against his jeans, but he didn't seem to bother as he stood up and smoothly rearranged his shirt. Blaine swallowed hard – and he could have sworn he heard Kurt do the same – as Sebastian noticed them and cast one of his outrageous smiles. Blaine's dead puppies were way too far behind to help him face the army of fantasies that had just re-conquered his mind.

Kurt's voice rose up. "No, I still want to do this." He turned his head towards him and added in a whispering voice and with a understanding look: "Believe me. I still want to do this." Blaine literally shivered.

Sebastian took the time to acknowledge the both of them, eyes shining with desire and curiosity. He then spoke up in a horrible baby voice, pouting his lips in a ridiculous manner:

"Is little baby Kurt jealous because I have more effect on your boyfriend than you do?"

"No" snapped Kurt immediately.

He had changed from aroused to angry in a split second "I have no reason to be jealous, because –" He turned over to Blaine, looking him straight in the eyes, "-because I love you and I trust you, Blaine." The boy felt a delicious wave of relief swoosh down over him. Kurt continued to Sebastian, saying:

"I just don't want anyone to be left out during this whole thing. It's not fair if there's always one of us who's stuck watching on the outside." Kurt barely refrained a growl as Sebastian's smile grew wider.

"Oh, ok." Said the taller boy. "So you're just jealous that we started the fun without you, then?"

"Basically, yeah." answered Kurt. Blaine's eyes widened. "So the both of you better make it up to me later." His mouth fell open as he stared at Kurt. A hot rush of arousal shot straight to his cock and his gaping soon shaped back into a predatory smile.

Blaine grabbed Kurt's hips and pulled him closer. They kissed lightly. He then started to pecker his neck with tiny brushes of his lips against his skin as Kurt turned his attention on Sebastian. The taller boy had started moving towards them, a steamy look on his face. Him and Kurt were quickly eye to eye, lips ghosting over each other, smiling and teasing, leaning in but never actually touching. Still beside his boyfriend, Blaine passed a strong arm around his chest and started to linger on his jaw, his cheek, his temple, tongue darting out against his skin and breathing over the wetness to send shivers along his spine.

Right next to his ear, Sebastian whispered softly: "So are we doing this in the driveway or, you know, inside the actual house?"

The three of them stumbled into the vestibule, a bundle of hands and legs and hips. Blaine was kissing him in a way he had never kissed him before, making Kurt hum and moan in contentment. Their lips were clashing and sliding over each other as if they were one, biting and teasing and darting a curious tongue here and there, knowing exactly what made the other go crazy.

Sebastian was probably wrapped up behind Blaine, since he could feel the added weight when they crashed against one of the living room walls. He clearly felt the two sets of hands, one on his hips and waist, pulling at the hem of his jeans, and the other ruffling up his shirt to expose his stomach and chest. Kurt was being caressed and teased at an overwhelming intensity, the weight of two horny teenage boys pressing his body up against the wall, and it made his head go dizzy and he absolutely loved it.

Blaine shifted his weight, and suddenly his hips disappeared from against his own. Kurt opened a tentative eye and broke away from the kiss. He decided to dive for the unoccupied side of his boyfriend's neck, kissing and licking over the already bruised skin, trying to get a better look at what Sebastian was doing.

The Warbler, all while kissing – and probably biting- at the other side of his throat, was grinding his bulge straight against Blaine's ass. Sebastian was holding the boy's hips with both hands, making his boyfriend arch back desperately and avidly return the friction with little jerks of his ass.

Kurt moaned appreciatively and smashed his lips back on Blaine's mouth, stroking and pulling at his locks and kissing him with renewed energy. He decided he definitely wanted things to be equal. Especially if it meant Sebastian doing all of these things to him.

They stayed in the living room for a while, Kurt relishing on the thrill of being able to make Blaine exclaim the crudest swears and the loudest moans in an unusually empty house. Him and Sebastian seemed to have reached a tacit agreement to drive Blaine crazy with caresses, thrusts and kisses over his entire body.

Eventually, at a combined effort, they forced him to move, and they made their journey up the stairs. The mood had considerably lightened, the three boys finally starting to get comfortable with each other. They half-pushed, half-pulled, teasing and giggling, especially when Kurt tried to pull Sebastian in for a fierce smooch, causing him to nearly topple over, or when Blaine's shirt and vest finally came off, flying straight into the aquarium below. But only Kurt and Sebastian noticed, exchanging a giddy laugh while Blaine streaked a long tongue across the Warbler's neck and slowly pushed them towards the door.