Chapter 2

Dr. Robert Neville woke up, still hurting all over his body and his eyesight were so bad that he could barely stand up. Neville almost crawled his way to the drawers, he took out a lot of bottles, trying to read what they said, threw them around and looked through other drawers. Until he finally found the bottle he was looking for, "Eye Drop #13" which practically drained all the dirty molecules and cleared most of it from the eye. It also cleanses the eye from pain that Neville used when he got an infection in the eye for about a year ago. Neville took a few drops for the eye, blinked a couple of times and then looked around.
The explosion, Darkseekers and when he searched for the bottle had caused quite the mess. Neville did not know what to do at this moment, he was still stunned by everything that happened but in a second he remembered, Anna and Ethan. He turned around and saw that the coal chute and what he thought for himself, where did she go, what happened. Neville walked up the stairs entering the hallway as he tried to find clues to where Anna had gone. When he looked out the window towards the garage and found the car missing, a huge relief went through his body and Neville could clearly see that she was still alive.

Neville knew that he could no longer stay at his hiding place and decided to leave, but before leaving he went upstairs and walked into his room.
He took out a luggage and threw some clothes in it, walking towards his bedside table and reached forward to a framed picture. The picture was showing a man, Neville and his wife and daughter. He remembers the day when the accident occurred, when his world shattered into pieces. When everyone we're still unaffected by the infection, when it all began. He sent his wife and daughter to the helicopter to send them to a safe place, but he was unable to follow them. He has yet to know if it was fate, lucky or misfortune that he wasn't in the helicopter when his world shattered. The helicopter flew into the bridge and exploded, right in front of his eyes. Neville has blamed himself for the last 3 years, he had nothing left, not even Sam. The day his wife and daughter passed away, something Neville will never forget.
Neville took the framed picture and put it inside the luggage and closed it. Opened his cabinet, inside it were full mechanical weapons, Neville grabbed 2 guns and put them on his waist. He changed his shirt, put on his jacket and walked down the stairs, out of the house. He had no place to go and neither did he have his car left. There were a couple of cars on the street that he tried to hotwire them but was unsuccessful. But just then he remembered the place, South Street Seaport where he used to broadcasts to survivors in Manhattan. Close by was a working car. But the path towards the South Street Seaport was far away.
He had no choice and he started to walk, on the way to South Street Seaport he saw the spot where he got completely outwitted by the Darkseekers. The memories were still clear, he remembered everything that happened. He got saved by Sam and due to that, Sam became infected, the only person left in his world.
Neville walked by a lot of places that woke up a lot of memories in his head. He remembered the entire fun he had, the times when he felt lonely, the dangerous moments and last of all, and the calm ones.

He walked for about an hour before reaching South Street Seaport. When he walked pass the place, memories popped up. When grief and anger took over Neville tried to attack a group of Darkseekers. It was a stupid mistake and he could have lost his life, but that's when he met Anna and Ethan who rescued him from his blunder.
Neville walked up to the car and opened the door, that's when the beeping sound started to go off. He realized that there was not a lot of time left until nighttime and he did not know if there was any Darkseekers left or if he dispatched all of them in his basement laboratory. Without hesitation Neville jumped into the car and drove off. He did not know where to go yet, but he had to decide fast since Neville doubt that those were the only infected beings around here.