I AM LEGEND - the Beginning

Chapter 1

The moment Dr. Robert Neville realized that he had no escape out of the situation he got himself in, he had only one choice, to offer his life to save Anna and Ethan's life.
Neville opened the drawer slowly while Anna and Ethan climbed into the coal chute. Neville took out the mixtured grenade holding it with a hard grip around his palm, nervously he started to walk towards the plexiglass where the Darkseekers were standing. When Neville finally reached the plexiglass, it was almost destroyed, it wouldn't last much longer, two seconds, four perhaps.
Neville pulled the sprint out of the grenade slowly while looking into the eyes of the alpha Darkseeker, as soon as the plexiglass got destroyed, the pieces fell to the floor like rain all over the place. Neville took a huge leap into the crowds of Darkseekers while holding the grenade in front of him and in just one second, a bright light appeared from the grenade blinding Neville. But it didn't blind the Darkseekers, the grenade was special made for the Darkseekers, letting out a bright light that Darkseekers couldn't handle because of the virus inside their bodies.
The grenade destroyed the Darkseekers and the only one left breathing was Neville, barely. The grenade was still just an experimental product, yet to finish. It was too bright and cut through the skin and almost burned away Neville's eyes. He was laying there, moaning out of pain. He couldn't stand the pain and passed out shortly.

In the evening, a couple of hours after the incident, the coal chute slowly opened, Anna climbed out of it and looked around. Tears began to flow from Anna's eyes, stunned out of fear, she fell hopelessly to the ground beside Neville, crying.
Ethan walked slowly towards his mother watching her lying beside Neville crying, and slowly whispered "We have to get out of here mom" . Anna nodded, stood up, and wiped away those tears on her cheeks. Ethan grabbed his mother's hand and they walked out of the house towards the car together. Anna started the car and looked down on her hand, there was the antidote she received from Neville, tears started to cover Anna's eyes once again.
They drove out of the garage, through the city towards the survivors' camp and the two of them didn't say a word throughout the whole trip. From time to time Anna turned her head to look at Ethan and then looked back at the road.

It was foggy but slowly Anna and Ethan could see a huge wall covering their way, soldiers pointing their guns at Anna and were walking towards the car. Anna stepped out of the car with her arms stretched out and screamed "We're not infected". They inspected Anna and Ethan and found the antidote that Anna we're bringing with her. They asked her what it was and she answered, "It's the antidote for the infected humans, it really works" she said.
The soldiers had the faces that they didn't believe her but let her and Ethan inside.
Behind the huge walls were humans, normal human beings. All of them were staring at Anna and Ethan like they were some kind of a strange being. Probably because it had been a while since they had seen other survivors other than themselves.
But that didn't matter to Anna, she was so happy, she knew that there were still humans alive. But she had no strength left anywhere in her body, she couldn't move or barely talk. Anna tried to move forward but lost her balance and fell down to the ground closing her eyes slowly.